TwinEngines Web Release Notes

# Date Application Fixes/Enhancements
12.5.81 January 2022 Site Admin
  • Fixed personnel synchronization process scripts to prevent awards deletion of inactive personnel.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 480.
12.5.80 October 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixed several issues on NGB22 page not running period of service calculations.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 479.
12.5.79 September 2021 Site Admin
  • Additional fixes to sync process, now it will ignored unvalid files during local file syncing.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 479.
12.5.78 September 2021 Site Admin
  • Additional fixes to sync process page, now it continues the syncing process regardless of deprecated server/services errors (SIDPERS and RCASDBOR)
  • Removed RCASDBOR error messages on NGB22 page
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 479.
12.5.77 September 2021 Site Admin
  • Additional fixes to installation sync process, now it continues the syncing process regardless of deprecated server/services errors (SIDPERS and RCASDBOR)
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 479.
12.5.76 July 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixes to sync process, now it continues the syncing process regardless of deprecated server/services errors (SIDPERS and RCASDBOR)
  • Fixes to list/grid on NGB22 page
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 479.
12.5.75 June 2021 Site Admin
  • Updated NGB22 pdf form
  • Removed popup and warning messages related to RCAS/RCASDBOR on NGB22 page
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 478.
12.5.74 May 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixed issue on NGB22 case grid pager not working
  • Changed NGB22 search criteria for inactive personnel
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 478.
12.5.73 Mar 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixes for Confirm Identity screen
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 477.
12.5.72 Mar 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixes for Confirm Identity screen
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 477.
12.5.71 Mar 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixes for IPPS files date importing
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 477.
12.5.70 Feb 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixes for IPPS files importing
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 476.
12.5.69 Jan 2021 Site Admin
  • Adding again scripts for TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 465
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 475.
12.5.68 Jan 2021 Site Admin
  • Fixes for Organizational structure
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 76.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 474.
12.5.67 Dec 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for NGB22
  • Latest Discharges DBLevel - 76.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 474.
12.5.66 Dec 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for NGB22
  • Latest Discharges DBLevel - 76.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 474.
12.5.65 Nov 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for Discharges Search Cases Error
  • Fixes for NGB22
  • Latest Discharges DBLevel - 76.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 474.
12.5.64 Nov 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for browsers support
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 473.
12.5.63 Nov 2020 Site Admin
  • Added "New Non-ARNG Personnel" option to self-registration screen
  • Added new NGB22 20180301 form
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 473.
12.5.62 Oct 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for Synch Personnel data
  • Added new NGB22 20180301 form
  • Latest Discharges DBLevel - 75.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 473.
12.5.61 Sep 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for Synch Personnel data
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 472.
12.5.60 Sep 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for User Cases Access generation
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 471.
12.5.59 Aug 2020 Site Admin
  • Removed cache from Master Page
  • Fixes for Personnel Data Import
  • Removed throw statements from logs to file
  • Fixes for 'Expired Due Inactivity' users issues
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 470.
12.5.58 Aug 2020 Site Admin
  • Added Bulk Create NGB22s functionality
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 469.
12.5.57 Jul 2020 Site Admin
  • Added post-import tasks after running the IPPS-A import
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 5.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 468.
12.5.56 Jun 2020 Site Admin
  • Fix for Release mode on TwinEnginesWebApp
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 468.
12.5.55 Jun 2020 Site Admin
  • After Import Personnel set OrganizationId to the State Recap when Null
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 468.
12.5.54 Jun 2020 Site Admin
  • AFCOS Orders Import: Fix for names with an apostrophe
  • Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 49.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 467.
12.5.53 Jun 2020 Site Admin
  • Orders Portal: Default the sort in the grid to Effective Date desc
  • Orders Portal: Type ORD AT AGR changed to ORD AD
  • Created Synch process Import IPPS-A data from files
  • Removed Unique from SSN on SIDPERSLoss
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 4.
  • Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 49.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 467.
12.5.52 May 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes to AFCOS import: No Skipping files when the firt one has errors
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 466.
12.5.51 May 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes to AFCOS import: No Skipping files with CRC NULL
  • Fixes to AFCOS import: Added script to delete AFCOS Type DocName is empty
  • Fixes to NGB22 import: Exclude Record Type CD as 0 when calculate "Total Service for Retired Pay"
  • Fixes Organizations import: Ensures there is only one Top Org
  • Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 48.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 466.
12.5.50 May 2020 Site Admin
  • Removed check & prompt to create the SIDPERS linked server.
  • Added Import data from IPPS-A data files.
  • Fixes for NGB22 MVC page.
  • Fixes AFCOS import
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 465.
12.5.49 April 2020 Site Admin
  • Added fix to AFCOS Synch process.
  • Added Import data from IPPS-A data files.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 465.
12.5.48 April 2020 Site Admin
  • Added fix to AFCOS Synch process.
  • Enabled view state mode on case details.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 464.
12.5.47 Mar 2020 Site Admin
  • Added fix to Synch Processes page.
  • Added fix to usp_Synch_Personnel_CMS.
  • Added fix to bad organizations on usp_Synch_FixUsersLinked.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 464.
12.5.46 Mar 2020 Site Admin
  • Changed order of the Excel template columns on Discharges Bulk Generation Import.
  • Added cleaning script for Trace and ErrorLog tables.
  • Added CRC checksum logic to AFCOS Import.
  • Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 47.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 463.
12.5.45 Mar 2020 Site Admin
  • Fixes for Organization changes.
  • Fix Unit Reorg With New State Recap.
  • Fix Activities With Bad Organizations.
  • Fix Roles With Bad Organizations.
  • Fixes for usp_Insert_Hsd_SDBEXTR.
  • Fixes for view state error.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 462.
12.5.44 Feb 2020 Site Admin
  • Discharges performance fix(Disabled ViewState).
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 460.
12.5.43 Feb 2020 Site Admin
  • Fix for do not test against the SIDPERS linked server if the IPPS-A option selected.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 460.
12.5.42 Feb 2020 Site Admin
  • Fix for NGB22 issue.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 459.
12.5.41 Jan 2020 Site Admin
  • Fix for displayed synch processes.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 458.
12.5.40 Jan 2020 Site Admin
  • Set default value for source for Personnel data during installation.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 457.
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 3.
12.5.39 Jan 2020 Site Admin
  • Removed references to SIDPERS linked server from the "CMS" synch processes.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 456.
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 3.
12.5.38 Dec 2019 Site Admin
  • Updated 'Import IPPS-A data from RCAS' synch process to pull data from the PER.TMP_SDBEXTR .
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 455.
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 3.
12.5.37 Dec 2019 Site Admin
  • Fixed db levels for CMS scripts.
  • Fixed numeric cast on tblSIDPERSLoss.
  • Fixed errors on 'Copy personnel data to TwinEnginesServices.'
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 454.
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 3.
12.5.36 Dec 2019 Site Admin
  • Updated tblAwardsNormal, tblSIDPERS and tblSIDPERSLoss tables to accepting duplicates.
  • Added missing columns to tblSIDPERS and tblSIDPERSLoss
  • Fixed number casting error on 'Copy personnel data to TwinEnginesServices.'
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 453.
  • Latest CMS DBLevel - 2.
12.5.35 Nov 2019 Site Admin
  • Added filter to Synch Processes based on Import data mode selected.
  • Updated 'Copy personnel data to TwinEnginesServices'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 452.
12.5.34 Nov 2019 Site Admin
  • Fix for 'Copy unit data from CMS.'
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 451.
12.5.33 Nov 2019 Site Admin
  • Updated installation scripts order
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 450.
12.5.32 Nov 2019 Site Admin
  • Fixed 'String or binary data would be truncated' error on synch process 'Copy personnel data to TwinEnginesServices'
  • Fixed stored procedures for synch process 'Import IPPS-A data from RCAS'
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 450.
12.5.31 Oct 2019 Site Admin
  • Renamed synch process from 'Import HSD Personnel files' to 'Import IPPS-A data from RCAS'
  • Changed synch process 'Import HSD Personnel files' run order to make it run first
  • Removed 'Import Hsd Personnel Files Path' from 'Site Admin -> Settings'
  • Skiping synch process 'Automatically Send Activity Emails' while the synch processes are running is no longer an error codition
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 449.
12.5.30 Oct 2019 Site Admin
  • Changed 'Import HSD Personnel files' to import directly from RCASDBOR instead of using files
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 448.
12.5.29 Oct 2019 Site Admin
  • Added missing 'dbo' schema to db objects
  • Removed pdf data from VIEW AFCOS ORDERS view
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 447.
12.5.28 Oct 2019 Site Admin
  • Updated SynchProcesses table to run CMS scripts first
  • Increased timeouts from 45*60 to 60*60
  • Added validation to 'Automatically Send Activity Emails' synch process to avoid run when other synch processes are running
  • Added timeout to 'Automatically Send Activity Emails' query execution
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 446.
12.5.18 May 2019 Discharges
  • Total Service for Retired Pay is no longer calculated, but pulled from CORE.RPAM_RETIREMENT_POINTS.TOTAL_CRDTBL_YRS_MOS_DAYS in RPAM.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 74.
12.5.17 May 2019 Discharges
  • NGB 22A document type fixed on the NGB22A Case Type so that it shows in the available document types.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 74.
12.5.15 April 2019 Discharges
  • Changed "NGB 55A" and "NGB 55B" PERMS Doc Types to "NGB 55 SERIES".
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 74.
12.5.14 March 2019 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Create a new NGB22A on a Soldier that doesn't have the Org & Position specified.
  • Fixed - Bonus MOS search with 3 characters.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 425.
12.5.11 February 2019 Site Admin
  • SMTP Test Email no longer being sent prior to sending out a batch of emails from the system.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 415.
12.5.11 February 2019 ETrans
  • Fixed - problem with ATCH transactions workflow that would move ATCH transactions to Work In Progress if they haven't been closed before the ATCH transaction from SIDPERS comes back into the TwinEngines system after the synch processes run.
  • Cleanup done on MILPO Orders Transactions. Cases closed if they were ever in "Successfully Sent to SIDPERS" status. Moved any cases that were in "Sent to SIDPERS" status but now in "In Progress", back to "Sent to SIDPERS". Move all "ATCH" transactions to "Sent to SIDPERS" so the reconcile can be run and transactions resubmitted if they didn't make it into SIDPERS.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 53.
12.5.7 October 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Timeout increase to 60 minutes in Automatic NGB22 Case Generation process.
  • Fixed - Timeout increase to 60 minutes in RecreateSIDPERSTables synch process.
12.5.6 October 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Problem fixed with CAC email address update.
  • Fixed - Timeout increase to 40 minutes in RecreateSIDPERSTables synch process.
  • Fixed - Problem with Export Transactions screen in ETrans.
  • Fixed - Set .NET Compilation, Debug = False in web.config for TwinEnginesWebApps website.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 415.
12.5.2 September 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Problem fixed with Synch Personnel Data from SIDPERS that could cause duplicate Personnel records to be created.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 408.
12.5.2 August 2018 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB 22 - Dashes in the "and as a reserve of" get blanked out after 22 is digitally signed.
  • Fixed - Error "ActivitiesToClose table does not allow nulls" on script "TWDischarges_v1068.sql".
  • Fixed - NGB 22 table column "AddressZipAfterSep" length increased to 25.
  • Fixed - Automatic NGB22 case generation entity validation errors on property "AddressZipAfterSep".
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 71.
12.5.2 August 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Assignment/Loss Reason lookup not displaying records.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 52.
12.5.2 August 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Award Code FK Error when running process 'Synch Awards data From SIDPERS'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 404.
12.5.1 July 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - Drill down on the Open Activities by Organization is showing cases that are not assigned to the selected organization.
  • 'Mail Merge' activity type added.
  • Fixed - Copy Case Type -> Not copying all activities.
  • Fixed - NGB22 missing PERMS Integrator Process Queue records.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 403.
12.5.1 July 2018 Discharges
  • NGB22 Case Type -> Ability added to auto-generate PQR report and send it to PERMS.
  • NGB22 Bulk Case Generation - EntityValidationErrors debugging code added.
  • Setting 'Automatically pull the latest RPAM NGB23 and send it to PERMS' added.
  • Setting 'Automatically generate the PQR and send it to PERMS' added.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Case Type - Activity 'NGB22 for [Soldier] has been sent to PERMS Integrator for processing. AUTOMATED TASK DO NOT ALTER.' with an empty 'Document Type'.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 66.
12.5.1 July 2018 ETrans
  • Case Type -> 'View/Edit Tx Data' button added for missing case types.
  • Fixed - Import transactions - IADT Transactions 'Soldier Name' not getting set correctly.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 51.
12.5.1 July 2018 Site Admin
  • Validations added to obtain information from CAC Certificate.
  • Added TwinEnginesServices Role 'PERMSIntegrator_User'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 403.
12.5.0 June 2018 Awards
  • Fixed - Awards Batches, PERMS Interface. Once you send the documents to PERMS, then process them through PERMS Integrator, no indication that they were ever sent to PERMS.
  • Fixed - Soldier Awards Detail - the "History" tab isn't filtering records correctly.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 118.
12.5.0 June 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - Copy Case Type not updating activity dependencies.
  • Fixed - Activities not getting closed when manually completing the case.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 401.
12.5.0 June 2018 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 - Error "The data reader is incompatible with the specified 'TWDischargesModel.MILPONewOrders'."
  • Fixed - NGB22 form missing number times awarded in block 15.
  • Fixed - If the RCASDBOR linked server is not working, the NGB22 page will not work.
  • NGB22 - Added RCASDBOR linked server unavailable message.
  • Fixed - Manually created "Send Document to PERMS" activity didn't show up in the PERMS Integrator -> Process Queue.
  • NGB22 - Custom Activity 'Automatically pull NGB23 from RPAM.' creation condition changed.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 65.
12.5.0 June 2018 ETrans
  • Transactions Report - Grid headers colors changed and tooltips added.
  • Export Transactions - 'Work In Progress' warning message added for MILPO Transactions.
  • Fixed - Transactions Sent to SIDPERS when filtering the grid 'Reconcile' button gets disabled.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 50.
12.5.0 June 2018 Site Admin
  • Event Trace log - Ability added to download "twSynchProcessLogFile.txt" file.
  • Agreement Banner - EDIPINumberAndEmailFromCAC removed.
  • Default main page - EDIPINumberAndEmailFromCAC added.
  • Fixed - User Administration -> Delete User throwing errors when the user account is not linked to a personnel record.
  • Fixed - User Administration -> 'New User' and 'Delete' buttons get hidden when the window is minimized.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 401.
12.4.9 June 2018 Discharges
  • Fixed - NBG22 soldier's awards not showing the award abbreviation.
  • Fixed - New NGB22 not showing security investigation abbreviation.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 63.
12.4.9 June 2018 ETrans
  • Added - Transaction Report.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 49.
12.4.9 June 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - 'Synch Awards data From SIDPERS' process not populating awards for inactive soldiers.
  • Global queries command timeout set to 45 minutes.
  • Synch Processes service - Removed validation of 'Do not run any of the sync processes when sending emails process is running.'
  • Email synch process - trace log added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 400.
12.4.8 June 2018 Awards
  • Fixed - Award Template Detail - Upload template button showing page not found.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 117.
12.4.8 June 2018 Case Management
  • Custom Data - Added 'Label' data type.
  • Fixed - ".docx" documents getting corrupted when downloaded.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 399.
12.4.8 June 2018 Discharges
  • Brand new installation - 'Default NGB22' case type change case status activities not getting imported.
  • NGB22 Form - Leading Zeros in the SSN not printing.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 63.
12.4.8 June 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - ATCH Transactions are ALL going to the "In Progress" queue with the message that they Soldier was previously attached.
  • Fixed - Migration process - TRF and ATCH transactions are getting created with a "Ready to Send to SIDPERS" or "In Progress" status when they should have been completed.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 48.
12.4.8 June 2018 Site Admin
  • Command timeout changed from 20 to 45 minutes.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 399.
12.4.7 June 2018 Awards
  • Fixed - 'Change Case Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Fixed - 'Change Activity Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 117.
12.4.7 June 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - 'Change Case Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Fixed - 'Change Activity Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Fixed - New Case Type - 'Change Activity Status' not creating 'Activity' attributes.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 398.
12.4.7 June 2018 Discharges
  • Fixed - 'Change Case Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Fixed - 'Change Activity Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 63.
12.4.7 June 2018 ETrans
  • NPSG Business Rule - "Citizenship Status must be 'Y'." added.
  • NPSG Business Rule - RFP Line value changed from '52A' to '52B'.
  • NPSG Business Rule - RFP Duty Postion valed changed from '00F1O' to '09M1O'.
  • NPSG Business Rule - RFP Procurement Program value changed from 'AX' to 'BM'.
  • Import Transactions - Cases sorted by Case title.
  • Fixed - 'Change Case Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Fixed - 'Change Activity Status' not displaying attributes.
  • Fixed - 'MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP)' not kicking off activity '[Soldier] is on Active Duty and has been Discharged or Separated....' when it should.
  • 'MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP)' - 'In Progress' status not set when soldier is on active duty.
  • Fixed - 'MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP)' - setting case status to 'Ready to Send to SIDPERS' instead of 'In Progress' when the soldier is attached.
  • Fixed - Clean Cases not removing SIDPERSETransMgr records.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 48.
12.4.6 May 2018 Awards
  • Fixed - 4612-R form is not coming up when going to the Number & Types of Decorations Approved.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 116.
12.4.6 May 2018 Case Management
  • My Open Activities - Ability added to filter by activity type.
  • Case Type Activities - Reorder activities button added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 397.
12.4.6 May 2018 Discharges
  • NGB22 Case Type - Added NGB 23 document type.
  • NGB22 Case Type - Ability added to automatically pull RPAM NGB23 statement from RPAM.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Block 8a converting the content to date format.
  • Fixed - NGB22 'National Guard Of' field not getting pre-populated when printing the pdf.
  • Fixed - NBB22 Bulk Case Generation - 'Entity Validation Exception' state column lenght greater than two.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 62.
12.4.6 May 2018 ETrans
  • Work In Progress, defaulted "Include Subordinates" to checked.
  • Fixed - Work in Progress filtering by refers to organization instead of assigned to organization.
  • Fixed - NPSG - Address State Mail not displaying 'MA' & 'GU'.
  • Fixed - Work in Progress "Notes" column not working.
  • 'MILPO Orders Transactions (ATCH)' - Custom SQL modified for activity '[Soldier] is being attached, but is already previously attached....'.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 47.
12.4.6 May 2018 Site Admin
  • Ability added to confirm user's identity by using the information from the CAC Card Certificate.
  • User Detail - ReadOnly EDPI-Number field added.
  • Fixed - Confirm Identity displaying the message ['Personnel '' is already linked to the user account ''] when entering a 'SSN' that matches with an inactive account for the current login.
  • Fixed - Synch processes that run off of the nightly schedule are not running when they are supposed to.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 397.
12.4.5 April 2018 Case Management
  • Search Cases/Search Activities - Ability added to mass print case documents.
  • Ability added to copy case type buttons.
  • Case Type Buttons - Workflow step field added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 396.
12.4.5 April 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Copy Case Type Activities - Case type lookup not filtering Etrans case types.
  • Fixed - Reconcile SIDPERS logging errors under 'Migrate Transactions' label.
  • Fixed - Clean Cases method removing SIDPERSTransactions from other case types.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 46.
12.4.5 April 2018 Site Admin
  • Event log Trace - Ability added to export to excel.
  • Handler Mappings - Blacklist/Whitelist updated.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 396.
12.4.4 April 2018 Case Management
  • Case Detail - Non required custom data was displaying 'Field is required' error message.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 395.
12.4.4 April 2018 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 Default case type not importing 'Change Case Status' activities.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 61.
12.4.4 April 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Export transactions - Non admin users not being able to export and reconcile transactions.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 45.
12.4.4 April 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - When running the installation without uninstalling first, the service doesn't get upgraded until after a reboot.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 395.
12.4.3 April 2018 Awards
  • DA638 form version upgrated to JUN 2017.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 116.
12.4.3 April 2018 Case Management
  • Activity Detail - All notes displayed on every "Notes" tab.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 395.
12.4.2 April 2018 Awards
  • Case Type - Change Activity Status - Attributes added.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 116.
12.4.2 April 2018 Case Management
  • Validations added to make sure that the Case Type names must be unique.
  • Fixed - New installations not running STIGS migration.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 394.
12.4.2 April 2018 Discharges
  • Case Type - Change Activity Status - Attributes added.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 61.
12.4.2 April 2018 ETrans
  • Added - "MILPO Orders Transactions (ATCH)" case type.
  • Added - "MILPO Orders Transactions (TRF)" case type.
  • Case Type 'MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP)' - New task '[Soldier] is Attached and being Discharged or Separated. Soldier must be detached.' added.
  • NPSG Validations rules for "Authorized Paragraph/Line Designator' - Serverity changed from critical to warning.
  • Case Type - Change Activity Status - Attributes added.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 44.
12.4.1 April 2018 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 fields not all the text is displaying when the user clicks out the text boxes.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 60.
12.4.0 April 2018 Case Management
  • Activity Type 'Change Status' renamed to 'Change Case Status'.
  • Case Type - Added 'Change Activity Status' activity type.
  • Fixed - Custom Data - Check-Box control - Required field validation not working.
  • Enter Custom Data Activity - Custom Data tab removed.
  • Activity Detail - Description control modified.
  • Fixed - Send Document To PERMS - Save & Close not closing the page.
  • Approve Form - Added option to include the document in the email notification.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 393.
12.4.0 April 2018 Site Amdin
  • Fixed - Installation RunSynchProcess - Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.
  • Fixed - Service not running synch processes.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 393.
12.3.9 March 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case activities not getting closed when manually closing a case.
  • Fixed - Enter Custom Activity - Delete button not working.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 392.
12.3.9 March 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - PSGO Transaction not saving the following fields "Source of Commission/Warrant","Commissioned/Warrant Officer Service Date" and "Commander Status".
  • Import Transaction file - ORIGINATOR_CODE set to the value defined in "Settings -> Transaction Originator Code".
  • Fixed - Synch Processes displaying the message "Your license for has expired.." even when the license is valid.
  • Fixed - Work In Progress - Non-Admin Users - Error - "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'From'".
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 43.
12.3.9 March 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Search User Accounts - Error - "Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)." when bringing the detail page.
