Release Notes

Version 10.3.12 - March 2019
1. AFCOS Orders - Error logs in Database.
2. Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 45.

Version 10.3.11 - February 2019
1. AFCOS Orders - Skip files that have already been imported.
2. AFCOS Orders - Save logs in Database.
3. Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 44.

Version 10.3.5 - August 2018   
1. Updated schema from RPAM to CORE.
2. Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 39.

Version 10.3.4 - July 2018 
1. Fixed - Process Queue not printing pdf's with printer view format.
2. Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 38.</li>

Version 10.3.3 - July 2018 
1. Passwords stored in the settings table changed to use FIPS compliant encryption algorithm.
2. Added - SQL Role permission scripts.
3. Latest PERMSIntegrator DBLevel - 38.</li>

Version 10.3.2 - June 2018 
1. Process Queue - Fixed - Filter by name throwing ambiguous column name.
2. Process Queue - Fixed - Not updating when an awards batch record has been processed.
3. Process Queue - ExportDate/ExportTime columns added.
4. Process Queue - Export -> Duplicate check added.
5. Export  Log -  Fixed - Date Range filters not working.

Version 10.3.1 - June 2018 
1. Process Queue - Ability added to show the actual document when double clicking on the record.
2. Fixed - RPAM date range filter is not working correctly.

Version 10.3.0 - May 2018 
1. Process Queue - Ability added to support .rtf files.

Version 10.2 - April 2018 
1. Fixed AFCOS - Error - The file is used by another process.
2. Fixed AFCOS - Error - Access to the path is denied.

Version 10.1 - March 2018 
1. Fixed ProcessQueue - throwing errors when exporting orders.
2. Ability added to convert pdf files to tiff images.

Version 10 - February 2018 
1. 'PERMSIntegrator.txt' log file moved to 'C:\PERMS Integrator\Exports'.

Version 9.9 - February 2018 
1. Fixed - Process queue error ' TIF file not being found'.

Version 9.8 - February 2018 
1. Configure setting 'Use Word to send documents to the PERMS Integrator printer instead of IE' added.

Version 9.7 - February 2018
1. WebBrowser control modified to verify if MILPO Orders can be exported on Windows 10.

Version 9.6 - October 2017
1. PERMS PrintJob - Validations added to check if a non 0 Length file exists before performing tiff convertion process.

Version 9.5 - August 2017
1. New PERMS Documents added.

Version 9.4 - August 2017
1.  Fixed - Process Queue not printing pdf attachments.
2.  Ability added to chose the effective date for RPAM NGB23.

Version 9.3 - July 2017
1.  Fixed - Error - MILPO Orders - "Login failed for user", when getting the list of Ranks using Integrated Windows Authentication.

Version 9.2 - January 2017
1.  Fixed - Error - "Timeout expired waiting for print job to complete", when exporting orders.
2.  Oracle Connection - 'Use the SQL Server linked server connection to RCAS' or 'Connect directly to RCAS from this computer'.

Version 9.1 - January 2017
1.  im62xfax.del file added.

Version 9.0 - December 2016
1.  Validations added to catch errors when printing orders - i.e. "Could not move file. The move operation failed!"

Version 8.9 - December 2016
1.  Added - <STAThread>.

Version 8.8 - October 2016
1.  Added full copyright information.
2.   XML Import Folder modified to be per-user setting.

Version 8.7 - August 2016
1.  Fixed - PQR not filtering inactive soldiers.

Version 8.6 - June 2016
1.  Fixed - PQR Timeout error when exporting orders.

Version 8.5 - May 2016
1.  Fixed - PQR Error - Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid.
2.  Added - "For Official Use Only".
3.  SSN removed from all grids and Tiff image name.

Version 8.4 - April 2016
1.  Application working folder moved to "C:\PERMS Integrator\Exports".

Version 8.3 - April 2016
1.  AFCOS  - Fixed Error "Effective date found after search string [Active duty commitment:] - "Active duty commitment:" is invalid!".

Version 8.2 - March 2016
1.  SQL Scripts updated.
2.  Fixed error "twImgX.register".

Version 8.1 - March 2016
1.  Fixed - Error Invalid object name 'MILPO_Order_Types'.
2.  Application folder moved to Program files.
3.  Fax Manager upgraded.

