Connections to RCAS DB v7.13 and v7.14

RCAS 7.13 and now 7.14 is being fielded throughout the states and we've run into multiple issues with the connections to the RCAS database after the upgrade.  Here are some of the problems we've run into and their resolution:

  • In the SQLNET.ORA file on the RCAS DB server, the tcp.invited_nodes gets wiped out.  You will need to add back any IP addresses that were previously added, including any PERMS Integrator workstations and the TwinEngines database server.  You will see a "connection refused" message if this is the problem.
  • If you are using the Oracle 11GR2 client on any of your PERMS Integrator workstations or on the TwinEngines database server, you will either need to:
    • Install the 12c client.
      • McAfee HBSS can block the Oracle installation, so you may need to disable it before installing.  AppLocker may also block Oracle unless you put it into a "White List" location like C:\Oracle.  After the install, make sure to give your users permissions to the Oracle folder.
      • Be sure to uninstall the 11GR2 client first.  Oracle allows you to install both clients on the same box, but Windows has problems determining which client to use by default.  Best to only have one Oracle client installed on the system.  If you do end up with multiple versions of the Oracle client on your system, make sure that when you make any updates to your tnsnames.ora file, you do it in both locations.
      • The SQL Server system requires the 64 bit version of the Oracle client, while the PERMS Integrator workstations require the 32 bit version of the Oracle client.  In both installs, make sure the OLEDB Provider is installed.  Use the full Oracle Database Client for Microsoft Windows install, not the Instant Client or ODAC installs.  When the setup starts, select the "Runtime" option.
      • The 64 and 32 bit versions of the Oracle client can be downloaded from (see the Oracle Database Client for Microsoft Windows towards the bottom):
    • Update the SQLNET.ORA file on your RCAS DB Server to allow the 11GR2 client by adding these 2 lines:
      • sqlnet.allowed_logon_version_client = 11
      • sqlnet.allowed_logon_version_server = 11
  • Make sure that in your TNSNAMES.ORA file the "SERVICE_NAME" is "" where "XX" is your state code.  Oracle 12c has a multi-tenant architecture which means that you can have logins for each of your PDBs.  If you don't have the correct service name, you could get an "Invalid Login" error when it tries to connect to the wrong PDB.
  • The VTE_USER account is missing some permissions to connect.  You can get a "Login Denied" error if the VTE_USER account doesn't have "CONNECT" and "CREATE SESSION" rights on the PDB.  To ensure it has the correct rights, you can run this SQL in Oracle as SYSDBA:

grant create session to VTE_USER container =;

  • The VTE_USER account gets locked after the upgrade and must be unlocked.
  • If the password is changed for the VTE_USER, be sure to update your password in the TwinEngines apps.  See Changing Oracle Passwords.