  • Fixed - User Agreement page displaying error of page cannot be found.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 392.
12.3.8 March 2018 Case Management
  • Case Type - Custom Data - Ability added to set check-boxes as read only controls.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 391.
12.3.8 March 2018 ETrans
  • Import Transactions - Created cases list - Displayed in order in which they were imported and created.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 43.
12.3.7 March 2018 Discharges
  • NGB22 - Added the "Initials" block to the web page and pushed it into the 22 PDF.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Orders not getting migrated.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 60.
12.3.7 March 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Import transactions not working.
  • Fixed - Transactions not getting migrated.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 42.
12.3.7 March 2018 Site Admin
  • Synch Awards Process - Added - Awards for inactive personnel.
  • Search User Accounts - Ability added to copy/paste user account emails.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 390.
12.3.6 March 2018 ETrans
  • PSG Transactions - Assignment Loss Reason - Required field rule added.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 42.
12.3.6 March 2018 Site Admin
  • Ability added to re-create failed emails.
  • Synch Awards Process - Added - Awards for inactive personnel.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 389.
12.3.5 March 2018 ETrans
  • Transaction Detail - Exception message summary added.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 42.
12.3.5 March 2018 Site Admin
  • Link synch processes to dependent SIDPERS and RCASDBOR connections.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 388.
12.3.4 March 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - New Case - Required fields message not getting displayed.
  • Fixed - Open Activities by Org, Detail, when you select "Generate Report", the next time you click on anything, the report comes up again.
  • Fixed - Import/Export case type, multiple conditions, when document attached criteria is getting blanked out and not working.
  • Fixed - Email notifications re-generated for completed activities.
  • Document Library - Validation added when removing documents with case types dependencies.
  • Fixed - Case Detail - After changing the status to 'Deleted' the page was automatically closed.
  • Copy Case Type - Ability added to allow deleting copied system case types.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 387.
12.3.4 March 2018 Discharges
  • NGB22 - String length validation messages added.
  • Fixed - NGB22 form not getting saved or printed when entering a 'Mailing Street Address' greater than 30 characters length.
  • Settings - NGB22 form version to use - Option "20160628 (altered to include Soldier not available to Sign)" added.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 59.
12.3.4 March 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Import gains transactions - status changes to "In Progress" instead of the status that is set under the "Link Transaction to Case Type" page.
  • PSGE Validation Rule "Enlistment Option Period should be 8 for PSG." removed.
  • 'Work In Progress' option added.
  • NPSG - New Case - Case Title not getting pre-populated with the name entered by the user.
  • Import Transactions - SOLD - Case Title not getting populated.
  • PSG - "RsrvOfficer Trg-Corp Armed-Forces" - Required field rule added.
  • FTP Password - Encrypted method changed to FIPS COMPLIANT.
  • Amendment/Revocation - Original order type added to the case title.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 42.
12.3.4 March 2018 Site Admin
  • Search User Accounts - Ability added to generate xls report.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 387.
12.3.3 February 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - Activity Detail, save buttons not working when changing tabs.
  • Search Cases - Notes column added.
  • Case Type Documents - Field "Require user to upload document when creating case" added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 385.
12.3.3 February 2018 ETrans
  • NPSG-PSG Transactions - 'Invalid PULHES' validation rule added.
  • Export Transactions - Transaction Type drop-down added.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 40.
12.3.3 February 2018 Site Admin
  • Schedule Synch Processes - Ability added to run a process at a specific time.
  • Fixed - Web.config is getting encrypted when Integrated Windows Authentication is used for SQL Server.
  • Custom Organizational Structure - Ability added to enter a 'SortSequence' value.
  • Fixed - Expired Due to Inactivity Error - DataSQL failed Error converting data type varchar to uniqueidentifier.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 385.
12.3.2 February 2018 Awards
  • Ability added to remove cases by case type.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 115.
12.3.2 February 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case Type - when selecting new license for case type, old license is dropped, but new license is not linked.
  • New Case - Document upload - Restriction added to upload one document at the time.
  • Ability added to remove cases by case type.
  • Fixed - 'Save & Close' button not working when saving from other tabs.
  • Search Cases - Priority column removed.
  • Search Cases - Created column replaced for Modified.
  • Search Cases - Effective Date column added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 384.
12.3.2 February 2018 Discharges
  • Ability added to remove cases by case type.
  • Fixed - NGB22 cases not getting migrated when the NGB22 case type column 'createdby' is other than 'System'.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 58.
12.3.2 February 2018 ETrans
  • Ability added to remove cases by case type.
  • Added 'Grade Abbreviation Code' critical validation rule.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 40.
12.3.2 February 2018 Site Admin
  • User Administration -> Add Role - Org pick list sorted by RSC.
  • Increased the timeout to 60 seconds for the test of the linked server connections.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 384.
12.3.1 February 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Error when upgrading TWEtransMgr database level 1.4.3 due to an incompatibility with SQL2008.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 40.
12.3.0 February 2018 Discharges
  • Email notifications turned off during NGB22 migration.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 57.
12.3.0 February 2018 ETrans
  • Added - IADT case type.
  • Ability added to import IADT transactions.
  • Settings - FTP Connection Data saved when hitting 'Test Connection' button.
  • Email notifications turned off during MILPO Orders migration.
  • Fixed - 'Generate Amendment/Revocation cases for Orders published' - The 'EFFECTIVEDATE' could not be set to a 'System.String' value.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 39.
12.2.9 February 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Automatic MILPO Orders Case Generation - 'The data reader is incompatible'.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 38.
12.2.8 February 2018 Discharges
  • NGB22 form - Add new Authorizing Officer - Search does not return records.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 57.
12.2.8 February 2018 ETrans
  • Export Transactions - 'Refers To' Column added.
  • Import Transactions - Added - Number of records imported message.
  • Import Transactions - 'CURR_AERO_RATING' set to blanks during the import process.
  • Import Transactions - 'PHYS_CAT' set to blanks during the import process.
  • Enlisted Option Period - Rule 'ENLSTMT_OPT_PD (XX) with ENL_REENL_BONUS_ENTL (YY) is not allowed.' added.
  • Enlisted Option Period - Rule 'ENLSTMT_OPT_PD (XX) requires DATE_EXEC_SIX_YR_SVC_OBLG.' added.
  • Transaction migration & import setting - query filter changed to include the column datecreated.
  • NPSG Tx Detail - Fixed error 'String or binary data would be truncated'.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 37.
12.2.8 February 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - License Keys - Error thrown when clicking the "TwinEngines" logo.
  • Create Admin User - Ability added to reset inactive status of the given account.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 382.
12.2.7 January 2018 Discharges
  • NGB22 form - "NGB22_20160628" block 18 box size increased.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 57.
12.2.7 January 2018 ETrans
  • Export transactions - Ability to filter by SSN.
  • Export transactions - Effective Date filter range removed.
  • Export transactions - Warning message added for soldiers with multiple transactions.
  • Export transactions - Grid paging removed.
  • Export transactions - Ability added to filter through the grid.
  • Transactions Sent to SIDPERS - Ability added to fitler through the grid.
  • Transactions Sent to SIDPERS - UI Modified.
  • Case Type MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP) - Workflow modified to aviod problem of resending transations marked as 'Sent to SIDPERS' during the migration process.
  • PSG-NPSG transaction detail - Ability added to modify Duty Postion form field.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 35.
12.2.7 January 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - New Personnel/ Non-ARNG Personnel - Error thrown when saving a record with an existing inactive SSN.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 381.
12.2.6 January 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - ATCH NPSG Transactions not getting exported.
  • Ability added to manually create transactions (NPSG-PSGE-PSGW-PSGO) for Non-ARNG personnel.
  • Fixed - Export Transactions allowing to export transaction with future effective dates.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 34.
12.2.6 January 2018 Site Admin
  • Fixed - New Personnel/ Non-ARNG Personnel - Error thrown when saving data with no UPC selected.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 381.
12.2.5 January 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Process 'Generate Amendment/Revocation cases for Orders published ' has failed. The 'EFFECTIVEDATE' property could not be set to a 'System.String' value.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 34.
12.2.4 January 2018 Discharges
  • Migrated NGB22 cases - DueDate set to EffectiveDate for Completed cases.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 57.
12.2.4 January 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - MILPO Orders Transactions cases not getting re-created.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 34.
12.2.3 January 2018 ETrans
  • SSN Validation and Trace log message added to diagnose issue of "MILPO Orders Transactions cases not getting re-created when the process failed.".
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 34.
12.2.2 January 2018 Discharges
  • Ability added to migrate NGB22 for soldiers that are no longer in SIDPERS.
  • Migrated NGB22 cases due date set to order effective date.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 56.
12.2.2 January 2018 ETrans
  • Trace log entries added to diagnose problem 'MILPO Orders Transactions cases not getting re-created when the process failed.'
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 34.
12.2.2 January 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - RestartWorkflows not working propertly after creating activities from case type buttons.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 381.
12.2.1 January 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - Creation of custom activities throwing errors due to a null case.duedate.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 380.
12.2.0 January 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - Create Case Type Category - Validation 'Category & Sub-Category cannot be the same' not getting applied.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 380.
12.1.9 January 2018 Case Management
  • Fixed - 'Auto Generate Custom Activities' process not filtering activities linked to inactive case types.
  • Process 'Auto Generate Custom Activities' - Tracelog messages added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 379.
12.1.8 January 2018 Case Management
  • Trace Execption message added to diagnose the error 'Process 'Auto Generate Custom Activities ' has failed. - Nullable object must have a value'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 378.
12.1.7 January 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Gain Transactions Case type - When completing the activity 'Packet Issues Manager corrections completed. Revalidate transaction.', the workflow started an endless loop.
  • MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP) - Activity '[Soldier] has an active flag and has been Discharged or Separated. Flags must be removed before DSCH/SEP transaction can be processed.' removed.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 33.
12.1.6 January 2018 ETrans
  • Fixed - Gain Transactions Case type - Activity 'Change Status to 'Waiting on Packet Issues Manager' not getting created after 'Assigning Task to Packet Issues Manager'.
  • Fixed - Process 'Generate Amendment/Revocation cases for Orders published ' has failed.

    The data reader is incompatible with the specified.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 32.
12.1.5 December 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Amendment_Revocation_Orders procedure.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 31.
12.1.5 December 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Recreate SIDPERS tables convertion types error.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 378.
12.1.4 December 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - Email notifications getting sent even when they were turned off.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 377.
12.1.4 December 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 cases not shown after running sync processes.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 55.
12.1.4 December 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Orders not getting displayed when their effective date is prior the value from the setting 'Pull Transactions and Amendment/Revocation Orders from MILPO Orders for Orders published after' .
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 30.
12.1.4 December 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - RECREATE SIDPERS TABLES date type convert error.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 377.
12.1.3 December 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Sync Processes - Error 'Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 376.
12.1.2 November 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Installation Error - Database 'TwinEnginesServices' does not exist. Make sure that the name is entered correctly.
  • Fixed - Message 'Unable to Connect: There may be a problem with the SIDPERS or RCASDBOR linked servers.' not working propertly when only one linked service was down.
  • Fixed - Validations added when linked server passwords are no longer valid.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 376.
12.1.1 November 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - Synch process page not displaying status correctly when the previous run had an error.
  • Fixed - Batch email sender -The parameter 'address' cannot be an empty string.
  • Fixed - 'Automatic Awards Case Generation' has failed. An error has occurred Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Validations added to diagnosed sync process entries 'Synch Processes is currently running.....'
  • Validations added for linked servers status.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 376.
12.1.0 November 2017 Discharges
  • NGB22 Address Updated as part of the synch process.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 55.
12.1.9 November 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Reconcile Transactions not working because the effective date was not correct.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 29.
12.0.9 November 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Sync Process page not getting refreshed.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 375.
12.0.9 November 2017 Site Admin
  • SIDPERS Tables not getting removed from sync process.
  • Fixed - CMS license key getting removed during installation.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 375.
12.0.8 October 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 Date of Birth not getting populated on PDF.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 54.
12.0.7 October 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Export Transactions Effective date filter not working properlty.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 28.
12.0.6 September 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Export Transactions filter not working properlty.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 27.
12.0.5 September 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - PSG Transacionts not getting reconciled.
  • Fixed - Validation 'Soldier is under 17' displayed when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed - Soldier Transaction Detail Error - Data source field with name 'OACT' cannot be found.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 26.
12.0.5 September 2017 Site Admin
  • TwinEngines Service - Validation added to stop the execution when a processes fails.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 373.
12.0.4 September 2017 Awards
  • Award Abbreviations updated.
  • Fixed - Awards publishing - the memo is created and attached to the case, but the activity to generate and attach the memo to the case not completed.
  • Fixed - Create Board function throws an error.
  • Fixed - Award Templates - Once the award is linked to a template marked as 'This is a Certificate that is sent to PERMS', it cannot be added as part of 'Award denial' templates.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 115.
12.0.4 September 2017 Case Management
  • Bulk Case Generation - Task email notifications not getting created.
  • Fixed - Duplicate Titles/Description attributes in case type custom activities.
  • Fixed - Case Type Documents 'Display Order' not getting imported.
  • Fixed - Some email notifications getting created more than once.
  • Fixed - New Case - 'Default the 'Refers To' for the case to the end user that is creating it ' not working properlty.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 373.
12.0.4 September 2017 Discharges
  • CharacterOfService table populated as part of the installation scripts.
  • NGB22 - "Reserve Of" option "---------" added.
  • NGB22 - View Order - Ability added to view Amendment/Revocation orders if any.
  • NGB22 - Authorizing Officer Look up - Enlisted soldiers added.
  • NGB22 - Continuation page - Word attachment removed.
  • NGB22 - Continuation page - PDF page added as part of the NGB22 form.
  • NGB22 - DD Form 256A Discharge Certificate Type added.
  • NGB22 - Ability added to edit the form after block 22 is signed.
  • Fixed - Script TWDischarges_v1036.sql - Error: Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING function.
  • Fixed - ObjectContext error when manually creating an NGB22 case.
  • Added - Handler "remove name='WebDAV'"
  • Migrate NGB22 - Message "The migration process should not run while the synch processes are running" - added.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 53.
12.0.4 September 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Error when assigning task to Packet Issue Manager.
  • NPSG - PSG 'PHYSICAL CATEGORY' - Ability added to allow any value including blanks.
  • Case Type 'Amendment/Revocation order' - View Order button added.
  • Soldier Transactions - OACT field added.
  • Fixed - Reconcile process shows it is running when it is not.
  • Migrate Transactions - Message "The migration process should not run while the synch processes are running" - added.
  • Import Transactions - "CURR_AERO_RATING" field - Rule added value <> 'W' = 'W'.
  • Fixed - Transaction Detail - SEP/DSCH transactions not displaying list of 'Assignment Loss Reason'.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 25.
12.0.4 September 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Duplicate records in Users table.
  • Ability added to overwrite existing user accounts.
  • Installation 'Enter SQL Server Credentials' UI modified.
  • Service SQLConnection resarted everytime the service wakes up.
  • Database Execution Permission message added.
  • Fixed - 500 error to display prior to the actual execution of the test database.
  • Ability added to support IIS WebSite other than the 'Default Web Site'.
  • Fixed - IIS Virtual Directories not getting created.
  • Fixed - Failed to map the path /twinengines error during installation after connecting to SQL Server.
  • Fixed - Error when uploading image in main start page.
  • Synch Personnel - Exception Message added 'Query to SIDPERS.PERS_PERSON_TBL returned 0 records'
  • Synch Personnel - Ability added to delete duplicate personnel addresses.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 373.
12.0.3 August 2017 Case Management
  • Case Type - Added "Default the "Refers To" for the case to the end user that is creating it" attribute.
  • Tasking Wizard - Instructions box height increased.
  • Tasking Wizard - Ability added to copy/paste records from other reports.
  • Tasking Wizard - Fixed - Multiple paste operation clearing out previous records.
  • Tasking Wizard - Fixed - Paste operation not filtering out inactive records.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 372.
12.0.3 August 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Search Cases Admin Users displaying timeout error.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 24.
12.0.3 August 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed Error - Could not find a part of the path '..\Award_Memos\oconus (country).docx'.
  • Menu Option "Search User Accounts" renamed as "Search User Roles"
  • User Administration - Ability added to search Inactive/Deleted accounts.
  • Added - Email Queue.
  • TwinEngines Service AuditLog Entries added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 372.
12.0.2 August 2017 Awards
  • Fixed Error - Could not find a part of the path '..\AWARDS\Pdfs\DD2875 System Access Authorization Request (SAAR).pdf'.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 113.
12.0.2 August 2017 Case Management
  • Tasking Wizard simplified.
  • Fixed - PDF pre-population not using the date format on the form.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 371.
12.0.2 August 2017 Site Admin
  • WebConfig trust level = 'Full' added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 371.
12.0.1 August 2017 Awards
  • Fixed - Case Type/Case Activities Description attribute not getting displayed.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 113.
12.0.1 August 2017 Case Management
  • Added - Tasking Wizard.
  • Fixed - Case Type/Case Activities Description attribute not getting displayed.
  • New PERMS Documents added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 371.
12.0.1 August 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - Case Type/Case Activities Description attribute not getting displayed.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 52.
12.0.1 August 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Case Type/Case Activities Description attribute not getting displayed.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 24.
12.0.1 August 2017 Site Admin
  • Settings - Fixed update all accounts expiration dates displaying an invalid date format when the value contains ",".
  • Accounts marked as 'Expired Due to Inactivity' getting reset after running 'update all accounts expiration dates'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 371.
12.0.0 August 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 pdf version '20160628' not populating DOB, Date of Rank and Effective Date fields.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 51.
11.0.9 August 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 pdf form block 15 and 18 showing cutting off data.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 50.
11.0.8 July 2017 Awards
  • Case Type - Ability added to create 'Case' custom activities.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 112.
11.0.8 July 2017 Case Management
  • Case Type - Ability added to create 'Case' custom activities.
  • Fixed - Deleting Case Type Activities not working propertly.
  • Fixed - Case Type/Import Roles - Adding duplicate entries.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 370.
11.0.8 July 2017 Discharges
  • Case Type - Ability added to create 'Case' custom activities.
  • Ability added to chose NGB22 Version [20160628] or [20120420].
  • Importing NGB22 Default Case Type as part of brand new installations.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 49.
11.0.8 July 2017 ETrans
  • Case Type - Ability added to create 'Case' custom activities.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 23.
11.0.7 July 2017 Case Management
  • Simplified the uploading of the form from the "Complete Form" email notification.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 369.
11.0.7 July 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - The Operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider 'OraOLEDB.Oracle' for linked server 'RCASDBOR' was unable to begin a distributed transaction.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Synch Process Error - Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'Do not show in history' to data type int.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 48.
11.0.6 July 2017 Awards
  • Case Type Button - Ability added to create activity buttons.
  • Case Type Status - Mechanism added to allow cases to be "Closed" for statuses other than completed.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 111.
11.0.6 July 2017 Case Management
  • Case Type Button - Ability added to create activity buttons.
  • Case Type Status - Mechanism added to allow cases to be "Closed" for statuses other than completed.
  • Case Type Default Notifications modified.
  • Fixed - XDP Forms Error 'Xml parsing error: not well-formed (invalid token)'.
  • Fixed - Complete form - Email links not populating pdf data.
  • Fixed - New Case, submit forms, the "Submit" button was disabled after clicking it before the SAAR had been fully uploaded.
  • Fixed - Timeout error when attempting to create a new AUP case from the Case Detail page.
  • Fixed - Attach document to email notification in Complete Form activities didn't get set when case type was exported, then imported.
  • Fixed - My Activities was showing activities for deleted cases.
  • Fixed - Custom Activities getting created for inactive cases.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 368.
11.0.6 July 2017 Discharges
  • Case Type Button - Ability added to create activity buttons.
  • Case Type Status - Mechanism added to allow cases to be "Closed" for statuses other than completed.
  • NGB22 - Task "***WARNING*** Discharge/Separation Order has been revoked for [Soldier]. Check NGB22 Case." added as part of NGB22 Synch Processes.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 47.
11.0.6 July 2017 ETrans
  • Case Type Button - Ability added to create activity buttons.
  • Case Type Status - Mechanism added to allow cases to be "Closed" for statuses other than completed.
  • Fixed - Script TWETransMgr_v1003.sql - Error - Invalid column name 'StatusID'.
  • Fixed - Thousands of email notification for complete form activities getting sent out incorrectly.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 22.
11.0.5 July 2017 Site Admin
  • Role Groups - Ability added to add more than one role at the time.
  • User Administration - Roles checked when selecting a group.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 367.
11.0.5 July 2017 Discharges
  • NGB22 - Pdf Block 21 - Parenthesis removed from the rank.
  • NGB22 - Pdf blocks 12 -17a,b - 15- 23 - Font size decrease to fit everything.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Block 2 - The data was getting truncated.
  • Fixed - 'National Guard of' and 'Reserve of' not comming across in the migration.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 46.
11.0.4 June 2017 Awards
  • Case Type - Ability added to Show/Hide the 'DueDate' attribute when creating a case.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 110.
11.0.4 June 2017 Case Management
  • Case Type - Ability added to Show/Hide the 'DueDate' attribute when creating a case.
  • Case Type - Ability added to enter case instructions.
  • New Case - Organization lookup - Added Organization tree view.
  • New Case - UI modified.
  • Case Detail - Added history email tab.
  • Search Cases - Ability added to create new cases from the page.
  • Ability added to update 'Failed' email notification from the history tab.
  • Fixed - Case Type Detail - Timeout error.
  • Fixed - Case Type Error - 'Unrecognized Guid format' when saving changes.
  • Fixed - New Case - Hidden Case Types displayed.
  • Fixed - Case Type Detail - Copy Activities - Case Type lookup not showing hidden case types.
  • Fixed - Delete statement conflicting with Activities and Statuses.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 367.
11.0.4 June 2017 Discharges
  • NGB22 Synch Process updating manually created cases with MILPO OrderLogID.
  • Case Type - Ability added to Show/Hide the 'DueDate' attribute when creating a case.
  • NGB22 pdf - Block 18 - Ability to automatically adjust the font.
  • Fixed - Delete statement conflicting with Activities and Statuses.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 45.
11.0.4 June 2017 ETrans
  • Case Type - Ability added to Show/Hide the 'DueDate' attribute when creating a case.
  • MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP) Workflow - Check created when soldiers are flagged.
