Changing Oracle Passwords

Web Applications

The Oracle database accounts that the applications use will periodically have to have their passwords changed.  The passwords are stored in the database server under:

Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server -> SQL Management Studio -> [SQL Server Name] -> Server Objects -> Linked Server -> [RCASDBOR or SIDPERS] -> [Right Click] -> Properties -> Security.

There will be a grid that shows the "Local Login", "Impersonate", "Remote User", and "Remote Password".  The "Local Login" is the SQL Server login that is allowed access to the Oracle database.  The "Remote User" and "Remote Password" are the Oracle login and password used by the "Local Login" when accessing the Oracle systems.

Change the "Remote Password" for each Oracle login.

PERMS Integrator

Go to the PERMS Integrator configuration and the "Database" settings.  Changing the login/password here will change it for all users, so it will only need to be changed once.