Version 8.0 - February 2016
1.  Fixed - PQR is not using today's date for the effective date when you use the SSN list function.

Version 7.9 - February 2016
1.  Fixed - AFCOS - Invalid image dpi.

Version 7.8 - January 2016
1.  Fixed - Process Queue error 'Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'Date' is not valid'.
2.  Removed - "MSDAORA" Oracle Provider option in the DB configuration.
3.  Fixed - PQR report giving a timeout error when using the SSN List.
4.  Fixed - AFCOS orders only page 2 of orders are being export to iPerms.

Version 7.7 - December 2015
1.  Fixed - Process Queue, when selecting "Delete", it doesn't actually delete the record.
2.  Show the file location in the "File Open Error" when permissions aren't set in either the Exports folder or the XML Import Folder.
3.  Process Queue - Added Export Date/Time columns.
4.  Fixed - Error message when exporting orders without searching.
5.  Software Guide added.
6.  PQR Report changed to hit the TwinEnginesServices database instead of CMS.
7.  .NET Framework changed from 3.5 to 4.0.

Version 7.6 - November 2015
1.  Process Queue - Document Type filter added.
2.  Fixed Export Log - search criteria isn't working.
3.  Fixed PDF to TIFF and DOC to TIFF - the soldier lookup is slow.

Version 7.5 - September 2015
1.  RPAM - Fixed - Application erasing the leading zeros for all Soldiers SSNs that start with zero.
2.  RPAM - Fixed - Export Date/Time not getting updated.

Version 7.4 - September 2015
1.  Application 'DA-21' removed.

Version 7.3 - September 2015
1.  Fixed - RPAM performance issues when loading data in the grid.

Version 7.2 - August 2015
1.  Modified the location for the working folder 'Export'.

Version 7.1 - August 2015
1.  Fixed Windows Authentication Error - "Invalid authorization specification".

Version 7.0 - August 2015
1.  MILPO - Fixed Error - Not Naming Amended Orders.

Version 6.9 - July 2015
1.  RPAM - Fixed Error - "System.OutOfMemoryException" when exporting orders.

Version 6.8 - July 2015
1.  RPAM - Fixed Error - "Cannot show file because it has been already exported".

Version 6.7- July 2015
1.  RPAM folder - Write access validation added.

Version 6.6- June 2015
1.  Fixed - MILPO - Error - Column ambiguously defined.

Version 6.5- June 2015
1.  Fixed - RPAM Search - DBNull Error.

Version 6.4- May 2015
1.  Fixed - RPAM Search - DBNull Error.
2.  Fixed - Process Queue Invalid doc_format.
3.  RPAM  - Ability to search by Unit UIC.

Version 6.3- May 2015
1.  Fixed - RPAM Search - Invalid columns names.
3.  RPAM - Ability added to search by Organization subordinates.
4.  "OracleProvider" setting modified from "MSDAORA" to "OraOLEDB.Oracle".

Version 6.2- May 2015
1.  Error message added for invalid doc_format in Process Queue.
2.  Pull RPAM statements from the new RCAS 7 Oracle database.

Version 6.1- April 2015
1.  Process Queue -> Ability added to Delete records.

Version 6.0- April 2015
1.  Fixed - Error Executing SQL Script PERMSIntegrator_024.sql.

Version 5.9- March 2015
1.  Process Queue not showing grid scroll bars.

Version 5.8- March 2015
1.  Added - "Windows Integrated" Authentication Method.
2.  Configuration -> License Key - "PR" added to the list of states.
3.  Process Queue -> Ability added to print the following document formats (WORD, PDF,TIF)

Version 5.7- February 2015
1.  Fixed -  NATO Order not showing exported date & time.
2.  Ability added to Turn on/off Log data to PERMSIntegrator.txt.

Version 5.6- February 2015
1.  Fixed -  Printing directly to PERMS Integrator printer, image is not in correct format (FMF file wrong group type).
2.  Added - Word to TIFF function.
3.  AFCOS Configuration - "Header Line" replaced for "Header".
4.  Move operation failed error when doing PDF to TIFF and the XML Import Directory in the configuration is blank or invalid.

Version 5.5- February 2015
1.  Fixed - PDF To TIFF conversion, SSNs with leading zeros are missing the leading zeros in the XML.