  • Fixed - Export Transactions 'Create Tx Files' button disabled after filtering data.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 21.
11.0.4 June 2017 My Cases
  • Fixed - My Cases option not showing up in main page.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 367.
11.0.4 June 2017 Site Admin
  • Ability added to create new user accounts by confirming login user identity.
  • Ability added to view the list of failed emails.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 367.
11.0.3 June 2017 Case Management
  • Other Cases tab - Ability added to select one or more cases and add them to the "Related Cases" tab.
  • Fixed - Case Statistics Report - Close Report Internal Server Error.
  • Fixed - Object Reference error when trying to delete multiple cases from the Search Cases screen.
  • Fixed - Case Type Activity - Activities getting created even when no document has been attached to the case.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 366.
11.0.3 June 2017 ETrans
  • Import transactions - After importing, list of cases that were created displayed.
  • Fixed - Critical error messages for reference tables all returning that they were invalid codes, when they were not.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 20.
11.0.3 June 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Synch Processes got kicked off by both the installer and the TwinEngines Service at the same time.
  • Fixed - Manage Accounts, duplicating email entries.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 366.
11.0.2 June 2017 Case Management
  • Import/Export Case Types - Ability added to download pre-built case types.
  • 'DD2875 System Access Authorization Request (SAAR)' Document & Mappings included as part of the installation.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 365.
11.0.1 May 2017 Case Management
  • Formatted data shwoing checked/unchecked value instead of an "X" for check-box data fields.
  • Case Detail/ Activity Detail - Buttons caption modified.
  • Case Detail - Activities tab/grid modified.
  • New Case Documents instructions modified.
  • New CMS Case - Refers to Personnel lookup - Title and Tooltip modified.
  • New Case, after case has been created, a message is displayed in case the pop-up window is closed, or a pop-up blocker blocks it the first time.
  • Fixed - Case Detail - Custom Data tab hidden.
  • Fixed - Search Cases not filtering cases by inactive case types.
  • Fixed - Red font is not resetting to normal on Search Cases when you select a Case Type and search again.
  • Fixed - Case detail error when saving data without custom attributes.
  • Fixed - 'Batch email sender' has failed.: '0' is not a valid value for 'Interval'. 'Interval' must be greater than 0.
  • Fixed - Case Detail, tabs become unresponsive randomly and won't change tabs.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 364.
11.0.1 May 2017 Discharges
  • NGB22 PDF - Date format modified, from "MM/DD/YYYY" to "YYYY-MM-DD".
  • NGB22 - Ability added to update values for Block 17a. Type and Block 17b.Investigation
  • Fixed - View order link on NGB22 sometimes bringing up the wrong Soldier.
  • Fixed - If the SSN starts with a 0, doesn't save on the NGB22 form.
  • Fixed - NGB 22 migrated orders - PDF NGB 22 won't save the state at the top of the form.
  • Fixed - NGB 22 migration process creating multiple cases for the same order.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Case Type - Change Status activities linked to deleted statuses.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 44.
11.0.1 May 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Export Transactions screen timing out.
  • Fixed - DSCH/SEP case type is creating the activity to do the RADT transaction even though the soldier has a "Y" ActiveStatusProgramCode.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 19.
11.0.1 May 2017 Site Admin
  • Awards abbreviations - Ability added to enter DA638/NGB22 abbreviations.
  • Installation folder permissions to 'Authenticated users' modified.
  • Custom Errors web.config entry added.
  • Fixed Installation Scripts - The operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider "OraOLEDB.Oracle" for linked server "SIDPERS" was unable to begin a distributed transaction.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 364.
11.0.0 May 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - SQL Data Types not showing their value in Formatted Text output.
  • Fixed - Admin Users not able to delete cases from 'Search Cases' page.
  • Fixed - Case Type - Multiple conditions not working when copying activities.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 363.
11.0.0 May 2017 ETrans
  • 'MILPO Orders Transactions (DSCH/SEP)' email notifications turned off.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 18.
10.9.9 May 2017 Case Management
  • Related Cases - Ability to add deleted/completed cases.
  • Fixed - Copy Case Type - Custom SQL Attributes not copying properly.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 362.
10.9.9 May 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 migration process is failing.
  • Fixed - Brand new installation without the Discharges database. Got an error message about the Discharges.dbo.Status.
  • Fixed - Synch Process ->ETS Close Cases - unique primary keys error.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 43.
10.9.9 May 2017 ETrans
  • Migrate Transactions - Ability added to migrate transactions after a specific date.
  • Reconcile process condition modified (TransData - EffectiveDate).
  • Gain Transactions - Added "This data has been validated and it is ready to be sent to SIDPERS" check-box.
  • Automatically closing migrated cases where the status in the previous Etrans application is within the following list "'Applied to SIDPERS','Removed Processing','Active Soldier (Previous Tx)','Duplicate Tx In Progress','Active Soldier (No Previous Tx)','Temp Hold'"
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 17.
10.9.8 May 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - Duplicate activities created, after restarting workflows.
  • Fixed - Case Detail-> Activities-> Refresh activities button, reverting case status.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 361.
10.9.8 May 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 migration process is failing.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 43.
10.9.8 May 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Error - Timeout expired, when migrating transactions.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 16.
10.9.8 April 2017 Site Admin
  • Synch Processes recreated.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 361.
10.9.7 May 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 - Enlisted branch not closing activitites.
  • Fixed - NGB22 - PERMS activities assinged to the wrong organization/role.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 43.
10.9.7 May 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case Type->Custom Activities-> Nullable object must have a value error when changing a "Change Status" activity to point to a different status.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 360.
10.9.7 May 2017 Discharges
  • NGB22 - Workflow modified.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 42.
10.9.7 April 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Reconcile process not catching transactions as completed.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 16.
10.9.7 May 2017 Site Admin
  • Release Notes / Error Log & Trace - Visible for all users with active accounts.
  • Fixed - Discharges/Etrans Mgr/My Cases - Visible menus with no options for the user.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 360.
10.9.6 April 2017 Awards
  • Administration - Awards Reference table - Option moved to Site Admin.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 109.
10.9.6 April 2017 Case Management
  • Ability added to allow all users to attach documents when creating new cases.
  • Fixed - "Category" filter on the Open Activities by Organization selected value reverted to the default one after hitting "Show Report" button.
  • Fixed - Case Email Notifications not getting sent when the person does not have an account.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 358.
10.9.6 April 2017 Discharges
  • NGB22 Workflow updated.
  • NGB22 Migration - Debug entries added.
  • Added - RE code of 2.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 41.
10.9.6 April 2017 Site Admin
  • User Account Audit - Emails notifications moved from workflow to service.
  • SC - Awards Description updated from mixed case to upper case.
  • Ability added to update Awards Reference table.
  • Fixed - Grade Abbreviation Code table not getting populated.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 358.
10.9.5 April 2017 Awards
  • Added - Case Statistics Report.
  • Fixed - DA638 - Error "DbContext has been disposed" after uploading last signed form.
  • Submitting new DA638 without recommender signature - need new activity to get recommender's signature to continue the process.
  • Fixed - Awards soldier detail showing the Current Procurement Date instead of Initial Procurement Date.
  • Fixed - Service Awards Case Generation - Soldier Events issue.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 109.
10.9.5 April 2017 Case Management
  • Added - Case Statistics Report.
  • Complete Form - Ability added to enable/disable document attachements when sending email notifications.
  • Activity Detail - Added -> Uncommitted changes warning message.
  • Search Activities - Double click event added to bring up the activity detail page.
  • New Case - Case Type tree view, filtered by user role.
  • Fixed - Case Due Date not getting updated after completing a custom activity.
  • Fixed - Personnel lookup selection the wrong person when using arrow keys and enter.
  • Fixed - Case Type -> Activities - "Save & New" - "Required Fields" error was shown after entering all the data.
  • Fixed - Search Activities - the "Enter Custom Data" activity type errors out when you try to bring it up.
  • Fixed - My Activities - Detail page 500 error.
  • Fixed - Case Type Detail page errors with virtualPath cannot be null error after session timeout and refreshing the page.
  • Fixed - My Activities screen is not showing activities for the Org + Role.
  • Fixed - Search Activities/My Open Activities not displaying AssignedTo when the activity is assigned to a Person.
  • Fixed - Users not being able to create cases after flagging the case type as "Allow all network users to initiate this case type".
  • Fixed - Unable to initiate SAAR without a user account in the system.
  • Fixed - Invalid email address message even when the email is valid.
  • Fixed - Email from the Enter Custom Data activity type, link has an error.
  • Fixed - Tasks to revoke access to systems didn't get created on SAAR.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 357.
10.9.5 April 2017 Discharges
  • Added - Case Statistics Report.
  • NGB22 - Activity "[Soldier] has been discharged or separated. Close out RPAM statement and generate NGB23." assigned to "RPAM" role.
  • Added ability to delete all NGB22 existing cases before migrating.
  • Discharges AWOL and other Case Types not showing in New Case and Case Types, but do show in Import/Export Case Types.
  • NGB22 - Download form width modified from 1020 to 1380.
  • Fixed - NGB22, Activities to attach the Discharge Certificate to the case are not getting created.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 40.
10.9.5 April 2017 ETrans
  • Added - Case Statistics Report.
  • Setting - "Automatically generate cases for all Amendment/Revocation orders published in MILPO Orders" added.
  • Validations added to not allow the user to create new cases or import files when the transaction is not linked to a valid case type.
  • Gain Transactions Case Type - PERMS Activities conditions updated.
  • "MILPO Orders Transactions" - Default email notification turned off.
  • Migrate Transactions - Email Notifications turned off.
  • Fixed - Gain Transaction Case Type - "Restart Activity 'Packet Issues Manager corrections completed. Revalidate transaction.'" activity not linked to a valid activity to restart.
  • Fixed - Attach Document button disabled.
  • Fixed - Transaction detail displaying invalid created date.
  • Fixed - MILPO Transation cases showing incorrect soldier rank.
  • Fixed - Gain Transactions case type creating PERMS activities when the document was not attached to the case.
  • Fixed - Reconcile SIDPERS not updating case status.
  • Fixed - Migrated Transactions Cases displaying empty case status.
  • Fixed - Some TRF Transactions not showing all the fields in the trasaction data detail section.
  • Fixed - Duplicate send document to perms activities created on gains transaction when document is attached to case.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 15.
10.9.5 April 2017 Site Admin
  • Applications - "JOC","Evaluations", "MDMP","R&R" roles removed.
  • "User Account Audit Log" renamed to "Search User Accounts".
  • Fixed - Search User Accounts not showing selected user detail.
  • Fixed - User Account Audit Log - showing the first role for each login.
  • Fixed - Create Admin user not giving access to the site.
  • Fixed - RecreateRCASDBOR error - Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric.
  • Fixed - Users getting account about to expire emails even though they have been logging into my account every day.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 357.
10.9.4 March 2017 My Cases
  • Ability added to view all open/closed activities for all the applications.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 355.
10.9.4 March 2017 Awards
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 108.
10.9.4 March 2017 Site Admin
  • Setting "Allow users to confirm their identity and self-register when activities are assigned directly to them." added.
  • Consent banner added.
  • Implemented mechanisms for auditing user accounts.
  • Active Reports Upgraded to Version 11.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 355.
10.9.4 March 2017 Discharges
  • Added - "Effective Date: YYYYMMDD" to the title of the NGB22 case.
  • Fixed - "Unable to delete DD214 remakrs from the pop-up window when they have the "Discharges Administrator" role."
  • Fixed - Discharges tab and New Case and Bulk Case Generation shows when user doesn't have appropriate roles.
  • Fixed - Yearly ETS Summary report showing discharged soldiers.
  • Fixed - "Timeout error" when migrating NGB22 orders.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 39.
10.9.4 March 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Export Transactions - No such file.
  • Export Transactions - Ability added to exclude soldiers with multiple transactions.
  • Fixed - "Timeout error" when migrating transactions.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 13.
10.9.4 March 2017 Case Management
  • Ability added to confirm login identity before uploading a form to the case.
  • Open Activities By Organization - Added RollUp check-box.
  • Bulk Case Generation, Excel import spreadsheet - Ability added to support reports with the following formats "FULL NAME (Last First Middle)" OR "LAST NAME", "FIRST NAME", "MIDDLE NAME".
  • Email Template Action - "Approval Returned for Corrections" added.
  • Case Type - Missing email notifications added.
  • Modified - Default Notifications Email Templates.
  • Fixed - Email Templates not saving changes.
  • Fixed - Changed status, did NOT save, changed to "Notes" tab and entered a note.
  • Fixed - Invalid custom data formats after uploading forms.
  • Fixed - Thread was being aborted. Source:System.Data StackTrace: at SNIReadSyncOverAsync(SNI_ConnWrapper* , SNI_Packet** , Int32 ).
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 355.
10.9.3 March 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - 'Send_Test_Emails' has failed.: An invalid character was found in the mail header: ';'.
  • Ability added to automatically reset running synch process flag.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 353.
10.9.3 March 2017 ETrans
  • Gain transaction Case Type - Statuses "Waiting on Packet Issues Manager" & "Returned from Packet Issues Manager" added.
  • Gain transaction workflow modified.
  • Fixed - PSG Transactions Exporting incorrect MNEMONIC.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 12.
10.9.3 March 2017 Case Management
  • Enter Custom Data activity - Validation added to not allow the user to complete the activity without setting custom data values.
  • Ability added to modify custom data through the activity type 'Execute SQL'.
  • Case Type/Custom Data - Ability added to create MultiLine-Text attributes.
  • Case Type/Custom Data - Value column removed from grid.
  • Case Type/Custom Activities -Ability added to create activities "When an activity with the following text in the "Workflow Step Name" is created."
  • Case Type/Custom Data - Added - 'Formatted Text'.
  • Case Type - Property "Automatically create form and allow user to attach to the case." moved to Documents.
  • Fixed - New Case multi-line controls disabled "enter key".
  • Fixed - Case Detail - Custom Data not getting saved prior uploading documents or creating new activities.
  • Fixed - Case Type/Copy Activities - Close Activity not copying activities to close.
  • Fixed - 'Signature' custom data field height attribute defaulting to 120 instead of 0.
  • Fixed - Case Type/Custom Activities/Copy Activities not displaying multiple conditions.
  • Fixed - Enter Custom Data activity not saving custom data values.
  • Fixed - Case Type/Documents - Not saving changes when setting 'Display Order'.
  • Fixed - 'Send_Test_Emails' has failed.: An invalid character was found in the mail header: ';'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 353.
10.9.2 February 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - SFTP export transactions not working.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 11.
10.9.1 February 2017 Discharges
  • Ability added to Re-Populate Soldier Awards NGB22(Block 15).
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 38.
10.9.1 February 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - ETrans Transaction Detail Error - The specified cast from a materialized 'System.String' type to the 'System.Double' type is not valid.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 10.
10.9.1 February 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - NGB22 Cases not getting deleted when using clean cases functionality.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 351.
10.9.0 February 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Error: 2000 .License key has expired!
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 350.
10.9.0 February 2017 ETrans
  • Ability added to connect using SFTP - FTP/FTPS.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 10.
10.8.9 February 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Site Administration -> Users and Search unresponsive.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 349.
10.8.9 February 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 html title causing the error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 38.
10.8.9 February 2017 Awards
  • Fixed - TWAwards database version v1.10.8 primary key violation 'SoldierEligibility'.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 107.
10.8.9 February 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - Clean Cases Error "Invalid object name 'TWAwards.dbo.Award_Attributes_Values_By_Case'.".
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 349.
10.8.8 February 2017 Awards
  • Fixed - A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 107.
10.8.8 February 2017 Case Management
  • Import/Export Case Types - Ability added to overwrite case types.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 348.
10.8.8 February 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 losing data after the form is digitally signed.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 38.
10.8.8 February 2017 ETrans
  • Fixed - Export Transactions - Error - The remote server returned an error: (553) File name not allowed.
  • Added - NPSG Transaction SQI MOS validation.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 9.
10.8.7 January 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - Role pop-up in Case Type Activities - when selecting with the enter key, it selects the wrong entry.
  • Fixed - Adding a attached document condition to multiple conditions - get a message about Fields marked with "*" are required.
  • Fixed - Cannot delete case types that were created using the "Copy" case type button.
  • Fixed - Approval Detail, when selecting "Returned for Corrections" and "Save & Close", after entering in reason and clicking "Save", window does not close.
  • Fixed - Execute SQL activity type, invalid sql command format.
  • Fixed - Activity detail custom buttons disabled when the user does not have an Administrator role.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 347.
10.8.7 January 2017 Site Admin
  • Added - "SQL Server Administrator Login" to update the data base during installation.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 347.
10.8.7 January 2017 ETrans
  • Assignment Loss Reason lookup - Code list restricted to only valid gain transactions codes (A0-A9, AA, B0-B4).
  • Grade Abbreviation Code filtered by MPC (E, O, W).
  • Gain Transactions - Validation 'Address contains punctuation' added.
  • Transactions Detail - Unit lookups filtered by OESTS.
  • "Select" for the "Authorized Line Designator" moved up next to the "Authorized Paragraph Designator".
  • Full duty position validation added.
  • Fixed - Export Transactions not exporting orders when FTP connection is not secure.
  • Gain Transactions - ability added to automatically close 'Validation' activity after the case status changes to 'Ready to Send to SIDPERS'.
  • Latest TWEtransMgr DBLevel - 9.
10.8.7 January 2017 Awards
  • Added - NGB22 Continuation page.
  • Fixed - Award Template, message for invalid merge fields is missing ORDER_LOG_NUMBER1.
  • Service Awards Cases - Notes added in case if SoldierEvent occurs during the period of service for the award.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 107.
10.8.7 January 2017 Discharges
  • NGB22 - "Recalculate" link added to manually do the recalculation if needed.
  • NGB22 - Added ability to view the original order in MILPO Orders.
  • Automatic NGB22 Case Generation - NGB22 form some blocks not getting filled in.
  • Added - Automatic Mandatory Removal Case Generation.
  • Fixed - Notes from "Returned for Corrections" approval are not showing on the NGB22 web page.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Bulk Case Generartion "Start Date for NGB22 Cases" setting not working correctly.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 37.
10.8.6 January 2017 Case Management
  • Ability added to create activities from case detail.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 346.
10.8.5 January 2017 Site Admin
  • Fixed - User Administration - Cannot add role groups to users.
  • Fixed - Cannot change the icon on the start page.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 346.
10.8.5 January 2017 Case Management
  • Fixed - An invalid character was found in the mail header: ';'.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 346.
10.8.5 January 2017 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22A, when uploading the 22A with the authorizing officer signature, the obtain authorizing officer signature activity isn't automatically closed.
  • Fixed - Migrate NGB22 created cases with no link to Soldier.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 36.
10.8.4 December 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - 'Create award memo or certificate and attach to case' activity not getting closed automatically.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 106.
10.8.4 December 2016 ETrans
  • Fixed - Exception message: The 'Code' property on 'usp_Get_NCOEnroll_Result' could not be set to a 'System.String' value.
  • Fixed - PSGO/PSGW Error - 'Sequence contains no elements' when opening transaction detail.
  • Defaulted Race/Population group to "0" if blank in NPSG or PSG transaction.
  • Modified - Position Number Excess Indicator to look for 9997 instead of 999C.
10.8.4 December 2016 Discharges
  • NGB22 Migration - Fixed "Closed" 22s getting migrated and showing as "Open" cases.
  • NGB22 Period of Service Calculations - Added - Invalid Oracle connection message.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 35.
10.8.4 December 2016 Site Admin
  • Select Organization - Organization tree view added to the look up.
  • Synch Processes page running notifications modified.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 345.
10.8.4 December 2016 Case Management
  • Ability added to modify case refers organization when the soldier is transferred to a new unit.
  • Open Cases - Search Cases consolidated into a single new option "Cases".
  • Cases - Ability added to select multiple cases and reassign/delete them in bulk.
  • Cases - Activities - My Open Activities - Open Activities by Org - Grid filters added.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 345.
10.8.3 November 2016 Awards
  • Awards Batches - "Publish Awards on Next Save" changed to a button of "Publish Awards".
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 105.
10.8.3 November 2016 Etrans
  • Fixed - Users with role organization permission not able to access cases.
  • MN - Soldier Transactions querying table "PERS_TRANS_HIST_ARCH" instead of the "PERS_TRANS_HIST_TBL".
  • DSCH/SEP workflow modified.
  • Fixed - FTP with SSL turned on is giving error: remote server returned an error (534) 534 policy requires ssl.
  • Added setting "Automatically export transactions and FTP them to SIDPERS as a Synch Process".
  • Ability added to Schedule process "Export ETrans Mgr Transactions to SIDPERS".
  • Fixed - Reconcile SIDPERS performance issues.
  • Fixed - Timeout error when importing MILPO transactions.
  • Latest TWETransMgr DBLevel - 7.
10.8.3 November 2016 Discharges
  • NGB22 - Custom Data field MPC not showing on case detail.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Bulk case creation not setting the effective date.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 34.
10.8.3 November 2016 Case Management
  • Validations added to restrict unauthorized users to download case documents.
  • Added - 'Enter Custom Data' activity type.
  • Added - Ability to create custom activityies when 'Number of days prior/after the due date for the specified activity'.
  • Fixed - Org picker control is not sorting orgs at the same level by RSC.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 344.
10.8.2 November 2016 Site Admin
  • Error Log / Trace Log - Added - Date range filter.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 341.
10.8.1 November 2016 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 - Datetime picker and modals not working.
10.8.1 November 2016 Case Management
  • Ability to resize Bulk case detail page.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 339.
10.8.1 November 2016 Site Admin
  • Error Log / Event Trace Log split out in two different options.
  • Error Log / Event Trace Log - Ability added to filter grid data.
  • Error Log - Ablity added to generate xls file with all the errors.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 339.
10.8.0 October 2016 Site Admin
  • Ability to set indivual schedules to each synch process.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 338.
10.8.0 October 2016 Case Management
  • "Attach Document" removed from custom case type buttons.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 338.
10.7.9 October 2016 Awards
  • Soldier Awards not showing records when the number of awards is equal 0.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 105.
10.7.9 October 2016 Discharges
  • Added - latest version of NGB22 form.
  • Fixed - Security clearance on NGB22 PDF is getting merged together.
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 31.
10.7.9 October 2016 Case Management
  • Ability added to create new soldier cases from case detail page.
  • Ability added to donwload documents from case detail toolbar.
