Case Types Library

Below is a list of available case types that can be downloaded and imported into the Case Management system.

Right click on the links below and click "Save As" to save them to your system.  Then within the Case Management system, use the "Import/Export Case Types" and the "Import Case Types from XML" button to import the downloaded case type.

Discharges Case Types
NGB22 State Level Processing NGB22 Case Type for doing all NGB22 processing at the state level instead of at the BN/Unit level.  Includes routing the case and approvals to the Officers and Enlisted Branch.
NGB22 Unit Level Processing NGB22 Case Type for doing all NGB22 processing at the Unit/BN level.
NGB22 (KY) NGB22 Case Type for doing all NGB22 processing at the BN level, state approval, plus War Records.
Discharges Traininee (BCT or AIT) Discharge Case Type for a Trainee Discharge (BCT or AIT).  Includes workflow from unit to state and applicable regulations behind each task.
Discharge from the ING (Failure to Muster) Discharge Case Type for discharging a Soldier from the ING for failure to muster.  Includes workflow that starts at the unit level and goes to the state G1 for approval.  Has links to applicable regulations and forms.
Discharges AWOL Discharge Case Type for discharging a Soldier due to AWOL.
Miscellaneous Case Management Types
Soldier Out-Processing Tasking for when a soldier is being Discharged or Separated from the Guard.  Contains 60+ tasks to track for various organizations.
Personnel Tasking Simple tasking to a person.
Organization Tasking Simple tasking to an organization.
Marital Dependent Status Change Routing/Approval process for processing a dependent status change due to marriage, divorce, change in child support, etc.
Conditional Release to Join Another Component Routing/Approval process for a conditional release to join another component.
Civilian Education Level Change Routing/Approval process to handle a change in Civilian Education.
SAAR for TwinEngines Basic example of processing a SAAR (System Access Authorization Request) for the TwinEngines systems via the Case Management System.
TwinEngines Web Server 2012 STIGS Creates a case with a task for each STIG (around 650) required by the TwinEngines Web Server for a Server 2012 implementation.
Account Password Reset Example of how you can automate cases to be generated every 60 days and remind users to reset passwords for applications.

System Authorization and Access Request (SAAR) for any information system the Systems and Information Branch (SIB) is the system owner for.  This includes:

  • DSIB
  • SIBX
  • Record Brief
  • DPRO
  • RPAM
Acceptable Use Policy Case used in conjuction with SAAR for tracking network Acceptable Use Policy for users.
Annual Training (DA87) Case used in conjunction with SAAR for tracking User's annual training.
Data Quality Issues
APFT Failure with no Flag Finds APFT failures that don't have a corresponding flagging action in SIDPERS.
Invalid punctuation in Address Finds addresses for soldiers that include invalid punctuation in the address.
CO/CIVED Discrepancies Finds Commissioned Officers that don't show that they have a minimum of a college degree in SIDPERS.
DOR/EDOG Discrepancies Finds soldiers with discrepancies in their DOR and EDOG.
ING Expiration Date Passed Finds soldiers where their ING expiration date has passed that are still active in SIDPERS.
Expired Attachment Finds soldiers whose attachment has expired.

If you have case types you would like to make available to other states, or you have a case type you need help on developing, please contact