Version 5.4- February 2015
1.  Fixed - AFCOS "Index and length must refer to a location within the string".
2.  Fixed - AFCOS Effective date found after search string [Period\(....\):] - "Period (TDY):" is invalid!.

Version 5.3- February 2015
1.  Fixed - Could not load file or assembly 'AxInterop.SHDocVw'.

Version 5.2- February 2015
1.  Fixed - PDF To TIFF creating TIFF image per PDF page.
2.  PDF To TIFF - Ability added to set Order Index data.

Version 5.1- February 2015
1.  Tiff image resolution modified from CCITT T.4 to CCITT T.6.

Version 5.0- December 2014 
1.  Fixed - AFCOS Orders page break.

Version 4.9- December 2014 
1.  Added - Process Queue functionality.

Version 4.8- October 2014 
1.  Export Log - Error message added when the Original Order is not found.

Version 4.7- July 2014 
1.  Fixed - MILPO Orders not returning results.
2.  Fixed - MILPO Orders amendments and revocations are showing blank names.

Version 4.6- July 2014 
1.  Fixed - Application freezing when searching in MILPO Orders.

Version 4.5- July 2014 
1.  One or more errors occurred during processing of command. ORA-00904: "T"."FORMATNUMBER": invalid identifier.

Version 4.4- July 2014 
1.  Fixed - MILPO Orders amendments and revocations are showing blank names.

Version 4.3- June 2014
1.  Fixed - Illegal characters in path error when exporting MILPO Orders.
2.  Configuration-> Oracle "Provider" modified from text to selection.
3.  MILPO Orders -> Format # mapped to the PERMS DocType.
4.  Working folder replaced to the user's "Documents".
5.  Fixed - MILPO Orders amendments and revocations are showing blank names.

Version 4.2- May 2014
1.  NGB "ORD NGB AMD" PERMS Doc Type changed to "ORD AMD".
2.  "Attachment" amendment type changed to "ORD ATTACH".

Version 4.1- May 2014
1.  NGB "ORD-ATT" PERMS Doc Type changed to "ORD ATTACH".

Version 4.0- May 2014
1.  Fixed - Amended Orders - Incorrect effective date.

Version 3.99- April 2014
1.  Export log - Ability added to view MILPO and AFCOS temp file.

Version 3.98- April 2014
1.  Fixed - Invalid object name 'PERMSIntegrator.dbo.Batches'.

Version 3.97- February 2014
1.  Fixed - AFCOS Error "Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints".

Version 3.96- February 2014
1.  Fixed - MILPO Orders with invalid effective dates on amendments.

Version 3.95- January 2014
1.  Batches log added.
2.  Export Image name format modified.
3.  Infragistics version upgraded to v2012.1.

Version 3.94- January 2014
1.  Fixed - AFCOS Doc_Type="ORD NATO" storing the AdditionalKey (The order number) with a carriage-return character at the end.

Version 3.93- January 2014
1.  Fixed - PDF To TIFF images rejected by PERMS.
2.  Validation added when the export destination file is invalid.
3.  Configuration->Data Base->Oracle Connection - 'Server Name' label replaced by 'TNS Name Entry Name'.

Version 3.92- November 2013
1.  Fixed - SQL/Oracle password not accepting special characters.

Version 3.91- October 2013
1.  Fixed - MIPO exporting duplicated orders.

Version 3.90- October 2013
1.  RPAM - Validations added to verify invalid soldier "SSN".
2.  Fixed - RPAM Tiff images is showing the first page in blank.

Version 3.89- October 2013
1.  Trace log added, to capture more information about RPAM error.

Version 3.88- September 2013
1.  Fixed MILPO Orders error with emtpy Effective dates.

Version 3.87- August 2013
1.  Fixed Error - RPAM "Object reference not set to an instance of an object when processing RPAM 23s".

Version 3.86- August 2013
1.  AFCOS Order Format modified.

Version 3.85- August 2013
1.  ORA-01843: not a valid month - Added new date conversion method to set the correct format of "Date Range" when searching MILPO Orders.
2.  Fixed - MILPO Export Orders showing invalid dates message.

Version 3.84- July 2013
1.  Trace log added, to get more information about the error - ORA-01843: not a valid month.