  • Ability added to modify case due date based on case type custom attribute.
  • Fixed - Case Additional Information - Date fields not getting populated after uploading a document.
  • Fixed - Activities Title not replacing custom attributes data.
  • Latest TwinEnginesServices DBLevel - 337.
10.7.9 September 2016 Awards
  • Creation of 'AGR Tour Start' cases for 'WYOAWDSV' restricted to only 'WY' state.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 104.
10.7.8 September 2016 Discharges
  • Fixed - NGB22 error "Nullable object must have a value".
  • Fixed - NGB22 - Process Queue order with an empty "Effective Date".
  • Latest TWDischarges DBLevel - 30.
10.7.8 September 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Email notifications getting blocked.
  • Fixed - Search Cases - paging grid not working.
10.7.8 September 2016 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Exception message: Data source field with name 'ShortName' cannot be found.
  • Latest TwinEnginesSerivces DBLevel - 336.
10.7.8 September 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - DA638 form not opening from case detail.
  • Generate Certificates/Memos "Include Subordinate Commands" defaulted "Checked".
  • Fixed - Award Templates tab problem.
10.7.7 August 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - DA638 - "Send Document to PERMS" activity not getting sent.
  • Fixed - Error DA638 "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when uploading a document other than a638.
  • Latest TWAwards DBLevel - 103.
10.7.7 August 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case Detail - Attach Document - After attaching a document from the Activities tab, the whole page refreshes and you have to click back on the activities tab again.
  • Latest TwinEnginesSerivces DBLevel - 335.
10.7.6 August 2016 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Role Group not getting refreshed correctly after deleting a role.
10.7.5 August 2016 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Delete Cases by case type, not removing BulkCases records.
10.7.5 August 2016 Awards
  • Ability added to sort and filter 'Soldier SIDPERS Transactions History'.
10.7.5 August 2016 Case Management
  • An invalid character was found in the mail header: ';'.
  • Fixed - Category filter is not working on the Search Cases screen.
  • Validations and Error log added to diagnose the problem ocurring when sending activity emails.
10.7.5 August 2016 Discharges
  • Fixed - Authorizing Officer not getting deleted.
  • Ability added to edit "Authorizing Officer" information.
  • ETS Cases - Validation added to exclude civilians from the bulk case generation.
  • Fixed - ETS Report - "Unknown" column not working properly.
  • Fixed - ETS Report - Case detail page not resizable.
10.7.4 August 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case Type role lookup not clearing out txt editor.
  • New Case page - Enter key disabled.
  • Case Type Activity - Activity type "Assign Case" added.
10.7.4 August 2016 Awards
  • ARCAM calculation new rule added - 'Officers and Warrant AGRS are no longer eligible for the ARCAM after 2013'.
  • Fixed - Soldier Award Detail displaying wrong value for Date Initial Procurement.
  • Fixed - DA638 Error - Object not set to an instance of an object when creating a case.
10.7.3 August 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - Users not able to reassing cases. UI problem.
  • Added - Notes to trace errors when sending activity email notifications.
10.7.2 August 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - Error - 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' on Soldier Awards Detail and Review Soldier Eligibility pages.
10.7.1 August 2016 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Synch processes kicking off randomly.
  • Fixed - Synch processes not getting filtered by application.
  • New setting added - 'Maximum size of attachments allowed by your SMTP server'.
  • New setting added - 'Debug'.
10.7.1 August 2016 Discharges
  • Fixed - Error "'Automatic NGB22 Case Generation' has failed.: An error occurred while executing the command definition".
10.7.1 August 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - Awards Ref Table Detail - Setting 'Turn on SIDPERS Updates for this Award' getting overwritten during synch process.
10.7.1 August 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case Type Statuses grid not scrolling.
10.7.0 August 2016 Site Admin
  • Settings - Ability added to test email configuration.
  • User Administartion - Rule added - User cannot add roles until the account is linked to a Personnel record.
  • Delete Active Cases by Case Type - Fixed Timeout UI problem.
10.6.9 August 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - Timeout error when running Synch Personnel Training Events.
10.6.8 July 2016 Awards
  • Added - Eligibility procedure for Kansas Service Award.
10.6.8 July 2016 ETrans
  • Integration added with Case Management System.
  • Added - Migrate Transactions from the older version of ETrans Mgr.
  • Added - "Gains Transactions" and "MILPO Orders Transactions" case types.
  • Ability to Import/Export SIDPERS Transactions.
10.6.8 July 2016 Site Admin
  • Fixed - User Administration, when adding roles to a user, if the organization is change, the selected roles get cleared out.
10.6.8 July 2016 Discharges
  • Fixed - SQL Timeout error in the NGB22 bulk case generation.
  • Fixed - NGB22 RPAM report, sql executing against SIDPERS instead of RCAS.
  • Fixed - Error when importing NGB22 case type.
  • Fixed - NGB22 Case, not getting assigned to the user's attached organization.
  • Fixed - Invalid Security Clearance Code.
  • Fixed - Users with only the role "Discharges NGB22", cannot see the Discharges tab.
  • Fixed - NGB22 page - pop up windows when you first bring up the page are giving error messages.
  • Role "Discharges Unit Clerk" renamed to "Discharge User".
10.6.8 July 2016 Case Management
  • Ability added to download doucments from the case detail/document history.
  • "Case Types" link moved out of the references tables.
  • Case Type - Category field marked as required.
  • Case Type - Add new role, focus added to the role txt.
  • Bulk Case Generation - Grid sorted by Title.
  • Bulk Case Records - Grid sorted by Title.
  • Bulk Case Generation - Case status column added.
  • Approvals - Disabled the ability to modify the activity status.
  • Fixed Bulk Case Generation - Personnel/Organization import error.
  • Fixed - Case Type - Import Roles not including role that the case is assigned to.
  • Fixed - Custom Activity Creation - Multiple condition "Is in the list" not working.
  • Fixed - Document Library, "Link to document" option gets hidden after saving.
  • Fixed - Synch processes page showed that the synch processes were NOT running, but log file showed message that they were running.
  • Fixed - When deleting a case, the pop-up window is not getting closed.
  • Fixed - Case Types pop-up not coming up.
10.6.7 June 2016 Discharges
  • NGB22 Migration - Trace logs added.
10.6.6 June 2016 Case Management
  • Notes on case detail page showing ALL notes, including notes added on one of the activities within the case.
  • Fixed - Complete Form task, download form, when a word doc is attached, the file name when you download from the complete form activity doesn't include the .docx extension on it.
  • Complete Form Detail page, download form button moved to the top of the page.
  • Force user to add a note when an approval is either "Denied" or "Returned for Corrections".
10.6.5 May 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Complete form - Word document downloads without extension.
  • Complete form - Download form button added.
10.6.5 May 2016 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Daily run synch process not running.
  • "Schedule Auto Send Emails" & "Schedule Data Synch Processes" options removed from main menu.
10.6.4 May 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - Error when creating DA638 form without user account.
  • Fixed - Service awards cases getting created for Civilians.
10.6.4 May 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Copy case type functionality not updating activity/status references.
10.6.3 May 2016 Awards
  • DA638 - Ability added to include only the awards that were flagged by the user.
  • Awards Ref Table - Added "Include on the DA638" column.
  • Ability added to Import/Export Awards case types.
  • Fixed - Eligibility Roster report is showing the wrong Last Date Awarded.
10.6.3 May 2016 Discharges
  • Ability added to Import/Export Dicharges case types.
10.6.2 May 2016 Site Admin
  • Ability added to delete Active Cases by Case Type
10.6.2 May 2016 Discharges
  • NGB pdf->Version reverted from 2014 to 2012.
  • Setting "Automatically create ETS Cases" added.
  • Fixed - NGB 22 upload form error "Index was outside the bounds of the array."
  • Ability added to Migrate NGB 22 orders from the old system.
10.6.2 May 2016 Case Management
  • Case Type - Documents -> Sort Order added.
  • Case Type - Activity - Ability added to create activities "When a document is attached to the case".
  • Fixed - Case Type - Import Roles - Importing roles from deleted activities.
  • Fixed - Case Type Detail -> Problem when showing/hidding role textbox.
  • Fixed - Case Type Detail -> Status lookup-> Not filtering deleted statuses.
  • Fixed - Import/Export Case Type - Activities not getting import correctly.
  • Fixed - Case Detail "Save & Close" button - "Object reference error."
  • Fixed - Error "Nullable object must have a value" when deleting a 'Send Document to PERMS' activity.
10.6.1 April 2016 Site Admin
  • Added Configuartion Settings - "Send email notifications every" and "Run Synch Processes Daily at"
  • Scheduled Tasks removed.
  • TwinEngines Service added.
10.6.1 April 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case Attributes - the "Is Required Field" and "Show when creating case" are not displaying correctly in the custom attributes grid for the case type.
10.6.0 March 2016 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at TwinEnginesMasterPage.SelectTab.
  • Fixed - Object reference error when user tried to hit the website but didn't have roles.
10.6.0 March 2016 Awards
  • Awards Reference Table - Ability added to add/delete awards.
  • Current Awards - "Turn on SIDPERS Updates for Award" option checked by default.
  • Include Subordinate Commands - defaulted it to checked in all screens.
  • Fixed - a638 form not getting populated.
  • Fixed - Awards Batches, when published aren't showing up in the SIDPERS Comparison and Update.
10.6.0 March 2016 Case Management
  • Activities assign to the Attached unit (if exists).
  • Search Cases - "Active/Inactive" filter added.
  • Reference Tables-> Case Type-> Custom Attributes->Data Type of Text "Width" & "Height" defaulted to 300 x 120.
  • Reference Tables-> Case Type-> Custom Attributes->Data Type of Text, Length renamed.
  • Document Library -> Search screen modified.
  • Include Subordinate Commands - defaulted it to checked in all screens.
  • Ability added to pre-populate a PDF form with attributes from the case.
  • Email notifiaction - Text in note about email notification when no email address is found modified.
  • Added - Excel export option to all the search screens.
  • Case Type - Custom Attributes -> SQL Data -> Sql command UI modified.
  • Case Type - Custom Attributes -> SQL Data -> Property "Show when creating the case" disabled.
  • Case Type - Custom Attribute -> Fixed SQL Data Type, additional columns in SQL are generating additional fields in the Additional Information tab.
  • Case Type - Custom Attribute -> Fixed the column name in the SQL was matching with the Display Caption instead of the Attribute Name.
  • Case Type - Activities -> Columns Created/Created By/Modified/Modified By removed from the grid.
  • Case detail - Additional Information - Ability to set the controls as read-only after uploading a document.
  • Case detail - Additional Information -> Ability added to update "SQL Data Type" fields.
  • Case detail - Added Other cases tab.
  • Close Activity - Closing activity - Modified By/Date Modified updated.
  • Close Activity - Closing activity - Note added after the activity has been automatically closed.
  • Complete form - Users cannot complete the activity until the document is attached.
  • Complete form - Users cannot change the form type when the activity is automatically generated.
  • Complete Form - Download link added.
  • Complete Form - Downloaded form name defaulted to [Form Name] for [Soldier].pdf.
  • Complete Form - Latest attached form added to the notification email.
  • Fixed - Import/Export Case Types, Import button opened window behind browser.
  • Fixed - Attach Documents creating 2 entries in the documents tab instead of new versions.
  • Fixed - Width for text custom attribute not working on the New Case screen.
  • Fixed - STIG Import shows the title blank in all tasks on the grid, but the title shows in the task detail page.
  • Fixed - The ObjectContext instance has been disposed and can no longer be used for operations that require a connection error during auto create awards cases synch process.
  • Fixed - Open Cases, Case Type Lookup -If you hit enter, the selected case type is incorrect.
  • Fixed - Email notification about activity being completed went to the wrong email.
10.6.0 March 2016 Discharges
  • NGB22 - Workflow modified.
  • New version of NGB 22 Form added.
  • ETS Workflow - Multiple conditions added to the 'Close Case' activity.
  • Fixed - Complete Form activity for the NGB22A linked to the wrong form.
  • Fixed - Personnel Date_CurrProcrmt not getting set during synch process.
  • Fixed - SSNs with leading zeros are getting the zeros dropped on the PDF for the NGB22.
  • Fixed - NGB22 PDF, the "Request/Decline" copies of NGB22 is not getting set based off of what you select on the web form.
  • Fixed - NGB22 web form losing some data in the "Report of Separation and Record of Services in the", "National Guard of" (shows state code instead of name), and "As a reserve of".
10.5.9 February 2016 Awards
  • Fixed - Null Reference Exception when creating a DA638 is on users that do not have an account defined in the system.
10.5.9 February 2016 Discharges
  • Open Cases -> Discharged soldier included in the Personnel filter.
  • ETS Report -> Custom Organizations removed.
  • NGB22 - Dropdown "AND AS A RESERVE OF THE" - blank option added.
  • Fixed - NGB22 - RPAM link nullable object must have a value.
10.5.9 February 2016 Case Management
  • Case Type -> Custom Activities -> Close Activity -> Ability added to close more than one activity at once.
  • Ability added to copy activities from another case type to an existing case type.
  • Case Type Detail - Added column 'Priority' to the custom activities grid.
  • Case Type Detail - Added filters and sorting to the custom activities grid.
  • Open Cases, Search Cases -> Added "PDF" column.
  • Fixed - My Open Activities, Show only activities assigned directly to me is showing ones that aren't assigned to me.
  • Fixed - Case email notifications not getting send.
  • Fixed - Deleting multilple activities -> Refersh of activities not working propertly.
  • Fixed - Attach document Error - Resource cannot be found.
10.5.8 January 2016 Case Management
  • Reference Tables->Case Type- > UI modified.
10.5.7 January 2016 Site Admin
  • Removed - Bulk Case Generation.
10.5.7 January 2016 Discharges
  • Added - Bulk Case Generation.
10.5.7 January 2016 Case Management
  • Fixed - Open Cases category filter not working.
  • Case Detail-> Activities -> Priority column added.
  • Case Detail-> Activities -> Sort column behavior added.
  • Case Detail-> Activities -> Added record count for the number of activities displayed in the grid.
  • Fixed - Case Activities by Organization -> Delete category button not working.
  • Fixed - Search Cases category filter not working.
  • Fixed - Search Case Activities - returning records from other applications.
  • Added - Bulk Case Generation.
10.5.6 December 2015 Discharges
  • NGB22 - Prior Active Service was including periods of service up to the Effective Date of the NGB22 instead of the Enlistment date like it should.
  • NGB22 - Date of Enlistment calculated from either the Date of Current Procurement or Date of Initial Entry to Reserve Component.
  • Open Case Activities by Organization - fixed a problem with the Assigned To count not working.
  • Open Case Activities by Organization - fixed a problem with the statistics not populating if selecting the default values when you first come to the page.
10.5.5 December 2015 Discharges
  • CaseType -> ETS -> Custom Attribute ETS Date added.
  • "Automatically close ETS cases for soldiers that have been discharged from SIDPERS" setting added.
  • "Automatically close ETS cases for soldiers that have reenlisted" setting added.
10.5.5 December 2015 Site Admin
  • Organization->UIC brackets removed.
10.5.5 December 2015 Case Management
  • Case Type Custom Attributes -> Added Checkbox custom attribute type.
  • "Priority" added to the case.
  • Open Case Activities by Organization - Added case type category filter.
  • Case Detail->Activities-> Filter added.
  • Open Cases - Ability added to filter by multiple case types.
  • Activity Detail page - resized the "Assigned To" control.
  • Appointment custom activity removed.
  • Fixed - Personnel lookup performance very slow.
  • Execute SQL - Activity Type added.
  • Fixed - Case Detail -> Additional information not been saved automatically when going to the activities tab.
10.5.5 December 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - DA638 Board, Responses. After entering board responses and saving, the heirarchical grid collapses and will not open back up until you hit the "Board Responses" tab again.
  • a4612 form updated to the PDF version.
  • Number & Types of Decorations Approved - Ability added to allow battalions and MACOMs to enter in their data.
  • SSN removed from all the Awards Memos.
10.5.4 November 2015 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Error when running process "Copy unit data from SIDPERS".
  • Fixed - Error Occurred while updating TWServices version database.Cannot insert a value NULL into column ROLEID, tale twinengineservices.dbo.casetypeRole does not allow nulls. Insert fails
10.5.4 November 2015 Case Management
  • Fixed - Case Type/Custom Activity -> Description shown as text box instead a hyperlink.
  • Removed the "Appointment" custom activity from the Case Type page.
  • Case Type-> Custom Activity -> Close Activity - "Assigned To" option removed.
  • Added - Case Management User's Guide.
10.5.3 November 2015 Discharges
  • Updated - NGB22 Authority and Reason regulation NGR600-101.
  • DA 4836 - Form added.
10.5.3 November 2015 Case Management
  • Bulk Case Generation moved to Site Admin.
  • Fixed - Case Type - Buttons, the "DocumentType" in the URL Parameters not working properly.
  • Fixed - Case Type - Statuses, deleting statuses is not working properly.
  • Fixed - Custom Activity edit screen - none of information at the bottom (i.e. title, description, etc.) is displaying.
10.5.2 October 2015 Case Management
  • Fixed - Data Synch Processes, when clicking the breadcrumb, the UI display is wrong.
  • Fixed - Search Cases - case type category pop up is not showing any categories.
  • Document Library - Fixed - Attached PDFs are getting the error message that the PDF has changed from the original.
10.5.2 October 2015 Site Admin
  • Automatically send an email whenever an error occurs on the website or during the synch processes.
  • Fixed - Synch Process errors are not getting logged in the twSynchProcessLog file.
  • Added "Test SIDPERS Connection" & "Test RCAS Connection" test to the test.htm page.
  • Links added - "Test Database Connection" & "Test License Key".
10.5.2 October 2015 Discharges
  • Added Case Types "Discharges AWOL","Forced Separation (age 60)" and "Mandatory Removal"
  • Added - NGB22 Record of Service calculations.
  • Added - NGB22A form.
  • Added - NGB22 form Warning message about closing window without saving.
  • Fixed - Error during installation scripts, primary key violation on RE-Codes.
  • Added - "Discharges NGB22 Authorizing Officer" role.
  • Added - Workflow for the approval/signatures/perming of NGB22
  • NGB22 - Fixed - Primary Specialty Number is not showing the MOS.
  • Added - 'Start Date for NGB22 Cases' environment setting.
  • NGB22 - 'Mailing Address after Separation' defaulted to the soldier's home address.
  • NGB22 - Fixed - Print button not saving prior generating the PDF.
  • Ability added to generate NGB22 cases based on 'MILPO Orders for Discharge and Separation' orders.
10.5.2 October 2015 Awards
  • Award Approval - Warning message added when the soldier has been flagged.
  • Added - Flag information to the Soldier Detail page for awards.
  • "DA638" & "Service Awards" - Automatically task creation when the soldier is currently flagged in SIDPERS.
  • Modified - WY Service Ribbon calculations.
  • Turned off the email notifications for the PERMS Integrator tasks.
  • NGB22 Form - Terminal date of Reserve/Military service obligation defaulted to soldier's EXPN_STAT_MIL_OBLG date.
  • 'Awards' button added on the DA638 & Service Awards case types.
  • Fixed - Synch Processes are failing, missing SSN column errors and error about loading Spire.Doc.
10.5.1 October 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - Synch Process "Automatically update SIDPERS LSDB Next Service Awards Date" error "Invalid object name 'SIDPERS_PERS_CEDL_CODE_TBL'."
10.5.1 October 2015 Site Admin
  • Recreate RCASDBOR tables - Fixed Error Invalid column names "UPC", "UNIT_ASSIGN_ATTACH_DATE", "SOLDIER_UNIT_ASSOC".
10.5.1 October 2015 Discharges
  • NGB22 Form - Added "Save & Close" button.
  • NGB22 Form - Fixed - Incorrect SSN format.
  • Fixed - NGB22 form, when adding awards, it is adding 4 slashes (e.g. ////) in between awards.
  • NGB22 Form - "Deparment/Component/Branch" defaulted to to ARMY/ARNGUS/[state code]ARNG.
  • NGB22 PDF form - Format added to SSN field.
10.5.1 October 2015 Case Management
  • Fixed - "Case Type description isn't coming over into the case when the case is created through the bulk case generation."
10.5.0 October 2015 Site Admin
  • "DataSensitivityLabel" column added.
10.5.0 October 2015 Awards
  • Fixed Error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when approving award.
  • Publish Award - Fixed -Error Conversion failed.
10.4.9 October 2015 Discharges
  • Ability added to generate the form NGB 22.
10.4.9 Case Management Discharges
  • Case Type - Ability added to add custom buttons.
10.4.9 Site Admin Discharges
  • Fixed Error - "String or binary data would be truncated" during Personnel synch process.
10.4.8 September 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - Create a DA638 not showing all the awards.
  • Fixed - Awards Pop Up, when using the "Enter" key to select a record, it gets the record below the one that has been selected.
  • Fixed - Num Times Awarded not getting populated.
10.4.8 September 2015 Case Management
  • Fixed - Import/Export Case Types, paging not working properly.
  • Fixed - Case Detail Report - description shows HTML tags.
  • Case Detail Report - Activities sorted by sequence number.
  • Case Detail Report - Open Activities description added.
  • Approval & Task icons modified.
  • Fixed - New Case - UI times out and doesn't display the link to the case.
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
10.4.7 August 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - Case Detail - Related Cases filters now working.
  • DA638 Case Type - Default roles added.
  • Fixed - DA638 - check for existing cases is not filtering out deleted cases.
10.4.6 July 2015 Site Admin
  • Set Application Login not working when hitting the "x" button from the form.
10.4.6 July 2015 Awards
  • Eligibility roster report - Last date awarded added.
  • Fixed - AGCM Award Approval activity was not assigned to anyone.
  • a638 xfdl form replaced for a638 pdf.
10.4.6 July 2015 Case Management
  • Open Cases - Status column added.
  • Fixed Error - Import/Export case types - "Could not load file or assembly 'Infragistics4.WebUI.WebDataInput.v11.1"
10.4.5 June 2015 Site Admin
  • Upgrated Active Reports version from 7 to 9.
  • Upgrated Infragistics version from 11 to 15.
  • Options "Import ATRRS Data", "Custom Query", "Messaging" removed.
  • "User Role Audit Log" UI modified.
10.4.4 May 2015 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Custom Organizational Structure - child nodes are showing under the wrong parent node.
