Recruiting, Retention and Promotions - New Release Coming Soon

We are currently working on a new version that includes several changes to the business rules involved with the E1-E4 Auto-Advancement functionality. This will also include integration with our new "Case Management" functionality where we will generate new Cases whenever the system cannot calculate the soldier's time in service, or whenever a commander denies a promotion to a soldier.

To see how our Case Management system works, take a look at the online demo for the Awards Tracking DA638 process that is described below.

We also have online demos available to view both the E1-E4 auto-advancement functionality and the E5-E8 OML functionality. Click here to take a look at these demos.

Awards Tracking

We've made several fixes and enhancements to the Awards Tracking system since the beta release last month.  The latest version is available here.

Also, there is an online demo of the new Case Management functionality that we have integrated into the system to help process the DA638.  See the online demo here.

News From TwinEngines

Personnel Case Management

We are currently working on a new Personnel Case Management system that should be available within the next few months. This system is designed to track "Cases" for Personnel throughout the state. We are looking to expand on the Case Management functionality that we've already created in the Award Tracking system (to track the DA638 process), and within the Promotions functionality (tracking down eligibility dates when they can't be calculated). The core functionality in the Case Management system right now includes:

  • Tracking Activities against a case. An "Activity" can be a Task, Approval, or Email. Tasks and approvals can be assigned to different organizations and personnel, when the case itself is actually assigned to someone else. A workflow automatically creates and assigns Approvals and Tasks, but they can also be manually created and assigned for any case.
  • Attaching documents to the case. You can upload any sort of document and attach it to the case, as well as keep version control of the documents (i.e. see all the different versions that were attached to the case).
  • Adding notes to the cases.
  • Historical audit log of all changes made to a case.
  • Ability to view active cases by case type across the organizations.
  • Ability to view active "Activities" by case type across the organizations.
  • A "My Activities" page that shows all activities assigned to you.

With the Personnel Case Management System, we are looking to expand this functionality to include:

  • Ability to define your own "Case Types".
  • Define your own workflow for a case type (i.e. approval and task assignments)
  • Automatically generate cases based off of Personnel data (i.e. a query that identifies the soldiers that you want to automatically generate a case for).
  • Automatically generate cases based off of Transaction History data in SIDPERS or MILPO Orders.

Look for more information about this product coming soon!