Version 3.83- April 2013
1.  Fixed RPAM error - "Word was unable to read this document.  It may be corrupt".

Version 3.82- March 2013
1.  Fixed License Key error - "Unhandled exception has ocurred in a component in your application."

Version 3.81- February 2013
1.  Fixed RPAM error - "*twRPAM.GetDirFiles - GenerateMessageText"

Version 3.80- January 2013
1.  Tiff image resolution modified from CCITT T.6 to CCITT T.4.

Version 3.79- January 2013
1.  The Tiff image resolution was changed to 204dpi x 196dpi.

Version 3.78- January 2013
1.  Fixed issue - User constantly prompted with the printer selection when printing MILPO Orders.
2.  Fixed issue - SSN list getting wiped out after a batch completes and the date exported not showing in DA2-1.

Version 3.77- November 2012
1.  Fixed - AFCOS Tiff Images in blank.

Version 3.76- October 2012
1.  Environment setting "SSL", was added to DA2-1 configuration.
2.  Attribute "Soldier DOM ID", was added to PERMSBatchExport.
3. "-ARG" was removed from the XML.

Version 3.75- September 2012
1.  Fixed AFCOS issue of not showing all the orders with certain header formats.
2.  Fixed Error "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID " twImgx.register.

Version 3.74- August 2012
1.  Installation file path modified from C:\ProgramFiles\PERMS Integrator to C:\PERMS Integrator.
2.  Indexes added to table Export_Log.

Version 3.73- July 2012
1.  Fixed - "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime" when exporting RPAM Orders.

Version 3.72- June 2012
1.  Fixed - PQR using DOR as effective date instead of the current date it was exported.
2.  Effective date added to MILPO Orders.

Version 3.71- May 2012
1.  Validations added to AFCOS when exporting orders with invalid effective dates.

Version 3.70- April 2012
1.  Fixed error Object reference not set to an instance of an object "twRPAM.StripFromRTF0".

Version 3.69- February 2012
1. Fixed error "The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value " when exporting MILPO Orders.

Version 3.68- February 2012
1. Configuration "Save Tiff images" moved from AFCOS to main tab.
2. Fixed error "Input string was not in a correct format. Source: *frmRPAM.GetFile TargetSite: StringToNumber" in RPAM.
3. Validations added to MILPO when exporting orders with invalid effective dates.

Version 3.67- December 2011
1. Fixed error with the search resetting after doing a single export in DA-21.
2. Fixed error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" when exporting orders in DA-21.

Version 3.66- October 2011
1. Fixed error in ProcessOrder method when finding orders in AFCOS.

Version 3.65- October 2011
1. Reworked the AFCOS Orders export process to ensure files are not dropped.
2. Rank filter added to MILPO AND AFCOS Orders.
3. Added custom export batch name.
4. Fixed AFCOS Orders search.

Version 3.64 - Sept 2011
1. Reworked the MILPO Orders export process to ensure files are not dropped.
2. Added an error form to display more information about errors and give users link to support email address.

Version 3.63 - Jully 2011
1. Fixed "NATO Orders" MOB searching.
2. Fixed missing XML,TIFF and Date Exported when exporting MILPO Orders.

Version 3.62 - June 2011
1. Fixed "SQL.xml.error." file generated when exporting MOB Orders.
2. Fixed file naming convention for the TIFF images.
3. Fixed Error when trying to save AFCOS header with apostrophe.
4. Fixed AFCOS Error "Index was outside the bounds of the array".

Version 3.61 - May 2011
1. Fixed PQR and DA-21 Export log date.
2. Fixed AFCOS Error "Index was outside the bounds of the array".
3. Fixed PQR and DA-21 SSNList Export log date.
4. Fixed Error "The text,ntext, and image data types cannot be compared or stored, except when using IS NULL or LIKE operator." when finding orders in AFCOS.
5. Fixed Error "Operator = is not defined for string and type DBNull" when finding MILPO Orders.
6. Fixed MILPO Orders and PQR when selecting "Skip record and continue with the other selected records".
7. Fixed DA-21, PQR Exported Date when selecting "Skip record and continue with the other selected records".
8. Fixed RPAM Error "Column olstrOrderNumber does not belong to the table" when finding orders.
9. Fixed AFCOS Error "For not found after the Pertaining to".
10. No repetead Order Types can be added in MILPO Order Configuration.
11. Fixed AFOCS Error when finding orders: "Index was outside the bounds of the array".
12. Fixed Error:Value cannot be null.IESetDefautlPrinter