10.4.4 May 2015 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Custom Organizational Structure - child nodes are showing under the wrong parent node.
10.4.4 May 2015 Case Managment
  • New Case screen UI redesigned.
  • Case Detail Report redesigned.
  • Fixed - Document -> Attached New Version, not working properlty.
  • Fixed - Creating new case is allowing to select soldiers outside the user organization.
  • Case Type-> Roles->Ability added to Import Activities roles
  • Default Email notifications templates modified.
  • Case Type Statuses - "Sort Order" shown in the grid.
10.4.3 May 2015 Case Managment
  • New mechanism added to sort case type statuses.
  • Hyperlinks added to the Activities/Cases to all email notifications.
  • Case Number removed from the email notifications.
  • Case Management Tab ->Role restriction removed.
  • Fixed-Case Type Activity "Restart Workflow" not restaring the workflow correclty.
  • Fixed-My Open Activities, the case window gets over-writtten with the activity window.
  • Fixed-Search Activities - "Assigned To" filter is not working when a role name is entered.
  • Fixed-Case Type Activity -> Save & New Error: Cannot insert duplicate key in object.
  • Fixed-"Approve Document" activities are not showing in the Activity lookup.
  • Fixed-Open Cases is showing Case Management Cases within Awards.
  • Fixed-Complete Form activity detail, when opening from My Open Activities and completing it, the My Open Activities page doesn't refresh.
10.4.2 May 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - Award approval is getting assigned to the wrong unit.
  • Generate Certificates/Memos - Fixed - Search not displaying results for Admin Users.
  • Service Awards Cases -> Fixed, Null Effective date in PERMS.
10.4.2 May 2015 Case Managment
  • Case Type-> Activities -> Ability added to create the activitiy when "# of Days past after the case is created."
  • Document Library, Sorted by name and ability added to search by name.
  • Fixed - Document Library, long descriptions are causing an error about truncating data.
10.4.1 April 2015 Case Managment
  • Import-Export Case Types -> Fixed - PERMS Document Types not getting imported.
  • Case Type -> Custom Activities -> Ability added to add new roles.
  • Attach Documents dialog -> UI changed.
  • Fixed - After creating new users, activities acess was not populated.
10.4.0 April 2015 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Selection Multiple Conditions not getting created.
  • Case Type - Custom Activities -> Multiple condition-> Options "After a specified Approval has been Approved" & "After a specified Approval has been Returned for Corrections" added.
  • Fixed - Cases not getting closed after processing the activity in PI Document Queue.
10.3.9 April 2015 Case Managment
  • Fixed - TWServices_Version database. Invalid object name 'TWAards.dbo.Award_Attributes_values_by_case.
10.3.8 April 2015 Case Managment
  • Stack trace added to Error Messages.
  • Ability added to update the Document Library description from Case Type Documents.
  • Fixed - Case Type -> Custom Activities with multiple conditions, not getting imported.
  • Fixed - Case Type -> Multiple conditions not cleaning the previous selection.
  • Fixed - Installation Script 'TWServices_v2248.sql' - Error "Incorrect syntax near '+'.".
  • Fixed - Case Detail History, grid scroll bars aren't working.
  • Fixed - Document type lookup not returning records.
  • Fixed - Duplicated activities when restaring the workflow.
  • Fixed - Restart Workflow activities not getting created.
10.3.8 April 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - #Times Awarded not incrementing.
  • Fixed - PI showing blank effective dates.
10.3.7 April 2015 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Time out Error when Running Recreate RCASDBO Tables.
10.3.7 April 2015 Case Managment
  • Added - Ability to put instructions, including hyperlinks, into the activities.
  • Added - Approval Status "Returned for Corrections".
  • Case Type Import/Export -> Fixed - Activity "RunOrder" getting rounded to whole numbers.
  • Added - New Activity Type "Approve Document".
  • Hyperlinks added to "Search Activities" & "My Open Activities".
  • Fixed - My Open Activities not showing all the activities.
  • Fixed - Activity didn't get marked as completed when the document was uploaded.
  • Fixed - Cases created are not viewable by other users.
  • Fixed - Users having to close browsers and clear cache multiple times to get website to respond.
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation - when you add the "Population SQL" when previously blank (i.e. new record), then click the "Run Population SQL", the SQL disappears and does not get run.
  • Fixed - Complete form email URL not working.
10.3.7 April 2015 Discharges
  • ETS Report added.
  • Yearly ETS Report added.
10.3.7 April 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - Convertion failed when converting nvarchar value to data type int.
  • Fixed - When running the synch process the buttons are still disabled until the page is refreshed manually.
10.3.6 March 2015 Case Managment
  • Ability added to create case type custom activities after the case status changes to specific a status.
10.3.6 March 2015 Awards
  • Awards Templates - Ability added to add PERMS Doc Types.
  • "Board" Case Type Added.
  • Ability to add Board Cases.
  • Ability to add "Board Members" & "Board Resposnes" to the board case.
  • Awards Batches -> Ability added to generate award certificate/memo and send to PERMS.
  • Fixed - DA638 showing the 'SSN' when the setting 'Do not include SSN when creating the DA638' was checked.
  • Number & Types of Decorations Approved -> Organization filter added.
10.3.5 March 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - WY Service Award start date is displaying in FL.
  • Generate Awards Certificates/Memos -> Template field changed to a combo box pre-populated after the award is selected.
  • Fixed - Signed DA638 form downloading errors.
10.3.5 March 2015 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Installation error, column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition.
  • Email notifications, provide the user name and/or personnel name in the email warning message that the email could not be sent so they can find the user account and add the email address.
10.3.4 February 2015 Site Admin
  • User Admin->User Roles -> Organization refreshed after the lookup or tree view is selected.
10.3.4 February 2015 Case Managment
  • Open Cases by Organization->Radio buttons defaulted to "Cases" & "Referring To".
  • Custom Attributes -> "#Lines" was replaced for Height.
  • Fixed-> Custom Attributes -> When editing a "Text" attribute, if multi-line, the number of lines control is not visible.
10.3.4 February 2015 Awards
  • Awards Requiring Review Detail -> Organization added.
  • Awards Requiring Review -> Search criteria saved.
  • Synch Process "Automatically update SIDPERS LSDB Next Service Awards Date" description misspelled YR_MO_ELIG_ARCAM.
  • Award Soldier Detail -> Ability added to update WY Service Ribbon date.
10.3.3 February 2015 Site Admin
  • Validation added to not allow to enter an existing user login.
  • Fixed - Deleted user accounts getting restored during the Synch Processes.
  • User email field marked as required field.
10.3.3 February 2015 Case Managment
  • Reference Table ->Case Type -> Documents -> Ability added to add "Acceptable Formats".
  • Reference Table->Case Type Categories -> Grid replaced for a tree view control.
  • Reference Tables->Roles, Ability to select the "Application" from a list.
  • Reference Table "PERMS Document Types" added.
  • Fixed - New installation script "TWServices_v2056" not updating the data base.
  • Fixed - Case Type, Send Document To PERMS activity, when editing, getting an error about "Fields marked with * are required", when all fields are entered.
  • Fixed - Case Type, Document Types, the filter for the acceptable document formats isn't working properly when you try to upload. Get a message about document not meeting the acceptable formats.
  • Fixed - Send document to PERMS, after changing the Run Order on the activity and saving,then going back into the activity, the Document Type has been blanked out.
  • Fixed - Sporadic "Request Entity is Too Large" error message.
  • Fixed - Importing/Exporting case types. Error when importing case type - Argument data type text is invalid for argument 1 of upper function.
  • Fixed - Documents in the Document library that are linked to an external website don't show a link to download the form in the "Complete Form" activity.
10.3.3 February 2015 Awards
  • Batches - Ability added to copy/paste soldiers.
  • Fixed - Case Detail page aren't working properly unless you have a license to Case Management.
  • Fixed - Populate User Cases Access and User Activity Access synch process was not displaying on synch processes page and not running.
  • Fixed - View SIDPERS Transactions taking too long to load results.
  • Fixed - ARCAM Calculations, Officers that are AGR with a Pay Grade <= 'O6' not getting eligible for the award.
  • Fixed - AGR Tour Start Date cases were being created, when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed - Distributed Transaction error in usp_Synch_Soldier_AGR_TourStartDates during install process.
  • Fixed - State service award cases creating duplicate records.
  • Fixed - Complete form activity not saving the Effective Date when attaching the form via the Complete Form activity detail page.
  • Fixed - Send documen to PERMS activity didn't get created after all activities are completed.
10.3.2 February 2015 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Completed cases are showing in "Open Cases".
  • Fixed - Open Case Activites by Organization # of records don't match with the # of records shown in the search page.
10.3.2 February 2015 Awards
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Awards Audit Log showing "Orders Log" entries as action.
  • Fixed - "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" when saving "AGR Tour Start Date" cases.
  • Fixed - Searching on "Completed" cases does not return records when it should.
  • Fixed - Open Cases -> Searched on a soldier and no cases were returned.
  • Fixed - Eligibility Roster, Showing Reviewed cases when selecting "Denied" filter.
10.3.1 February 2015 Site Admin
  • User account marked as "Deleted" when the personnel gets discharged.
10.3.1 February 2015 Promotions
  • Administration-> Ability added to add Promotions Case Types.
  • Ability added to Search Promotion Cases.
  • Ability added to Search Promotion Activities.
10.3.1 February 2015 Awards
  • SIDPERS Awards Audit Log ->Filters added.
  • SIDPERS Awards Audit Log -> New Ability to generate PDF report.
  • "SIDPERS Update Audit Log" renamed to "SIDPERS Award Audit Log"
  • New Report Added -> "SIDPERS AFRM, ARCAM Eligibility Audit Log"
  • New Environment Setting -> "Automatically update LSDB 'YR_MO_ELIG_AFRM' and 'YR_MO_ELIG_ARCAM' for soldiers during the synch processes"
  • New Synch Process -> "Automatically update SIDPERS LSDB Next Service Awards Date"
  • Fixed - DA638 form -> Previous Awards aren't displaying properly.
  • Fixed - Soldier Awards -> # of awards not matching in grids.
  • Awards Batches - Record count added to the soldiers grid.
  • Service Awards Requiring Approval added.
  • Awards Batches -> Fixed after clicking the "Publish this batch after next save", then saving, the "Excel" export button doesn't show.
10.3.1 February 2015 Case Managment
  • Approvals -> Status control disabled when the approval status is 'Approval/Denied'.
  • Custom Activities -> New Assign option "Assign the activity to the person/organization + role that the case is assigned to".
  • Forms Library-> Ability added to link to a form.
  • Fixed - Soldier Award Detail -> Save and Close button doesn't close the window.
  • Fixed -> Promotion cases showing in Case Management.
  • Fixed -> Open Case Activities by Organization. No Data is displaying.
10.3.0 January 2015 Case Managment
  • Case Type-> Custom Attributes->Ability added to show custom attributes when creating the case.
10.2.9 January 2015 Case Managment
  • Ability added to "Restart Workflow" at a given step.
  • Roles - Disabled the ability to edit the "Application".
  • Case Detail - New losing data warning message added when changes were made and close button is hit.
  • Case Type -> Activity "Change Status" -> Due date removed.
  • Case Type -> Activity "Change Status" -> Status renamed to "Change Status to".
  • Reference Tables->Roles, Role Name & Application filters added.
  • Reference Tables->Roles, Role change does not reflect throughout the system.
  • Fixed - Activities in the user's personnel's record's organization are showing when they should not.
  • Fixed - When cases are deleted, the activities are still showing.
  • Fixed - Open Cases, pager isn't working after searching by title and multiple pages were returned.
  • Fixed - Create New Case - Title not updated when changing the RefersTo Organization/Personnel.
  • Fixed - Search cases filering for Active, Deleted, and Closed is not working properly.
  • Fixed - Open-Cases timeout error.
  • Fixed - Case Detail->Activities->Create a new Complete Form activity. Get a message about "Fields marked with "*" are required", when all fields are completed.
10.2.8 January 2014 Awards
  • New Option Added - "Update Awards Start Dates".
  • Case Type "AGR Tour Start Date" replaced for "Service Award Tour Start Date".
10.2.7 December 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Orders Log - the order number is not incrementing after publishing a 2nd order.
10.2.6 December 2014 Case Managment
  • Case Type Custom Attributes - "SQL Data" attribute type added.
10.2.5 December 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Generate Certificate Error - "Buffer cannot be null".
  • Fixed - Awards Pending Review timeout error.
10.2.5 December 2014 Case Managment
  • Added new case type activity "Send Document to PERMS".
  • Search Cases - Added ability to generate PDF report.
  • Fixed - Email Subject not replacing "[CASE NUMBER] and [CASE TITLE]".
10.2.4 December 2014 Site Admin
  • New Email log file created.
  • Fixed - Encrypted password is put in the "Password" dialog for the "Set Application SQL Login"..
10.2.4 December 2014 Case Managment
  • New Approvals Routed through Organization - default the starting approval to the first organziation above the "Referring To Organization" for the case.
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation. After you delete a Personnel record, then try to add it back, it stays deleted and won't show in the list.
  • Fixed - Search Case Activities - the "Category" text, when a category is selected, aligns with the labels instead of the other text boxes.
  • "My Case Activities", rename to "My Open Activities".
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation error ".Net SqlClient Data Provider The data types text and varchar are incompatible in the greater than operator.".
10.2.3 December 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - TR White period of service not calculating properly.
  • DA638 form not populating soldier SSN.
10.2.3 December 2014 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Open Cases, filtered by a case type and hit search, but it didn't show the case types that I selected in the filter.
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation - after running the "Population SQL", not setting "UserCaseAccess" & "UserActivityAccess".
  • Fixed - "Activities with multiple criteria based off of custom attributes were not automatically created after setting attributes and saving".
  • "Auto Generate Custom Activities" performance improved.
10.2.3 December 2014 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Process "Automatically Send Emails" throwing time out exception.
  • Fixed - Synch Process "Populate Users Activity Access" not executed when running "RunSynchProcesses" & Schedule task.
10.2.2 November 2014 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Synch Process refreshing content problem.
10.2.2 November 2014 Case Managment
  • Approvals routed through parent organizations - ability added "Skip organizations with no users that have this role".
10.2.1 November 2014 Case Managment
  • Ability added to copy exisiting case types.
  • Fixed Case Detail Report - Throwing conversion error.
10.2.0 November 2014 Awards
  • Added - "FL Service Medal" & "FL Service Ribbon" to service awards tracking.
  • Awards Pending Review - Sorted by SortSequence asc.
  • Fixed - ARCAM is not taking into account enlisted time for officers, plus using PEBD to 3 years past promotion date as the period of service.
  • Order Log Number added to the data export for the Memos and Certificates.
  • Activities, approvals routed through organizational structure, prompt user for required fields when creating the approval.
  • Service Awards Requiring Review->Detail sorted by Case Title, DateEligible asc.
  • Fixed - Invalid GUID Format error when users withouit accounts access twinengines website.
  • Ability added to allow anyone to create & submit a DA638.
  • Added - Print version of the Orders Log.
  • DA638 Part V, populated when the awards publisher approves the award.
  • Added - "Approval Award" activity for the intermediate authorities in the DA638 process.
  • Added - Orders Log functionality.
  • Fixed - DA638, when organization immediately above soldier's org can publish, the publishing unit is showing in block 23 as an intermediate authority.
  • New Award Case - Added Case Type selection.
10.2.0 November 2014 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Rank is not being updated for CW4 Reis. Shows CW3
  • Fixed - Synch process ended statement showing negative numbers in the "minutes".
  • Ability added to "unlink" an award from a case type.
  • Case Type Custom Activities - "Assign To" removed from "Change Status" & "Close Activity".
10.1.9 October 2014 Awards
  • Added new configuration setting "Use BASD Date for the AGR Tour Start Date".
10.1.8 October 2014 Site Admin
  • Option "Data Synch Processes - Reset History" removed.
10.1.8 October 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - AGR Tour Start Date cases are not being created.
  • Fixed Error when trying to bring up document detail page on DA638 case.
10.1.8 October 2014 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Document upload, when changing the name of the document in the upload, the doc name reverts back to the file name after the upload.
  • Fixed Error - Document details, the Doc Type won't allow for a blank.
10.1.7 October 2014 Awards
  • Open Case Activites by Organization - Fixed "Organization name wrapping to a 2nd line".
  • Open Case Activites by Organization - Fixed "All the parent orgs are at the top with all the subordinate organizations below at the same level."
  • Search Award Cases - The Search is made until "Search" button is hit.
10.1.6 September 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Out of memory error while running synch processes.
  • Fixed - Error when re-assigning activities from the Case Detail page, activities grid.
10.1.5 September 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Error running synch processes, fn_LastNumTimesAwarded name is ambiguous.
  • Bulk Case Generation -> Fixed Error "Nullable object must have a value".
  • Fixed - Soldier Awards detail -> Current tab-> Delete button not working.
  • "AGR Tour Start Date" case type added.
  • Ability added to automatically generate "AGR Tour Start Date" cases.
  • Fixed - Generate Memos, getting an error of "Public member 'oRow' on type 'GridRecord' not found.
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Update Audit Log, "Awards Changed By" column is blank.
10.1.4 September 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Soldier Award Detail not loading cases.
  • Fixed - Award Case detail not showing the correct Additional Information values.
  • Fixed - Search Case Activities -> Title Filter not working.
  • Fixed - My Open Activities is filtering by the Organization that the Personnel is attached to not the role they are given.
  • Fixed - My Open Activities, when opening a task or approval and altering it, the underlying grid doesn't refresh after closing the pop-up window.
  • Fixed - Setting "Approval" to "Approved" on DA638 causing an SqlDateTime timeout error.
  • Fixed - TJ Stewart not creating cases.
10.1.3 September 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Slow data base performance when sending email notifications.
10.1.2 September 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Duplicate audit log entries in SIDPERS history for soldier after updating SIDPERS award.
  • Soldier Award Detail -> History - > Tabs "Current" and "Service" consolidated into a single "Awards" tab.
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Comparison not showing anything after approving an award.
  • Added - > "Search Award Cases" and "Search Award Activities"
  • Fixed - Emails showing in My Open Activities.
  • Open cases, Open Activities by Org and My Open Award Acitivies -> Icon changed.
  • Fixed - Setting "Approval" to "Approved" on DA638 causing an SqlDateTime overflow error.
  • Soldier Detail-> Cases tab ->Status column added.
  • Fixed - Case detail page "object reference error".
  • Generate Memos/Certificates - > Ability added to allow the "Awarded" date range to bring back records not publsihed in Awards Tracking.
  • Fixed - Case is not getting marked as completed after all activities are complete.
  • Generate Awards Certificates -> Filters captions added.
  • Fixed - Run Synch Processes - generating a log file with a name of "+".
  • Fixed - Provider Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_AuditLog'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.AuditLog'.
  • Service Award activity, "Generate award certificate/memo and add it to the soldier's record in PERMS." type changed from "Approval" to "Task".
10.1.1 August 2014 Site Admin
  • Installation, "Schedule a task" title in the shortcut changed to "Schedule Data Synch Processes".
10.1.1 August 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Audit Log, some of the "SIDPERS Buckets" columns show -1.
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Update Audit Log - the Award Changed By column is blank.
  • Fixed - Number & Types of Decorations Approved, when clicking on a number, then setting the ACH/RET/etc, then going back to the first page, you have to reset your date range to get back to your work.
  • Number & Types of Decorations Approved -> Number & Types of Decorations Approved, set the "Unknown" fields that are > 0 to a red color.
  • Eligibility Roster -> Status added.
  • Fixed - Eligibility Roster not returning any records.
  • Awards->Activities by Organization Detail - Sort order added.
  • Fixed - Open Activities by Organization->Activities by Organization Detail, Category lookup not working.
  • "Publish Awards" function replaced for "Generate Memos/Certificates" function.
  • Service Awards Case Type -> Task "Generate Certificate and PERM" added.
  • Service Awards Case Type -> Task "Close Case" added.
  • Fixed - DA638, Approval Activity is being assigned to the Awards Publsher at the soldier's organization instead of the first organization that has the rights to publish the given award.
  • Fixed - Service Awards procedures erroring out with SQL error about fn_LastDateAwarded not found.
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Comparison and Update without an hyperlink on it.
  • Eligibility Roster Report sorted by Organizaiton, Award, Soldier and Period.
  • Fixed -> Service Awards Cases incorrect value for the # of times awarded.
  • Publish Awards-> Fixed error when inserting the same soldier in a single batch.
  • Fixed - DA638 Case showing SSN on the document case when the setting for not using the SSN in the 638 is on.
  • Fixed - Open Activites by Organization->Activities by Organization Detail. Showing "DA638 All" as case type.
10.1.0 August 2014 Awards
  • Awards Pending Review-> Queries performance improved.
10.0.9 August 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - RunSynchProcesses consuming lot of memory.
10.0.8 August 2014 Case Managment
  • Ability added to migrate STIGs case types.
10.0.7 August 2014 Awards
  • DA638-> Previous awards section filter by Award Federal/State indicator.
10.0.7 August 2014 Discharges
  • Ability added to generate the form NGB22A.
  • Elisted term of service report (ETS) Report added.
10.0.6 July 2014 Case Managment
  • Case Detail Report - Margins decreased.
  • Open Cases - Grid width modified.
10.0.5 July 2014 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Case Detail-> Activities not showing new tasks buttons.
10.0.4 July 2014 Awards
  • Ability added to allow anyone to submit a DA638 on anyone else in the Guard.
10.0.3 July 2014 Awards
  • Ability added to not include the SSN when creating the DA638.
  • "Application Name" added to all connection strings.
  • Fixed - Duplicate award cases being created for service awards.
  • Fixed - Soldier eligibility report - sorting is incorrect and organiztion selection is not working.
10.0.3 July 2014 Case Managment
  • Case Detail Report - Activities notes added.
  • Reference Tables->Case Type->Custom Activity, added "Save and New" button.
  • Case Detail->Activities, order by Sequence defined in the Case Type.
  • Fixed - Reference Tables->Case Type->Custom Activities->New, the "Run Order" after "9" is set to "10" for all new custom activities.
  • Reference Tables->Case Types sorted by name.
  • Reference Tables->Case Types Category column removed.
  • Fixed - My Case Activities, defaults to including subordinate comands when option is not checked.
  • Case Detail->Activities - "Title" width increased.
