PERMS Integrator

A new release for PERMS Integrator is now available. In this version, we've revamped the RPAM interface so that it pulls NGB23 statements from the RPAM system instead of downloading the statements and parsing through the documents. This was needed since the new version of RPAM no longer includes the full SSN on the statement.

Also included in this release are some enhancements to work along with our Case Management and Awards Tracking systems. These systems can now send PDFs and Word documents as well as TIF images to PERMS via PERMS Integrator and the "Process Queue" functionality.

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Awards Tracking System

A new version of the Awards Tracking System is now available. This version changes the DA638 form from PureEdge to PDF and includes a DA638 board functionality. Also included is the ability to send the DA638 to PERMS via PERMS Integrator after it has been approved.

You can see multiple online demos of the Awards system, including the DA638 functionality here:

Product Demonstration Videos

If you or someone in your state wants a more detailed demo or training session via DCS, just contact me and we can set that up.

Case Management

The same version of the Awards Tracking system also includes some enhancements and updates to our Case Management system. Our library of pre-defined work-flow/approval processes for our Case Management system continues to grow. We've created a case type that can be used for simple tasking to either an organization or person. Another case type we've recently created handles soldier out-processing. This is a complicated process that includes 62 different tasks across multiple organizations that have to be completed to out-process a soldier. To see online demos of these new case types in action see our demos page at:

Product Demonstration Videos

The case types are available in our Case Type Library page here:

Case Management Case Type Library

Latest Releases

For your convenience, here is a list of each of the products and their current version. Check the Release Notes in each system to make sure you have the latest version.

CMSWebServices 1.84 May 2015
Discharges 1.92 May 2015
DA2-1 1.61 Apr 2012
E-Trans Manager 1.77 Apr 2014
Training & Security Tracking 1.21 Apr 2012
CMSWebServices Loader 1.21 Aug 2015
TwinEngines Web Application Suite*: 10.4.6 Aug 2015
PERMS Integrator 7.2 Aug 2015

*Includes Awards Tracking, Case Management, Evaluations, Recruiting, Retention, and Enlisted Promotions.

You can download these from: TwinEngines Downloads

Dean Baskin