Version 3.60 - April 2011
1. Added Date Modified search capability to DA2_1
2. MOB Orders printed in separate pages.
3. Fixed error "StartIndex cannot be less than zero" MOB Orders.
4. Modified PQR Date Formats.
5. Fixed format of Effecitve date in AFCOS Orders.
6. Fixed format of TIFF Images AFCOS Orders.
7. Fixed Export Log "View Image".

Version 3.59 - March 2011
1. Fixed issue Length or precision specification 0 is invalid.

Version 3.58 - February 2011
1. Show the date & time in separate columns in MILPO Order, DA2_1, PQR, RPAM and AFCOS, Export Log.
2. Fixed "SSN List functionality in PQR".
3. Fixed "Errors when opening files in RPAM for conversion"
4. Fixed "Problems finding the effective date in AFCOS orders."
5. Fixed "When print AFCOS orders, not changing the default printer."
6. Fixed "Apostrophe in the name causes a SQL error and makes the batch fail."
7. Fixed "RPAM Export, XML file got renamed to .incomplete."
8. Fixed "MILPO Orders, PERMS Doc Type is wrong in a couple places."
9. Fixed "PERMS Integrator has the wrong mappings for MILPO Orders."
10. Fixed "PERMS Document types for MILPO Orders are not correct."
11. Staging process added to the creation of the orders.
12. Error Message added when the user does not have permissions on the Exports folder.
13. Fixed AFCOS TIFF Images, Orders with multiple pages.

Version 3.57 - November 2010
1. Added validation of selected records to export in MILPO Order, DA2_1, PQR, RPAM and AFCOS.

Version 3.56 - October 2010
1. AFCOS - "Cannot access a disposed object" in frmMob.DisplayorderInIE. Object name: frmBrowser, Originator: CreateHandle, Line: 0.
2. Fixed AFCOS Format Configuartion - Unable to convert from 'System.Strig' to 'System.Int32'.

Version 3.55 - August 2010
1. Fixed problem AFCOS export date in blank.


Version 3.54 - June 2010
1. Configuartion - Split batches by Organization added in MILPO Orders.
2. Fixed problem with duplicate documents showing warning message when duplicates don't exist.
3. Fixed problem PQR using DOR as effective date instead of the current date it was exported.
4.  Fixed problem Object Ref not set to an instance of an object in RPAM.
5. Fixed evaluation license key message.
6. Added the ability to save TIFF images for the AFCOS orders in the database.

Version 3.53 - Mar 2010
1. XML output files are now consolidated into a single XML file for each batch of documents that is sent to PERMS.

Version 3.52 - Feb 2010
1. Configuration - fixed a problem where if you selected a different printer to send documents to other than the PERMSIntegrator printer, the change would not save.

Version 3.51 - Jan 2010
1. MILPO Orders Export - the XML file was created with the wrong file name, which results in the batch being marked as "incomplete".

Version 3.5 - Jan 2010
1. Configuration - when the SQL Server is not available, connection information would get wiped out.
2. Configuration - when the SQL Server configuration was incorrect or the SQL Server unavailable,  the application would still allow you into PERMS Integrator, which would result in lots of errors  popping up.
3. Configuration - the "Save" button on the "License" tab did not close the form.
4. RPAM Export - fixed a problem in some RPAM files where a blank page was the last page caused an  error to occur.
5. AFCOS Export - changed the printing of AFCOS documents to use the embedded IE browser instead of having Word print the documents.  Word was changing the font sizes in the document to a different size and it would make the document lines wrap in the wrong location.
6. DA2-1 Export - fixed a problem with the SSN list functionality.

Version 3.4 - Oct 2009
1. RPAM - changed the filespec to include the "*23A*.rtf".  This will help make sure that RTF files that are not 23As will not get parsed.
2. RPAM - trapped error message for parsing errors and provide a more informative message to the end user.
3. PQR - Upgraded reports to ActiveReports 6.
4. PQR - Fixed the problem with the ActiveReports "Evaluation" message showing on the report.