  • Fixed - Reference Tables->Case Type->Select Category, pop up window never finishes loading.
  • Fixed - Case Detail, Related Cases - was able to attach a case to itself.
  • Fixed - Case Detail->Related Cases, "Delete" doesn't work.
  • STIG Import/conversion to Case Type. Search for duplicates and warn user about importing.
10.0.2 July 2014 Case Managment
  • Fixed - Open Case Activities by Organization - roll up counts look like they aren't filtering by the case type.
  • Fixed - Open Activities by Organization, when filtered and you drill down to the details, the filter doesn't carry over to the detail screen.
  • Fixed - After uploading a form in the Complete Form activity, the activity was not marked as "Completed".
10.0.2 July 2014 Awards
  • Added - Service Awards "TJ Stewart" and "TR White"
10.0.1 July 2014 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Typos on landing page under Custom Org Structure.
10.0.1 July 2014 Case Managment
  • Ability added to Import case types from a XML STIG definition.
10.0.1 July 2014 Awards
  • Landing page - Redesigned.
  • Fixed - DA638 showing promotion cases.
  • Awards Detail - changed from "AwardCases" to "Cases".
  • Approval for service award assigned to "The first organization at or above the referring to organization and the 'Awards Publisher' role".
  • Fixed - Awards Pending Review doesn't return any records.
  • Fixed - Awards Ref Types, Junior Promotion case type is showing.
  • Fixed - 'Publish' section not showing records.
10.0.0 July 2014 Awards
  • Ability added to create 'Awards' Cases.
9.0.9 June 2014 Site Admin
  • Fixed - FetchUserBySessionID fails with a "Sequence contains no data" error.
9.0.9 June 2014 Awards
  • Ability added to create 'Awards' Case Types.
  • New Case Types Categories added -> 'Service Awards', 'Awards Nominations', 'General Awards'
  • Ability to generate 'Awards' cases.
  • Fixed - Missing [dbo]. in create statements for SQL Scripts.
9.0.8 June 2014 Awards
  • Security applied to 'Generate Memo(s)/Certificate(s)' .
9.0.7 June 2014 Awards
  • Fixed Soldier Eligibility - "Error: Conversion from string "" to type 'Integer' is not valid." .
9.0.6 June 2014 Awards
  • Soldier Eligibility dates were reset it when "Reviewed" = 'System' or Null.
9.0.6 June 2014 Case Managment
  • Ability to customize the "Default Routing" process.
  • Custom Attributes -> Attributes "Caption" & "Tooltip" added.
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation - Run Population SQL will time out with long running SQL.
  • Reference Tables -> Case Type Categories added.
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation -> Ability added to turn on/off the "Automatically population SQL during Synch Processes".
  • Fixed - Open Cases -> Paging not working correclty after search.
  • Fixed - Case Detail-> Generate Report: Not all custom attributes showed on report.
  • Reference table -> Case Type: Grouped by category type.
  • New Case -> Case Type selection grouped by category type.
  • Case Detail-> History-> Approvals status modified to "Approved" or "Denied".
  • Ability added to resize "Case Detail" page.
  • Case detail -> "Additional Information" put it on a new tab.
9.0.5 June 2014 Case Managment
  • Case Detail->Assign Case - Error fixed "The value of a property that is part of an object's key does not match the corresponding property value stored in the ObjectContext."
  • Fixed - Reference Tables->Case Type->Documents->New, getting "DocumentTypeID" not found when searching on the document type.
  • Fixed - Related Cases -> Not showing "Related Cases" in both case details.
9.0.4 May 2014 Awards
  • Ability added to export the eligibility roster to Excel, with options to include SSN.
  • Soldier Awards Detail - Current Awards sorted.
  • Windows "View SIDPERS Transactions" and "View RPAM Summary", were resizable.
  • Fixed - View SIDPERS Transactions and View RPAM Summary, not displaying properly in IE9. No scroll bar and divs are overlapping.
  • SIDPERS Comparison - When clicking the "Start SIDPERS Comparison", nothing happened.
  • SIDPERS Comparison and Update - When no differences a message of "All awards are up to date" is shown.
  • Award Templates- Removed ability to download template from main grid.
  • Fixed - Service Awards Pending Review, not displaying anything.
  • Ability added to add multiple Awards to Awards Batches.
  • Publishing rights - Ability to clear out all the permissions in one single click.
  • Publishing rights -Number of levels extended to "5+".
  • SIDPERS Comparison - Ability added to remove records from grid, when no discrepancies are found.
  • Awards detail - Soldier "Rank" and "Name" added to the window title.
  • Fixed - Email notification shows "[Assigned To]" in the subject instead of the actual "Assigned To" person or organization.
  • Case Type - "Default Approval Title" modified.
  • Fixed - Open Case Activities by Organization, Case Type filter showing only "OER/NCOER" types.
  • Fixed - DA638 Case, new case created and doesn't have an "Assigned To" set.
9.0.3 May 2014 Case Management
  • Fixed - Reference Tables detail not working propertly with IE11.
  • Fixed -Open Cases, Case Type filter pop-up, when clicking on some Case Types the window closes and it works, others it won't. Using IE11.
9.0.2 May 2014 Case Management
  • Workflows tab removed.
  • Fixed - Search Case Activities, timeout error.
  • Fixed - Error when exporting Case Type.
9.0.1 May 2014 Case Management
  • Fixed Case Type - Custom Activities not created for 'When the selected custom attribute matches this criteria'.
9.0.0 May 2014 Case Management
  • Fixed - Custom Attributes - the "Date" data type is not editable in the case.
  • Custom Attributes - Selection Type - Focus added.
  • Open CMS Cases - Name modified to "Open Cases".
  • Custom Activity - create based off of custom attribute value - Save and Cancel buttons added.
  • 'Bulk Case Created' default template name modified.
  • 'Case Manually Created' default template name modified.
  • Fixed - Custom Activities not saving.
  • Fixed - Attach Case, "Save & Close" not responding.
  • Fixed - Case Detail, Generate Report Error.
  • Fixed - Open case activities by organization, when unchecking the "Cases assigned" checkbox, the "Assgn" columns still showed.
  • Bulk Case Generation, "Run Population SQL" check box replaced by a button.
  • Fixed - Duplicated default notifications.
8.0.9 May 2014 Awards
  • Award->Templates Added IMVE template merge required field.
  • Award->Templates Merge data fields -> Date format modified.
  • Ability added to route/approve DA638 prior to gathering signatures.
  • Award Templates-> Merge data fields -> Extra spacing removed.
  • Ability added to spells out the # time awarded as first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth etc.
  • SIDPERS Comparison and Update -> Ability added to remove a soldier from the comparison window.
8.0.8 May 2014 Awards
  • User Guide updated.
8.0.8 May 2014 Case Management
  • Ability added to customize emails sent by the system.
  • New Case Type -> Default E-mail notifications added.
  • Case Type->Custom Activities - Ability added to create activities 'When the selected custom attribute matches this criteria'.
  • Fixed - Case Type-> Default Notifcation - When creating a new Case Type the e-mail template could not be set it.
  • Search Case Activities -> "All Open" Status option added.
  • Fixed - Open Case Activity by Org, Generate Report - the browser window that pops up can't be resized.
  • Fixed - Search Case Activities, Generate Report button doesn't generate a PDF report, just refreshes the page.
  • Fixed - Nullable object must have a value error when doing "Save and Close" on the Case Detail page.
  • Fixed - Import Case Type -> Error " is an unexpected token. The expected token is'>'.
  • Fixed - Case Type, adding a custom activity and saving is a slow process. Takes up to a minute for the save operation to work.
  • Fixed - Error "Nullable Object Must have a value" javascript error when trying to create a new case with the given case type.
  • Fixed - Open Case Activities by Organization - roll-up counts aren't accurate when filtered by Case Type.
8.0.7 April 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - After wiping out all awards records and re-running synch process ark as Reviewed in configuration turned off), some AGCM records were marked as "Reviewed" by "System".
8.0.7 April 2014 Case Management
  • Case Type - Ability added to configure 'Default Notifications'.
  • Case Type - Ability added to create Email-Templates.
8.0.6 April 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - Memo/Certificate error when downloading document
  • Awards Templates - Default Templates added.
  • Attach Award to Template - Ability added to search Awards by criteria.
  • Fixed - AGCM marked as "Reviewed" when AGR Tour Start Date is empty.
  • Calculate next AGCM date based off of looking at the later of the AGR Tour Start Date and the last date awarded for the AGCM.
8.0.6 April 2014 Case Management
  • Case Detail - "Related Cases" tab added.
8.0.5 April 2014 Site Admin
  • User Administration/New Role - Added Organization tree view.
8.0.5 April 2014 Awards
  • Ability added to search discharged soldiers when startig the DA638.
  • Ability added to Turn off awards reviewed by the system.
  • Fixed - Unit Publishing Rights, error when adding permissions.
  • Ability added to view soldier sidpers transactions history.
  • Ability added to upload and download mail merge templates for the awards.
  • Fixed - Afer marking an award as manually reviewed, the synch process marks it as "Reviewed" again by "System" the next day.
  • Soldier Awards - Ability added to remove notes.
  • Fixed - Soldier Awards, notes aren't showing on the service awards detail pop up after being entered.
  • Fixed - 4612-R page generated a timeout error.
8.0.4 March 2014 Evaluations 3.0
  • Setting "Turn off Officer Evaluations" added.
8.0.4 March 2014 Case Management
  • Reference Tables - Ability added to customize 'Rank' reference table.
8.0.4 March 2014 Awards
  • Fixed - AGR soldiers showed they were eligible for the ARCAM.
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Comparison throwing timeout error when committing changes to SIDPERS.
8.0.4 March 2014 Site Admin
  • Ability added to customize the org structure by adding additional non-SIDPERS organizations into the heirarchy.
8.0.3 March 2014 Site Admin
  • User Log - Fixed Error:"The IListSource does not contain any data sources".
8.0.2 January 2014 Site Admin
  • User Administration - Ability added to search by Soldier/Civilian Name.
  • "Copyright 2007-2013" replaced for "Copyright 2007-2014".
8.0.1 January 2014 Case Management
  • Fixed - Object Reference not set to an instance of an object error showing in javascription when case details is saved.
  • Fixed - Conditional SQL - error about needing to define CaseID in SQL.
  • Custom Activities - Ability added to test the conditional sql with existing cases.
  • Fixed - 'FK_twOrganizations_twOrganizations' is not a constraint.
  • Fixed - Case Detail - save and close is not closing.
  • Fixed - SQL Lookup is not saving value.
8.0.0 January 2014 Case Management
  • Case Type/Custom Attributes - Ability added to write a SQL Statement to fill the selection options.
  • Case Type/Custom Activities - Ability added to create activities when a custom sql query returns '1'.
7.0.9 December 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed- Installer issue with SQL Integrated Windows authentication.
7.0.8 December 2013 Promotions
  • Ability added to change the OML Status for soldiers.
  • Added- OML Soldier Log Report.
7.0.7 December 2013 Promotions
  • Added - "Promotions Roster Search" function.
  • Fixed - Promotions, ineligible cases showing "NONE" as security clearance required.
7.0.7 December 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Open CMS Cases - the "Category" selection is not working correctly based on the results returned.
  • Fixed - Open Case Activities by organization - not sorting properly.
7.0.6 December 2013 Promotions
  • Roster E2 thru E4, showing officer Ranks.
  • Confirmation message added when an OML is created.
  • Fixed: OML Report erroring out with generic error.
7.0.6 November 2013 Promotions
  • Utility added to "Undelete" cases that were accidentally deleted.
  • Ability added to configure the "Zone of Preference".
7.0.6 November 2013 Site Admin
  • Active Reports was upgraded to version 7.
  • Ability added to Encrypt all stored procedures and functions during installation for all databases.
  • IE10 Compatibility added.
7.0.6 November 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Utility added to "Undelete" cases that were accidentally deleted.
7.0.6 November 2013 Awards
  • Utility added to "Undelete" cases that were accidentally deleted.
7.0.6 November 2013 Case Management
  • Open Cases PDF report added..
  • Utility added to "Undelete" cases that were accidentally deleted.
  • Fixed - When you don't run the Install/Upgrade database option with the "Run as administrator" option, you will get prompted a ton of times with the error that it can't write to the log file.
  • Fixed - Appointment activity giving error in outlook of "You cannot use Internet Calendars. Your system administrator has turned off the feature".
7.0.5 November 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Problem deleting activities from the case type grid.
7.0.4 November 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Users not able to download case documents.
7.0.4 November 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - "String or binary data would be truncated".
7.0.4 November 2013 Awards
  • Fixed - "Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition."
  • PDF user guide added.
7.0.4 November 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed -Rating Scheme grid was not sorting the raters.
  • PDF user guide added.
7.0.3 November 2013 Awards
  • Fixed -"Open DA638 Cases" showing cases from another applications.
7.0.2 November 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Multiple instances of the same activity.
7.0.1 October 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Some of the case type custom activites are not created.
7.0.0 October 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Latest Primary MOS does not allow nulls.
6.0.9 October 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Document library, download form error "The file couldn't be downloaded".
6.0.8 October 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - "Excel found unreadable content".
6.0.7 October 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Landing Page error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. GetMenu()".
6.0.6 October 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Synch Process "Automatic Case Generation" creating duplicate cases.
6.0.5 October 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - IsActive flag in MASS synch is not getting set properly.
  • Fixed - Nullable object must have a value error when accessing Site Admin without the Administrator roles.
  • New option "Manage Accounts" added.
  • Web.Config password was encrypted.
6.0.5 October 2013 Case Management
  • Open Cases - Ability added to filter by Case Type Category.
  • Open Cases - "Search" icon changed to a button and only search when the button is clicked.
  • Fixed - When selecting "Create Category" in Case Type detail, the category still said "None" after creating the category.
  • Case Detail, Activities - "Create a new task to close the case" icon removed.
  • Reassign dialog - Role dropdown replaced by lookup control.
  • Modifications added to "Close the case" Case Type Activity.
  • Ability added to export and import Case Types.
  • Fixed - Bulk Case Generation - "Auto close case and remove organization" not working.
  • Text lookup - Search icon added.
  • Case Detail - Ability added to change the "Refers to Organization" on the case.
  • Fixed - Default Routing - approval activity for default routing was assigned to what looks like a role with not organization.
  • My Open Activities - Ability added to create a PDF report.
  • Ability added to Search Open & Completed activities.
  • Fixed - Getting an error about required fields being required when trying to update a case type.
  • Fixed - When user account is not linked to a Personnel record, the "Reassign" functionality doesn't work.
  • Fixed - Case Type, Custom Activities, text in the "Assign Activity To" doesn't match with the detail page.
  • "Delete" button tooltips and warning messages were customized.
  • Fixed - Multiple emails being sent for the same Activity when assigned and closed.
  • Fixed - New Case - showing duplciate "Case Type for Case Type" in the breadcrumbs/title for the page.
  • Case Activities by Org - Ability added to generate PDF report.
  • Email Activity - Ability added to send email to different groups.
  • Fixed - The parameter 'address' cannot be an empty string during synch process caused by email settings not being entered.
  • Document Types and Document Library functionality merged.
  • Ability added to generate case detail report.
  • New Case - Case "Description" taken from the one in the case type.
  • Reference Tables-Case Type-Custom Activities - "Case" activity type removed from the ones you can create.
  • Reference Tables-Case Type-Custom Activities - Option "# of days after this activity is created." added in the combo box.
  • Reference Tables-Case Type-Custom Activities - Option "After a specified activity has been created completed" removed from 'Set the Due Date to:'
  • Reference Tables-Case Type-Custom Activities - Option "The first organization at or above the referring to organization and the specified role" added in the combo box.
  • Fixed - Error converting datatype datetime2 to datetime during the Copy Personnel data from SIDPERS synch process.
  • Fixed - Activities set to be create on the due date of a case are not getting created.
  • Fixed - Case Type, Custom Activity, one custom activity that was copied over from another case type is not showing anything in the grid under the "Created".
  • Fixed - New Case screen is not returning any records.
  • Fixed - Case Activites by Org - Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.
  • Fixed - My Open Activities shows activities that are closed.
  • Fixed - My Activites screen is not showing activites.
  • Fixed - Case Activities showing duplicate records.
6.0.5 October 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Battalion Tracking - Status label modified from "Waiting for Rated NCO" to "Waiting for Soldier" and "Rejected by Rated NCO" to "Rejected by Soldier".
  • Evaluation Statistics - Option OER/NCOER added.
  • Evaluation Statistics - Ability added to drill down on records to see cases.
  • Evaluation Statistics Report - Option OER/NCOER added.
  • Evaluations Report - Option OER/NCOER added.
  • Rating Scheme Report - Option OER/NCOER added.
  • Battalion Tracking - Option OER/NCOER added.
  • Battalion Tracking - Order of columns for NCOER modified from Reviewer Signature, Senior Signature to Senior Signature, Reviewer Signature.
  • Battaliong Tracking - Ability added to export grid as a PDF report.
  • Ability added to reassign case when the "Rater" on the rating scheme is changed.
  • If rating scheme is known assign case to the Rater instead of the unit clerk.
  • Rating Scheme - "Date Assigned" added to each of the rater and show on the report.
  • Fixed - Branch and designated specialties are not getting pushed into the OER form.
  • Ability added to flag misfires in the OER case detail.
  • Final close out of NCOER assign to "NCOER Final Approval" role instead "NCOER State Clerk".
  • Ability added to "Change Rater".
6.0.5 October 2013 Recruiting & Retention
  • Fixed - TWRecruiting database has 800 million rows in the TransactionHistory table.
6.0.5 October 2013 Awards
  • Number and Types of decorations - changed how the "Reason for Award" is set. A combo box was added in the grid instead of a pop-up window.
  • SIDPERS Audit Log - "SIDPERS Updated" column moved to the first column in the grid.
  • SIDPERS Audit Log - Column "Updated" added.
6.0.4 August 2013 Case Management
  • Fixed - Skip organization where no users that have this role - cannot uncheck this option and save.
  • Fixed - Use Default Routing - the approval activity created only shows the role in the "Assigned To" instead of the role and organization.
  • Fixed - Custom activities aren't being created when they should after the previous activity hasa been completed
6.0.4 August 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed - Error when trying to run the Evaluations Report.
  • Fixed - Rating Scheme - when OER rating scheme doesn't include the intermediate rater, it's highlighted in red.
  • Fixed - Rating Scheme Statistics Timeout expired error.
  • Fixed - Evaluation statistics "Divide by zero error encountered" error.
  • Fixed - Case Activities By Org "Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition" error.
  • Fixed - Submit Evaluation Form - not attaching to open case and routing approvals like it should.
  • Fixed - Submit Evaluation Form - Officers are still showing message about intermediate rater not being completed when that is not required
  • Fixed - Submit Evaluations - getting an error about not finding the SSN on the form.
6.0.4 August 2013 Promotions
  • Fixed - "TwinEngines Administrator" was not able to promote soldiers
6.0.4 August 2013 Awards
  • Fixed - NullReferenceException error when trying to find an award in the Awards Batch detali page.
  • Fixed - Error submitting DA638 form. Nullable object must have a value.
  • Number and Types of Decorations Awarded - Date range added.
  • SIDPERS Comparison by Award,sorted by award name.
  • Fixed - Number & Types of Decorations Approved error.
  • Fixed - Duplicate organizations showing in the SIDPERS Comparison screen, by organization tab.
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Comparison - awards are showing that they are different when they are not.
  • Fixed - Submit DA638, got an error when case detail page pops up.
  • Fixed - DA638, after signing recommender signature and trying to upload again, after hitting "Save", getting a javascript error of "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: g".
  • Fixed - Awards Batches lookup not returning Awards.
6.0.4 August 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Users with the "Delegate" role for a lower organization are able to delete roles above them.
6.0.3 August 2013 Site Admin
  • User Administration - Default the Organization to the org the user were given the role "TwinEngines Account Administrator".
  • Fixed - Problems with the delegation of roles.
6.0.3 August 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • NCOER Rating Scheme order should be Rater, Senior Rater, Reviewer.
6.0.3 August 2013 Case Management
  • Open Case Activities by Organization - Ability added to filter by Due Date.
  • Record count added to "Open Cases" & "Search Cases".
  • Added - Custom Activity "Close Case"
  • New option of "Skip organizations with no users that have this role" to the "Default approval process".
6.0.3 August 2013 Promotions
  • Fixed - Non Promotable Case - the "Attach Document" button is disabled.
  • Calculate the Time In Service Start Date on the Promotion Detail page.
6.0.3 August 2013 Awards
  • Number & Types of Decorations Approved - The filter "From" & "To" was removed.
  • Administration-Publishing Rights - Added ability to select the number of levels below the selected organization.
  • Service Awards Publish - Fixed refreshing problem when publishing awards.
  • Awards Batches - Fixed Award Lookup not showing results to non-admin users.
  • Awards Batches - Additional Organization information added to the excel output.
  • Awards Ref Table - Results order by award name.
  • Awards Ref table/Medals & Appurtenances - Fixed "Paging is not supported by data source".
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Comparison & Update not responding.
  • Fixed - SIDPERS Comparison - clicking on numbers causes a timeout expired error.
  • Award Reference Detail - DA2-1 options were removed.
  • SIDPERS Audit Log - grid columns renamed.
  • Fixed - Submit DA638 not showing the new case detail page.
  • Fixed - Submit DA638 - error during updload when a case already exists.
  • Fixed - DA638 cases & activities assigned to a specific person instead of a Org + Role.
  • New security codes in SIDPERS
  • Fixed - Duplicates showing in the "History" tab of the Soldier Awards detail, the "Current" awards grid.
6.0.2 July 2013 Awards
  • Fixed - After publishing a service award, the award is not showing on the soldier detail record.
  • Fixed - DA638 cases aren't showing.
6.0.2 July 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Create Admin User function, removing previous user roles.
6.0.1 July 2013 Promotions
  • Fixed - Non Promotable Cases - "Security Clearance:" not working properlty.
  • Junior Promotions Suspense not displaying soldiers.
  • Ability added to remove soldiers from the OML Detail.
  • Ability to add the soldier back to the OML.
  • Soldier Status added to the OML report.
6.0.0 June 2013 Promotions
  • Additional fields added to Junior Promotion Detail - PEBD, Date Training Completed,Effective Date of Grade,Latest APFT Date & Result,Previous APFT Date & Result,Latest RCAS APFT Date & Result,Previous RCAS APFT Dates & Results .