Version 3.3 - Sep 2009
1. Changed the AFCOS Effective date so that it pulls from the "Number of Days" line on the order.

Version 3.2 - Aug 2009
1. Moved configuration information to SQL Server database.  This allows you to update  the configuration information from a single location and have all versions updated. NOTE: this does NOT include the database connections and export location.  That information must still be configured on each box.
2. RPAM Import - the rank was showing in the soldier name.  Removed.
3. Grids - fixed problem with the scrollbar not showing when the form is first loaded.
4. RPAM Import - the "Document Type" was hard-coded to "NGB 23B" instead of using the the value specified in the configuration.
5. Export Log - the MILPO Orders log entries had the numeric code instead of the text description for the order type.  The text description for the order type is now outputted instead.
6. Export log - previous entries in the export log that fit the criteria above (the numeric code) were corrected.
7. Exporting - you can now have multiple options on the warning that comes up about the document already having been exported by PERMS Integrator.  Allows you to continue, cancel, skip, and not show the warning again during this batch.
8. Changed the text on several configuration options to make them more self explanatory.
9. Changed the configuration for the Adobe Acrobat so that you can find the actual executable instead of the folder where the executable resides.  The problem was that Adobe changes the name of the Reader between different versions.
10. Fixed a problem with the PDF to TIFF conversion.  The files were getting deleted right after conversion.
11. Fixed a problem with sending documents directly to the PERMS Integrator printer.  The files were not being created correctly.  You can now print ANY document to the PERMS Integrator printer and it will be converted to a TIFF image and placed in the C:\Program Files\PERMSIntegrator\Exports folder.
12. Various sligh UI tweaks to make the interface easier to use.
13. Now checking the configuration information for valid values before allowing you to begin exporting documents.  For example, the application checks the RCAS Oracle connection before allowing you to open up the MILPO Orders

Version 3.1 - April 2009
1.  VISTA Compatibility
2.  Fixed AFCOS imported date not showing.

Version 3.0 - Sept 2008
1.  Converted to Visual Studio 2008.
2.  Added Export Log hosted in a SQL Server database. Tracks all documents exported by PERMS Integrator.
3.  Re-organized the Configuration page.
4.  Added "Test" option for database connections.
5.  Changes to the PQR report.

Version 2.2 - May 2007

1. Added a "FileSpec" for the AFCOS and RPAM import routines.

Version 2.0 - Oct 2006

1. Rewrote the parsing routine for processing AFCOS orders to fix various issues.
2. Changed the AFCOS configuration menu.  The parsing routine no longer uses
distinct line numbers and positions to find the index data.
3. Enhancements made to the MILPO Orders export routine to speed up processing of large numbers of orders.

Version 1.17
1. Fix for PQR error when return list is nothing.

Version 1.16
1. Added ability to paste a list of SSNs from an Excel spreadsheet to create lists in DA2-1 and PQR.
2. Changes for states with extra return characters in AFCOS documents.

Version 1.15
1. Changes for blank pages during export process.

Version 1.14
1. Changed format of Effective Dates to yyyymmdd.

Version 1.13
1. Change RPAM and AFCOS to use Internet Explorer control to print.
2. Update for AFCOS name length in xml document.

Version 1.12
1. Fix for first date entry in RPAM not showing year.

Version 1.11
1. Update for FaxManJr installations.

Version 1.10
1. Replaced files amtypemap.xml, AFCOSTypeMap.xml, typemap.xml.

Version 1.9
1. Update to change reference from UNIT_NAME to ORG_NAME for AITS 3.0.

Version 1.8
1. Replaced files amtypemap.xml, AFCOSTypeMap.xml, typemap.xml, SQLCatalog.xml.
2. Update About screen to show correct release version.

Version 1.7
1. Replace references to PER_ORGANIZATION table with IDV_ORGANIZATION for AITS 3.0.
2. Update the XML fields in the installation for the new mappings to AITS 3.0.

Version 1.6
1. Fix for SQLCatalog.

Version 1.5
1. Upgrade for AITS 2.0.

Version 1.4
1. Fixed Export error for amendments.

Version 1.3
1. The document for PERMS on the PQR should actually be the date the PQR was generated, not the DOR.
2. Added "Release Notes" under the "Help" menu.