  • Soldier's Duty MOS added to the OML Report.
  • OML Report Sorted by Score descending.
  • OML Report - Ability added to filter by Primary MOS.
  • New approvalprocess screen prior to the transactions getting sent to E-Trans
  • Grade how acquired, Grade change waiver, Para/Line, Duty MOS and Duty MOS Qualified added to the Section IV - Remarks (4187).
  • Fixed - "History" tab in the soldier detail throwing errors.
  • Fixed - Soldier Detail - several records, when double clicked, returned an error when attempting to bring up the soldier detail page.
  • Fixed - OML Report error "OML must be selected".
6.0.0 June 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Error when trying to bring up details of a user account created with the Create Admin User function.
6.0.0 June 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed - The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.exec TWEvaluations.dbo.usp_Synch_APFT_RCASDBOR.
  • Fixed - Tried to attach a completed NCOER to a case, but got a message that the evaluation was for the wrong soldier.
  • New ability to upload the XFDL NCOER or OER form that was generated outside the TwinEngines website.
6.0.0 June 2013 Awards
  • Fixed - Object reference not set to an instance of an object in Awards Batch.
  • Fixed - Awards Ref table not refreshing grid contents after search.
  • Fixed - Service Awards not showing the begin/end date of the period.
5.0.9 May 2013 Site Admin
  • Fixed - User account not showing after "Create Admin User".
  • Fixed - Cannot give the "Case Managment Administrator" role to someoone.
5.0.8 May 2013 Site Admin
  • Role Groups - Ability added to create and manage groups of roles.
  • User Administration - Allow the administrator to select a group of roles when adding roles to the user.
5.0.8 May 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed - OER Rating Scheme marked as "Incomplete" when the "Intermediate Rater" was not entered.
  • NCOER/OER Cases - Validations were added when the soldier is training or returned from training.
5.0.7 April 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed - Rating Scheme/View Report error "Error loading report. Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  • Fixed - Rating Scheme Statistics duplicating results.
  • Fixed - Battalion Tracking not showing results.
5.0.6 April 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed - Evaluations Soldier detail not showing current evaluations
  • NCOER Component set to "ARNG"
  • Fixed - APFT Data not populated during synch process
  • "Weight Control Program" renamed to "Weight Control Pass"
  • NCOER/OER - Duty Assignment, Principal duty title and Duty mosc values taken from SIDPERS.
5.0.5 April 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed - CMD CODE, PSB CODE, STATUS CODE values not set it in OER form
  • Fixed - DUTY ASSIGNMENT (RATER, SR, REVIEWER) values not set it in NCOER form
  • New synch process in order to get the lastest APFT/HT/WT data from RCAS
  • NCOER/ OER Cases - Ability added to update APFT/HT/WT data.
5.0.5 April 2013 Awards
  • Fixed - Missing search icon.
5.0.5 April 2013 Site Admin
  • "Administrator" role renamed to "TwinEngines Administrator".
  • "Account Administrator" role renamed to "TwinEngines Account Administrator".
  • User Admnistration - Organization tree view replaced by a lookup.
  • Site Admin - Main menu modified.
5.0.4 March 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Ability added to view "NCOER" & "OER" rating schemes combined.
  • Fixed - Auto-Generate Evaluations not creating cases for officers.
5.0.3 February 2013 Site Admin
  • The Email tab was removed from "Edit Personnel/Civilian" & added to "User Administration/Edit User"
5.0.2 February 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • Fixed - Cases and activities getting assigned to the wrong organization.
  • Fixed - Inability to reassign cases.
  • Fixed - Cases getting created for future dates.
  • Fixed - Awards license key has expired message above the Evaluation Cases screen.
  • NCOER form - Added SQI & ASI to PMOSC.
  • NCOER form - Fixed Organization not showing all the information.
  • NCOER form - Status Code pull from SIDPERS.
  • NCOER form - CMD CODE modified from "GB" to "NG".
  • NCOER form - PSB CODE value = "NH33".
  • NCOER form - Rater PMOSC/Branch modified.
  • NCOER form - Duty Description modified.
5.0.1 January 2013 Evaluations 3.0
  • TWEvaluations_v1007.sql script fixed.
  • Fixed - Users not able to assign cases.
  • Fixed - An error has occurred while creating Evaluation cases by type. The 'CMSND_WO_SVC_DATE' property on 'Person' could not be set to a 'DateTime' value. You must set this property to a non-null value of type 'String'.
5.0.0 November 2012 Evaluations 3.0
  • My Case Activities - Error "usp_Activities_ByOrganization_Statistics has too many arguments specified" fixed.
  • Open Cases - Error "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding" fixed.
  • Synch Process "AutoGenerate_MILPO_PAR_TYPE Tasks" - Error "Nullable object must have a value" fixed.
5.0.0 November 2012 Site Admin
  • Error Log/Trace added.
4.0.9 September 2012 Site Admin
  • User Administration - Fixed organization pop-up showing a single record.
4.0.8 August 2012 Site Admin
  • New environment setting added in order to Turn on/off the Evaluations.
4.0.8 August 2012 Evaluations 3.0
  • Default all NCOER/OER radio buttons to "NCOER" instead of "OER". Selected value kept during user session.
  • Fixed Mispelling "Discrapencies" for "Discrepancies" on the "SIDPERS Comparison" description.
4.0.8 August 2012 Evaluation
  • Evaluation Statistics Report - "Officers" header replaced for "Soldiers".
  • Fix error - "String or binary data would be truncated", when saving Senior Rater Profile record.
  • Added ability to keep the selected Organization when updating the Rating Scheme.
  • Default all NCOER/OER radio buttons to "NCOER" instead of "OER". Selected value kept during user session.
4.0.8 August 2012 Promotions
  • Fixed - Effective Date was not showing in Junior Promotions export report.
  • Fixed - AGR are showing as eligible for the ARCAM, when they should not be.
  • Validation added to "ARCAM" Award Calculation - Anyone with a PayGrade of O6 is NOT eligible.
  • "OML Data Entry & Approval" replaced by "Enter Soldier OML Preferences"
  • "Publish OML" replaced by "Create New OML"
  • Option removed - "Soldier Promotion Detail".
  • Fixed Activity Report throwing errors when loading.
  • Fixed Promotions Suspense Report throwing errors when loading.
  • Soldier Promotion Detail - Fixed history tab not loading.
4.0.7 July 2012 Awards
  • Validations have been added in order for the user to only to update & delete the service awards the user's organization has granted withtin the "Publish Award" role.
4.0.7 July 2012 Discharges
  • Ability to create AGSC 37-R-E Pure Edge forms.
  • Creation of AGSC 37-R-E Cases and Activities.
4.0.7 July 2012 Site Admin
  • Fixed - User Roles Delegate checkbox not cheked.
4.0.6 May 2012 Evaluations
  • OER Evaluation - Part VIIb enabled by SR for All Officers regardless of rank.
4.0.5 April 2012 Awards
  • Fixed - Creating Awards against "Civilian" personnel.
  • Fixed - Soldiers Awards not showing in "Rosters" and "Publish" options when the reviewed by was "System".
4.0.5 April 2012 Evaluations
  • The grid structure was modified in Rating Scheme Statistics.
  • Fixed - Senior Rater Misfires report giving error, IndexOutOfRangeException. Cannot find table 0.
  • Fixed - Evaluations being generated for future eval dates.
  • Fixed - Missing Periods report is not returning any data
  • Fixed - Evaluations created for ALL PARs that were created on soldiers instead of just the ones that were selected in the configuration.
4.0.5 April 2012 Site Admin
  • All the Synch Processes are shown in "Data Synch Processes"
4.0.4 March 2012 Evaluations 3.0
  • Migration of Evaluations functionality to use Case Management System.
4.0.3 March 2012 Site Admin
  • Fixed - Application tabs not shown in the Master page.
4.0.3 March 2012 Evaluations
  • Fixed - Support form showing in OER Evaluation even if the form was deleted.
4.0.3 March 2012 Awards
  • Added "DA638 Activity" report.
  • Added view current notes when reviewing Current & Pending Soldier Awards.
  • Fixed eligibility roster report showing up behind the browser.
  • Added "Number & Types of Decorations Approved" Report
  • Publishing rights award list sorted by Award name.
  • Fixed "Awards Batches - after publishing a Service Award then going into the Awards Batch that was created, the "Soldiers" tab wouldn't respond".
  • New DA638 - Previous Awards is populating only the awards that are listed in the DA638 form.
  • "KY Serivce Ribbon" added to the data base.
4.0.2 February 2012 Awards
  • Fixed error "usp_CaseDetailDataUpdated(Nullable 1 activityID)" when trying to open a DA638 case.
4.0.2 February 2012 Site Admin
  • Fixed "Error converting data type varchar to uniqueidentifier" when adding new roles in "User Administration/NewUser".
  • Fixed "User/Role" report not showing all the records in the xls file.
4.0.2 February 2012 Evaluations
  • Fixed error "An error has occured while loading page. Error Message:DataSQL failed: Invalid object name '#tmpErrors'."
4.0.1 January 2012 Evaluations
  • Mapping added to section "Part I.n.- UIC" in OER Form
  • Mapping added to section "Part IV.b.3. Decision-Making" in OER Form
  • Mapping added to section "Part IV.d. Officer Development" in OER Form
  • Mapping added to section "Part VII.a. 67-9-1 was submitted" in OER Form
  • Fixed error "You do not have permissions to create a new evaluation" when creating a new Evaluation.
4.0.1 January 2012 Awards
  • Ability added to include Discharged soldiers when searching in "Create DA638" & "Awards Batch".
  • Validations added to Publishing rights in order to avoid the error message "Unrecognized Guid format".
  • Fixed error "Root element is missing" in SIDPERS Comparison.
  • Fixed the number of the published awards message "successfully published 0 awards"
  • Fixed error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when creating a DA638 Document.
  • Fixed error "Object referencne not set to an instance of an object" in Soldier Awards page.
  • Fixed SQL error "Cannot insert the value NULL into column ID" in SIDPERS Comparison & Update.
4.0.0 December 2011 Site Admin
  • Fixed issue when updating the Start Page.
  • The Release Notes were consolidated into the Site Admin application.
4.0.0 December 2011 Evaluations
  • New OER, NCOER and Support Forms (Oct 2010)
  • OER New Evaluation - CMD Code modified from "NG" to "GB".
  • OER New Evaluation - The PSB Code "21" was removed.
  • NCOER Evaluation - Status History added.
  • NCOER Evaluation - Allow uploading/attaching support documents.
  • Fixed Issue on Evaluation Statistics Report - When you select "NCOER" it still shows "Type: OER" on the report.
  • Fixed Issue on Overdue Evaluations By Command Report - Select NCOER and title still says "OER Evaluations By Command.
  • Fixed Issue on Evaluation Status Report - Senior Rater is not showing on report for NCOER
  • Removed column "NGB Rejected" on Evaluation Statistics NCOER Report.
4.0.0 December 2011 Recruiting & Retention
  • Promotion Roster was split in two groups "Junior Promotions (E1-E4)" & "Non Commissioned Officers Promotions (E5-E9)".
  • Added - Create a Non-Promotable case to track a soldier that is not promotable at this time.
  • Added - My Case Activities (view open Junior Promotion related activities).
  • Added - Open Cases (view open Junior Promotion cases).
  • Added - Case Activities by Org (view open Junior Promotion case by Organizations).
  • Added the capability to create/view/upload 4187 forms for Junior Promotions (E1-E4).
  • New Date of Rank added to Junior Promotions detail.
  • The Activity Report was split in two groups (Enlisted E1-E4) & (Enlisted E5-E9).
  • Fixed Error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when trying to change Junior Promotions dates.
3.0.9 December 2011 Awards
  • Fixed Error - "Insert Error: Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition" when creating Non-Promotable cases.
  • Fixed Error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when creating a new DA638 Form.
  • Added the ability to allow anyone to create a DA638 on any person in the state.
  • Restrict who can view the Soldier SSN when creating a new DA638 Form.
3.0.8 October 2011 Evaluations
  • Fixed NCOER Status Code not saved in the xfdl form.
  • Evaluations forms updated with the latest version.
3.0.7 September 2011 Evaluations
  • Added capability to update evaluation status and deleted them from Batallion Tracking.
  • Paging and Filtering added to Batallion Tracking
3.0.6 August 2011 Evaluations
  • Fixed email message function on the OER program not sending emails.
  • Fixed NCOER PureEdge form not showing the selected THRU Date.
3.0.5 July 2011 Evaluations
  • Fixed Overdue Report not showing data for some organizations.
3.0.4 May 2011 Evaluations
  • Fixed Error Column 'ChangedBy' does not belong to the table StatusHistory.
  • Fixed Error Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'SeniorRaterSSN, table TWEvaluation.dbo.SeniorRaterProfileHistory'; column does not allow nulls.
  • Data Synch Process not showing Last Started and Last Completed dates when running 'Import MILPO Order PAR' and 'Auto Generate Non-Annual Evaluations For PAR'.
3.0.3 April 2011 Site Admin
  • Fixed issue of Timeout expired while Importing ATRRS Data.
3.0.2 January 2011 Recruiting & Retention
  • Settings - Added CutOff Date.
  • Settings - Added HOR Distance.
  • Settings - Added Command Level.
  • Settings - Added Region.
  • Added - Order Merit Listing data entry and approval.
  • Added - Update Order Merit Listing data.
  • Added - Publish Order Merit Listing data.
  • Added - Order Merit Listing Report.
3.0.1 December 2010 Evaluations
  • The column "Waiting On" was removed from Battalion Tracking report.
  • "Rater" and "Senior Rater" columns added to Battalion Tracking report.
  • Fixed selected organization on Overdue By Command Report.
  • Added soldier organization to Overdue By Command Rerpot.
  • Fixed error when non admin user opens an Evaluation report.
3.0.0 November 2010 Site Admin
  • Fixed issue of overwriting civilian records after running Synch Personnel process.
  • Added the UPC to Organization on the list of roles on the user in the Edit User page.
3.0.0 November 2010 Evaluations
  • Option "Idle minutes after which to automatically check evaluations back in" added to Evalutation Configuration Settings.
  • Option "Check-In/Check-Out" added to Evaluation Configuration Settings.
  • Allow the user to change "NCOER Evaluation" status when required.
  • Fixed date selection for Ovedue Evaluation by Command Report.
  • NOCER Evaluation radio buttons were replaced for a combo.
  • Search for soldier in rating scheme.Search by Rank doesn't work and shows 4 character Rank.
  • Fixed Evaluatoin form - rank is showing 4 characters and is not populating from SIDPERS correctly.
  • Fixed Rating Scheme search shows the date in an XML format.Remove the time.
  • Fixed certain ranks are not populating in Evaluations Reports.
2.0.9 October 2010 Site Admin
  • Allow user to add multiple roles.
2.0.9 October 2010 Evaluations
  • Fixed Delete Duplicated Evaluations
  • Fixed Duplicated Evaluations from MILPO Orders PARs
  • Added Evaluation Ovedue Report
  • Added ability to export reports in excel format
2.0.8 September 2010 Evaluations
  • Fixed Error "An error occured while loading history data. Error: Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid"
2.0.7 August 2010 Recruiting & Retention
  • Settings - Added Type Of Promotions
  • Promotion Activity Report - Added GRCHTx
  • Promotion Activity Report - Added Date of Rank Changes
  • Data Synch Processes - Added Sync Grade Abbreviation Code
  • Data Synch Processes - Added Sync Grade Change Waiver
  • Data Synch Processes - Added Sync Grade How Acquired
2.0.6 May 2010 Recruiting & Retention
  • Added "Promotions" to view the Promotions Roster and approve promotions
  • Added "Promotions Activity Report" to view promotions related activity that has occurred in the system by organization
  • Added "Data Synch Processes" to synchronize the data of promotion roster.
  • Added "Promotions Suspense" to check on soldier's promotions and whether or not they have been promoted in SIDPERS yet
  • Settings - Added "Reason for not promoted"
  • Settings - Added "Time & Grade"
2.0.5 July 2009 Site Admin
  • Split Release Notes out by application.
  • Altered the import process (usp_RecreateSIDPERSTables) to handle bad dates better.
  • Added Start menu options on the installation to set the database login, run the database updates, and run the synch processes.
  • Fixed "Cancel" icons to prompt user prior to cancelling.
  • Changed error message size to larger font to make it more obvious.
2.0.5 July 2009 Ops Center
  • RFF, RFA, and Prescripted EMAC - removed the Save & New button.
  • Organization Parameters - fixed a problem with blank email addresses not over-writing existing emails.
  • RFI - fixed problem with "Reference" hyperlink being incorrect when creating a new RFI from the 1594 Log page.
  • RFI - when a new RFI was created against an RFF or RFA, if any tasks were assigned to the request, the RFI "Reference" would incorrectly link to the Task entry in the 1594 log instead of the request entry in the 1594 log.
  • RFI - the "Reference" hyperlink was incorrect for when the above situation occurred (doing an RFI against an RFA or RFF with Tasks).
  • RFI - fixed a problem with bringing up an RFI under an account linked to a civilian record.
  • Find Personnel Pop-Up - the "Civilian" link was not working properly and was not returning records.
  • AMR - POC zip code now uses the masked edit control.
  • Prescripted EMAC - File Upload changed to use the newer uploads control.
  • Prescripted EMAC - when adding notes, the pop-up page was coming up behind the main page.
  • SIR - when adding notes, the pop-up page was coming up behind the main page.
  • Prescripted EMAC - 1594 "Updated" log entries were being created each time an item was added to the "Capabilities" or "Escalation Matrix".
  • SIR - added zip code field.
  • Task Force Organization - Fixed problem caused by duplicate names in the org structure.
  • Prescripted EMAC - Pop-up windows showing behind the main window.
  • Task Force Organization - fixed problem with database SQL error (numeric conversion) and with duplicating of task forces orgs when you save.
  • RFF - when request is "Cancelled", all tasks will be marked as "Cancelled".
  • Tasking - 1594 log entries were changed to be consistent with other log entries.
  • RFA - when request is "Cancelled", all tasks will be marked as "Cancelled".
  • Tasking - fixed an error when deleting resources and the user only has the "Ops Center User" role
  • RFF - fixed a problem with an incorrect originating organization on Tasks when using the "Create EMAC Tasks" function.
  • SIR - fixed a problem with a new SIR being created and 1594 log entry not getting created.
  • SIR - fixed a problem with the CCIR Type and Category not showing if it is not linked to one of the Army, NGB, Governor, or TAG criteria.
  • SIR - fixed a problem with the 1594 log entry where the "in" would show even though the county wasn't specified.
  • Search 1594 - fixed a problem with the date range resetting to the default after submitting the search.
  • Search 1594 - changed date/time to military format.
  • Search RFA - changed the "Organization" to "Received From" and changed to the Org Picker.
  • Search RFA - added a blank entry to the Status combo box to all for selecting all statuses.
  • RFA - The "To be completed by JOC" sections were not disabled properly.
  • Search RFI - removed the "Classification" combo box.
  • Search RFI - added a blank entry to the Status combo box to all for selecting all statuses.
  • Search RFF - added a blank entry to the Status combo box to all for selecting all statuses.
  • RFI - fixed an issue with some of the controls not being disabled when they should be.
  • Search AMR - added a blank entry to the Status combo box to all for selecting all statuses.
  • Search AMR - changed the Originating Organization lookup to the Org picker.
  • All forms - cancel button altered to provide consistent behaviour.
  • AMR - Changed the POC info to the LA-ARNG.
  • SIR - fixed an error with no attachments being added to form.
  • SIR - fixed a problem with the attachments losing visibility when the page refreshes as a result of either the state combo box or POC change.
  • AAR - fixed a problem with Audit History and it erroring out because the MDMP database doesn't exist.
  • RFA, RFF - fixed a problem with changing the request status being done by a user account that was linked to a Civilian personnel.
  • AAR - fixed problem with the controls being disabled after saving the AAR.
  • Removed link to missing spreadsheet in release notes.
  • Organizaton Parameters - increased page load performance.
  • Organization Parameters - fixed problem with email addresses not saving.
  • TaskForceOrganizations.aspx - changed the "Add EMAC Organizations" text to make it more understandable.
  • Fixed a problem with a "1594Log" breadcrumb getting added to the bread crumbs when clicking on the 1594 log entry to view the details of the entry.
  • Find Incident - fixed the tab ordering of the controls so that the "Clear" button doesn't fire instead of the "Submit" button when hitting enter.
  • Comms Check - changed the 1594 log entry to include the With as the Organization the check was conducted With.
  • Comms Check - changed the 1594 log entry to include the "With Personnel" as the personnel the comms check was conducted with.
  • Comms Check - changed the Action Taken and removed the "Comms Check - " part of it so that it is just "Check Passed" and "Check Failed". Also removed the Pass/Fail from the text of the 1594 log entry.
  • Comms Check - reorganized the UI, putting the comments on a 2nd line to avoid excessive grid resizing after selecting the "Passed" or "Failed" radio buttons.
  • Incident 1594 Log Entries changed to reflect action of "Created", "Updated", and "Closed".
  • 1594 Misc - fixed problem with the "Medium Used" not showing in the 1594 log.
  • RFF - 1594 log entries changed to reflect action of "Created", "Updated", and "Closed".
  • RFA email notification - changed to show "Request for Assistance".
  • RFA email notification - fixed hyperlink.
  • RFA email notification - fixed problem with the RFA number not showing on the email when it is a new RFA.
  • RFA - 1594 log entries changed to reflect action of "Created", "Updated", and "Closed".
  • RFI - 1594 log entries changed to reflect action of "Created", "Updated", and "Closed".
  • RFI - issue with duplicate 1594 log entries being created when the From and To organizations on the RFI are the same was fixed.
  • RFI - fixed problem with email not getting sent when new RFI was created.
  • 1594 Page - the "RFI" link in the grid was changed from a pop-up to a normal hyperlink to avoid opening additional browser windows.
  • RFF - Email notification fixed.
  • Prescripted EMAC - log entries added to the 1594 log when created and updated.
  • 1594 Misc - redirected to main page when uploading a file.
  • RFA - disabled the "Upload" button for file attachments until the document is saved.
  • Task - changed the zip code for resource location to a masked edit field.
  • SIR/CCIR - fixed invalid hyperlink in the CCIR/SIR email notification.
  • Prescripted EMAC - fixed problem with Add Capabilities pop-up window opening behind the main window.
  • Prescripted EMAC - fixed problem with Add Escalation Matrix pop-up window opening behind the main window.
  • Prescripted EMAC - fixed problem with the Note pop up window opening behind the main window.
  • RFF - Changed the incident lookup to a combo box.
  • Routing - got rid of the "Routed" log entry in the originator's 1594 log.
  • Routing - changed some of the 1594 log entries to make them more consistent with the rest of the application (capitlization).
  • Routing - changed the email notification wording and included hyperlink to request.
  • AMR - changed the 1594 log entries to match the RFA and RFF log entries (Created/Updated/Closed).
  • Inbound/Outbound Tasks - inbound/outbound tasking link is no longer a pop-up window. Eliminates excessive pop-ups.
  • Inbound/Outbound Tasks - grid now allows sorting, grouping, and filtering.
  • Inbound/Outbound Requests - inbound/outbound request link is no longer a pop-up window.
  • Inbound/Outbound Requests - grid now allows sorting, grouping, and filtering.
  • Inbound/Outbound SIRs/CCIRs - inbound/outbound request link is no longer a pop-up window.
  • Inbound/Outbound SIRs/CCIRs - grid now allows sorting, grouping, and filtering.
  • RFA - Requesting Agency control changed to keep from having the data over-written when the control refreshes.
  • Reference Tables - Added "State" to the county codes. Included all counties for all states.
  • RFF - Added the county control.
  • RFF - Filter the counties based on the state.
  • Tasks - filter the counties based on the state.
  • SIR - filter the counties based on the state.
  • Report Parameters - filter the counties based on the state.
  • AAR - removed the linkages to MDMP to fix a crashing problem if MDMP is not installed on the same server.
  • Master Page - fixed problem with uploaded logo in upper left corner sometimes not showing and reverting to the TwinEngines logo.
  • Tasks - invalid hyperlink on the email notification was fixed.
  • AMR - invalid hyperlink on the email notification was fixed.
  • SIR - allowed personnel to be added prior to saving the form.
  • SIR - 1594 log entries changed to be consistent with other forms.
  • RFF - attachment control replaced with one that will allow attaching files prior to saving.
  • 1594 Misc - new file attachment control added.
  • Incident - new file attachment control added.
  • CCIR/SIR - new file attachment control added.
  • AAR - new file attachment control added.
  • RFI - new file attachment control added.
  • RFA - new file attachment control added.
2.0.4 June 2009 Recruiting & Retention
  • Removed duplicate Personnel records from the SIDPERS Import process that was throwing numbers off. This was the cause of the blank M/F on the Wrap Up Report and the incorrect AFQT percentiles.
  • Fixed a problem with the SIDPERS data synch process that was appending records to the TransactionHistory table instead of replacing the records.
  • Fixed a problem with the License Key not being recognized.
  • Attrition Report - changed the dates to use the Discharge Date instead of the ETS Date.
  • Fixed a SQL Time Out error on the Wrap Up Report.
  • Fixed the Create Admin User function.
2.0.3 May 2009 Evaluations
  • Update evaluation organization if unknown organization.
  • Automatically check evaluations in if checked out for more than a hour.
2.0.2 March 2009 Evaluations
  • Optimized Incomplete Rating Scheme.
  • Modified Synch Rating Scheme and Fixed Rating Scheme Statistics.
  • Allow Unit Clerk to view whole support form.
  • Allow Support form to be updated and printed regardless of status.
  • Added Q to section code of NCOER.
  • Fixed PureEdge error caused by Reviewer Organization's containing anpersand.
  • Added filter to Synch Rating Scheme on Pay Grades not required to have NCOs.
  • Fixed Rating Scheme report for NCOs.
  • Added automation for default Evaluation Roles as soon as a new user is created.
  • Changed error message when user does not have an account.
  • Fixed OER rater's initials being overwritten.
  • Allow for up to 9 digits MOS, populate UPC instead of UIC
  • Apply Evaluation Exceptions to Rating Schemes.
  • Added custom query to show evaluations containing invalid organization.
  • Added a setting to hide "Deleted" evaluations.
  • Fixed PureEdge export Rater PMOSC.
  • Fixed Rating's scheme still showing discharged soldiers.
  • Removed abitlity for Raters to delete an evaluation.
  • Added admin functions: made check-in page visible from UI and added a deleted evaluations page.
  • Fixed deleting roles from a user - if you delete all the roles, the very last role doesn't show that it was deleted.
2.0.2 March 2009 Ops Center
  • Fixed File Attachments not opening and other related attachment problems.
  • Added email notification to requests.
  • Fixed Requests count.
  • Fixed AMR flight route.
  • Fixed Request Reports incident filter.
  • Added administration for aircraft type.
  • Fixed Task Force Organization.
  • Added mutliple email addresses for organization POC.
  • Added default status for new RFI.
  • Added Incident Description for Request Task in log.
2.0.1 Feb 2009 Recruiting & Retention
  • Fixed Performance chart, when switching to the "By Recruiter" view, get an error message.
  • Fixed Performance Report - grid pager, when clicking on "Next" all the data dissappears and reports show the "No Data" message.
  • Cleaned up the Excel Export in the Performance Report.
  • Attrition Report - show a grand total.
  • Recruiter Edit - change column name from "End Date" to "Termination Date".
  • Fixed Assign Enlistments - when you "Flag as an ISR", the Recruiter and the Group should be null.
  • Fixed Assign enlistments - when selecting "Not Assigned", showing ISRs (should not), and some show a group.
  • Added Retention Performance - date range picker.
  • Attrition Report - have the ability to drill down to show the individual records.
2.0.1 Feb 2009 Ops Center
  • Misc Ehancements and Fixes.
  • 1594 Log
    Get rid of the RFI block. Tasks pop-up - not hyperlinked. Grid make the widths fixed and wrap them. Size it so that they fit on a 1024 x 768 screen without having to scroll. Remove the "1594 Log" breadcrumb
  • 1594 Misc
    1594 Log Entry missing the description. Action should be the "Action Taken" on the 1594 Misc Entry form. If the "Received From" is left blank, the whole description is blank. Make sure that if ANY data is blank, that the header in the log entry (e.g. "Received From") doesn't print either. Remove the "Incident" from the log entry - it's on one of the columns now. Breadcrumb - "1594 Log" is incorrect - causes an error when you click on the link. Only shows when updating a 1594 log entry, not on the new.
  • All 1594 Log Entries
    Take off the "AMR", "RFF", "RFA", etc when we are showing the Reference number. It is redundant. Remove the "Incident" from any of the log entry text since we have it as one of the columns. Having lots of duplicate "ROUTED" entries in the log. Probably because multiple organizations were skipped in the routing process. Only show a single "Routed" entry. When an item is "Closed" or "Cancelled", the "Action Taken" in the 1594 log should be "Closed" or "Cancelled". Shorten all the "Action Taken" to just (don't need the "RFA", "RFF", etc): Created Updated Routed Closed Cancelled Or any entry in the "Action Taken" in the 1594 Misc
  • Log Out/Log In
    Missing the "Description" in the 1594 log entry. All Request Forms Change the label of "Reason Closed" to "Request Status". Doesn't make sense to have an "In Progress" "Reason Closed" - it's not really closed when it's "In Progress". Don't allow the request to be marked as "Completed" unless all the tasks are "Mission Complete", "Rejected", or "Cancelled" Don't allow the request to be marked as "Cancelled" if any of the tasks are "Assigned", "In Progress". Don't show the "Reason Closed" (now "Request Status") on a "New" form, or disable it. Don't allow the "Delete" of a form. It should be "Cancelled", not deleted. The AMR, RFI, RFF, allows you to delete the form when it should not. When marking as "Closed", should capture who closed it. In the RFF, we closed one (marked Completed) and the "Closed By" didn't populate.
  • Incident
    Missing the "Saved Ok" message. New Incident is missing a 1594 mission. Incident Date/Time is not saving changes. Notes - cannot "Delete" a note. Also the Created By and Created Date are not showing.
  • Adding Civilians/Non Military Contacts
    Added POC control.
  • Find Person
    Remove the leading wildcard in the search so that when you search on BA it will return all records that only START was BA as opposed to all records that have a BA in them. Add a legend of: Use % at the beginning of the search criteria to search within the name.
  • Comms Check
    1594 Log Entry "Action" should be either "Check Failed" or "Check Passed"
    When navigating between tabs, the SIR is saving and creating entries into the 1594 log. Ends up creating 6 different 1594 log entries for a single new SIR. THIS MAY APPLY TO ALL FORMS. 1594 Log Entry - the "Category" is not showing in the entry. Tasks Note - after adding a note, it doesn't update the number of notes next to the note icon. Also, the focus is lost on the pop-up window and if a new SIR, the note page doesn't close. Status - shows the GUID instead of the name. Double clicking shows the description. This only occurs when the SIR/CCIR is being updated, not new. Only occurs after a post-back event like adding a new note from the icon in the upper right hand corner next to the Save SIR/CCIR icon. Remove the "1594 Log" breadcrumb that shows after the post-backs. When adding personnel on a new SIR, prompt the user that they have to save the form first instead of just saving it for them.
  • Information Control Module
    Remove the link from the 1594 page.
  • Routing Scheme Template
    No way to delete from grid. Delete in the Routing Scheme Template doesn't give you a message that it was deleted. Created a Routing template for a brigade, now ALL routing goes from the originating organization of JFHQLA to the brigade, back to JFHQLA.
  • RFI
    Statuses ?? Request Submitted to Organization Response Submitted by Organization Completed Clicking on the "Reference" hyperlink had an incorrect URL - shows: http://localhost/twinengines/joc/[GUID]
  • Log entry for an RFI that references another log entry.
    Just show: CREATED - JOC-RFI-090114-002 // Subject - XXX // Reference - [68: Task // Number- JOC-RFA-090115-004-001] // Status-In Progress Right now it looks like this log entry includes the entire text from the referenced log entry and gets cut off. Requestor POC - need email and phone # (populated from lookup, but changeable). RFI done on a "Task" entry in the 1594 log - the hyperlink is not taking you to the correct location. Need to handle RFIs done against RFIs. For example, if the State HQ sends an RFI to a Brigade, the Brigade may need to create an RFI to the BN referencing this RFI. The BN then may need to create an RFI to the Unit. All these RFIs will need to be linked so that you can see them from the top RFI. What about the RFI attachments? Can we share those somehow. Can we somehow use the routing control to handle this? Problem with the "RFI" sub report - routing with routing (RFF Routing vs. RFI routing).
  • Prescripted EMACs
    Why is the Find Personnel link different from the others? Take out the 1594 log entries. Routing Template Default template for org did not change.
  • RFF
    Personnel Lookup - remove the organization from the text that you selected. Org lookup - use the Org picker, not the search. EMAC Number - remove this After saving, got the message of "Do you want to change the status of tasks to 'New'", then got an error. This was on a new form, new tasks created, tasks were already set to "In Progress". Create SITREP button was disabled. Authorizations - the "Concur/Nonconcur" and Approved/Dsapproved personnel did not save. Unit of Issue in resources - make this a drop down from the reference table. JOC EMAC Cell POC - need phone # and email address. Add "Create EMAC Tasks" button Prompts the user for the organization that the incoming forces will be assigned to. Then creates the following tasks: Awaiting departure from home station Enroute to RSOI In processing at RSOI Assigned to Unit Out processing at RSOI Enroute to home station
  • Tasking Tasking control was not automatically refreshing. May have to do with a javascript error about the 1 time routing message. This was in creating a new RFF. Projected Start End date - the "Actual" start/end shows "Task" instead of "Actual" When a subordinate organization is assigned a task (i.e. an "Inbound") task, they should only be allowed to edit their own tasks. They SHOULD be able to edit anything about that task, except for the "Assigned To" (i.e. they cannot reassign it) and the Task Name. The originator of the task should be able to edit everything in the task. Need a history on the changes to the task as well.
  • AMR
    Wing Type should narrow down the Aircraft Type. After selecting Aircraft Type, it should filter the model After selecting model, it should populate the Average Speed, Passengers, Crew Members, Cost/Hour. See the Aviation Mission Request spreadsheet and the 5 different options that are on it. Take off the "Check One Aircraft" checkbox. Flight Route Add Lat/Long Date/Time should be military format (ETA/ETD). Passenger Manifest Page refreshing on every tab. Need a personnel lookup. When you select an org, then go back in and select the blank record for an org, get an error. Take off the MSN#: Save should return to the home page. 1594 Log Entry Take off the "Incident" since we have a column for it now. When "Closed" the "Time" was incorrect. Showed the time of the form creation, not the time that it was updated. When "Closed" the "Action Taken" should be set to "Closed" The "Incident" and "Support For" is actually the same thing. Move the "Incident" lookup to the "Support For" (i.e. you search on an Incident to populate the support for) and get rid of the "Incident". When tasking subordinate organizations, the subordinate organization should only be allowed to update the tasks that they were assigned. Need to double check this. Standardize the tabs so that they look like the other forms (i.e. Request/Routing). Everything through the Assigned AVN unit should be on the top area above the tab. Also move the Route of Flight and Passenger Manifest to 2 separate tabs. Add JIEE and WebEOC numbers
  • RFA
    Move the "Agency POC", "Primary Phone", "Alternate Phone" up out of the "Request" tab and next to or below the "Requesting Agency in the top portion of the form. Mission # - change this to a label instead of a text box.
  • Reports
    1594 Report Log Ordering is off - the sequence numbers are out of order. The "From" and "To" in the period covered should actually change on each page. It is the date/time for the first entry on that page for the from, and the date/time for the last entry on that page. Need to filter by incident. Missing detail reports for (PDF on each item + option in Reports to view them) RFF AMR RFI Prescripted EMAC Create subreports for the items below and include them in the above reports. Routing/Approval Tasking RFIs SITREPS Mission Reports Should include a date range. Search RFA Change "Mission Number" text to "RFA Number" Need JIEE Number search option
  • Search AMR
    Add JIEE and WebEOC numbers Search SIR Need a Category option Need a "Type" option Change "MACOM" label to "DRU"
  • Reference Table Admin
    Duty Status - when you insert records and save, it does not save. Take out the "Action Taken" table - don't think we should be allow the end user to update this table. Sort the "Reference Table" combo box. Need to add "Unit of Issue" as an editable table. Take out the "FEMA Category" reference table. Need the reference table for the Resource "Item". We have the resource "Category" (e.g. Personnel (1), Equipment (2), etc.) , but need the "Item" (e.g. Admin, Armed, Unarmed, Fuel, Diesel, etc.) Classification - this should point to the same table as the Personnel security clearance in the SIR Personnel Involved table.
2.0.0 Dec 2008 Evaluations
  • Added "End Date" to the recruiter assignments so that recruiters can be removed from recruiter groups.
  • Removed Recruiters from the Performance report if they were not active during the period specified.
  • Cleaned up the Excel Export in the Performance Report.
  • Fixed the charts on the performance page so that the "By Recruiter" legends show correctly.
  • Attrition Report - now shows "Unknown" as the reason for leaving if not manually set by a retention NCO.
  • Sorted Monthly Production Report by group, then by name.
  • Fixed Excel Export on the Assign Enlistments page.
  • Fixed paging problem on the Assign Enlistments page.
1.0.9 Sept 2008 Evaluations
  • Assign Emlistments: Removed date assigned and effective date columns, made drop down window longer and unlocked it.
  • Fixed error in group edit page.
  • Fixed error received in user edit when row is not selected.
  • Added additional roles.
  • Fixed error in Performance report.
  • Fixed all reports when dates are not provided.
  • Renamed Reports.
1.0.8 July 2008 Evaluations
  • Automatically generate AKO email for users.
  • Fixed NCO Reviewer Name inversion.
  • Re-adjusted security around Evaluation Search.
  • Fixed Senior Rater Profile error when SoldierSSN or SeniorRaterSSN IS NULL.
  • Added validation on new personnel: check for existing personnel record.
  • Rename Roles.
  • Fix duplicates caused by email and/or phone.
  • Added automation for Soldier Last Rated Period.
  • Changed My Evaluation Support Form type to point to Support Form type instead of Personnel MPC.
  • Added automation on Rater and Senior Rater role to nightly process.
  • Fixed NCO Statisctics.
  • Readjusted navigation between Rating Scheme Statistics and Rating Schemes pages.
  • Limit Rating Scheme and Rating Scheme Statistics access to Clerks.
  • Review and adjust security.
1.0.8 July 2008 MDMP
  • Mission Types
  • Mission
1.0.8 July 2008 Ops Center
  • Log In/Out
  • Administration
  • Comms Check
  • Incident
  • 1594 Log
  • CCIR
  • SIR
  • AAR Mission
  • Ops Center Mission
  • Reports
  • SIR Routing.
  • Fixed JOC Mission Task Resource not saving properly.
  • Fixed Mission ToolBar not refreshing status changes
1.0.7 June 2008 Evaluations
  • Fixed Personnel search (hourglass) issue.
  • Fixed Evaluation Section IVb3 Decision-Making and Section IVd N/A data not being transferred.
  • Modified Evaluation's validation on CPT.
  • Modified Senior Rater Profile.
  • Fixed Evaluation expired session problem.
  • Import NCOERs Users and Roles.
  • Change User to reflect inactive Personnel record.
  • Fixed index on Personnel Type/ Name search.
  • Modified APFT options to reflect PureEdge options.
  • Fixed permission issues when rater has no priviledges
1.0.6 June 2008 Recruiting & Retention
  • Monthly Production Report - Finished Production Report
  • Wrap Up Report - Added Wrap Up Report
  • 12 Month Enlistment Report - Added 12 Month Enlistment Report
  • ETS Summary - Finished ETS Summary Page
  • ETS Detail - Added ETS Detail Page
  • NCO Activity - Added NCO Activity Report
  • NCO Performance - Added NCO Performance Report
  • Attrition Report - Added Attrition Report
  • Attrition Trend - Added Attrition Trend
1.0.6 June 2008 MDMP
  • Modify the Help Files maintenance, in the Admin Module
  • Add help files to the process steps
  • Help Icons appear only when step/document has help file
  • Modified Senior Rater Profile.
  • Fixed Mission Reciept and MIssion Analysis grids validation process
  • Fixed insert issue in the Commander's initial guidance and intent grid
1.0.5 May 2008 Recruiting & Retention
  • Recruiter Edit - Finished Recruiter Edit Page
  • Assign Enlistments - Finished Assign Enlistmest Page
  • Group Edit - Removed ability to add recruiters to groups
  • Recruiter Edit - Added beginings of Recruiter Edit Page
1.0.4 April 2008 Evaluations
  • Added ability to delete NON-ARNG personnel.
  • Added AKO authentication.
  • Re-Added Rating Schemes Edit.
  • Corrected SIDPERS import.
  • Added Mail capability.
  • Fixed PAR import.
  • Added validation on Evaluation's soldier organization.
  • Added validation for Evaluation Support on fields' length and forbidden characters.
  • Fixed and Change User Role.
  • Added ability to change Organization in Evaluation. Change permission to map to Evaluation's organization instead of soldier's.
  • Fixed Web Service permission error received while trying to access own evaluation.
  • Fixed ampersand issue with PureEdge.
1.0.4 April 2008 Recruiting & Retention
  • ETS Summary - Added beginings of ETS Summary page
  • Monthly Production Report - Added beginings of Monthly Production Report.
  • Assign Enlistments - Fixed problem where a spot to assign recruiters would not show up.
  • Edit Recruiter Groups - Fixed paging in popup to select recruiters to add to group.
1.0.3 March 2008 Evaluations
  • Allow State Clerk to view entire Evaluation Support Form.
  • Upgrade to PureEdge Evaluation Form 6.5
    Disclaimer: We are aware that some of the data is NOT transferring.
  • Optimize Evaluation search and Solve timeout issue.
  • Added Functional Category, date ranges for Non-Rated Code and frocked to Evaluation.
  • Fixed NCOER and OER intermittent error of Failed to convert String to Boolean.
1.0.2 February 2008 Evaluations
  • Change rated months calculation. Remove 1 month if start date is greater than 15 and add a month if end date is greater than 15.
  • Added visibility on checked out evaluations.
  • Fixed attributes check marks not being transferred to PureEdge.
  • Fixed GUID error while saving an evaluation.
  • Fixed Rank error while loading an evaluation or support form.
1.0.2 February 2008 Recruiting & Retention
  • Performance - Added Goal and Difference information for grid
  • Performance - Added new Yearly Accessions Chart.
  • Assign Enlistments - change the "Assign" link to a combo box selector filled with all recruiters.
  • Statistics - Added Accessions Goal graph.
  • Recruiter Goals - Added exceptions area where custom recruiter goals can be defined.
  • Detailed Statistics - Changed "Current Strength" to "Strength".
  • Settings - Changed "Goal" to "End Strength Goal".
  • Soldier Specific Statistics - added Date Enlisted and Date Discharged to grid.
  • Preformance - Fixed Error message when no groups defined.
  • Settings - Added "Yearly Accessions Goal" and "Default Monthly Recruiter Goal".
  • Statistics - bolded and added label to End Strength Goal
  • Statistics - added trendline to Accessions and Discharges
1.0.1 January 2008 Evaluations
  • Added NCOER.
  • Upgrade to Infragistics 7.3
  • Fixed expiring session.
  • User: Only display roles that user has delegate permissions for. Fixed deleting a user problem.
  • Fix problem caused by copy and pasting data unto form and exporting to XForm.
  • Remove APFT validation.
  • Fixed intemittent search error on Evaluations.
  • Fixed formatting issue with XForm: Middle Name and Dates.
  • Added R&R and MDMP License Keys.
  • Disabled Support Form Print button if user is not in Rating Chain of command for soldier.
  • Fixed Evaluation Overlapping validation.
  • Add ability to search for Civilian Personnel.
1.0.0 December 2007 Evaluations
  • Fixed Evaluation: Office Branch not saving, Middle Name showing in First Name block, Extra punctuation marks, Missing Soldier's Unit Address.
  • Added Evaluation Type to Tracking pages.
  • Added View History to Evaluation and Support Forms.
  • Fixed error when loading OER from Battalion Tracking.
  • Fixed New Evaluation: Rater's Position an Organization swap.
  • Fixed My Evaluation Future Evaluation.
  • Fixed problem with Personnel user control.
  • Fixed problem with Rating Scheme validation.
  • Added ability to delete Emails in queue.