New Subscription Service Pricing

We are introducing a new pricing model for all our applications. Instead of a heavy initial license fee plus yearly maintenance fee, each of our applications can now be purchased under a subscription service license model for $2,500 per year. When you purchase a subscription service, you will be given a license key that is good for one year. At the end of the year, the system will allow you to complete items that have already been started (e.g. cases or NGB22s), but not start any new ones until a new license key is purchased.

For our Case Management system, the $2,500 yearly subscription service gives you 25 Case Types/Workflows that you can implement within the system. Each case type you choose to implement will be linked to a license and you can purchase additional licenses at any time. Additional licenses can be purchased for $100/Case Type/Year. For examples of case types/workflows that we've put together, see our Case Types library here: /products/case-management/case-types-library.aspx. These are just examples of case types/work flows that can be customized within your state and we will work with you to build and customize your own case types to implement your state's business processes.

Evaluation licenses are also available, so if you are interested in taking a look at any of these systems, contact me at dbaskin@twinengines.com.

Dean Baskin


News From TwinEngines


We are currently working on a total revamp of the Discharges application, which we hope to have available for beta testing within the next couple of weeks. We've rebuilt it from the ground up on top of our Case Management technology. New features include:

• Totally revamped UI, now incorporated in the TwinEngines Web Applications Suite (which includes the Awards and Case Management systems).

• The NGB22 is no long just a form, it is a customizable "Case" that gets automatically created once a Discharge or Separation Order is published within MILPO Orders. You can customize the NGB22 Case Type to track and manage additional tasks that can be assigned to multiple organizations. The resulting NGB22 can automatically be sent to PERMS via PERMS Integrator.

• Implementation of the NGB22A.

• Better tracking/management of the ETS process. When a soldier is close to ETS'ing a case is automatically created and assigned. The ETS Case Type, like the NGB22 Case Type, can be customized by your state to create a unique workflow for how to handle ETS'ing soldiers. It includes tasking/tracking of soldier contacts, processing for the DA4836 form (including sending it automatically to PERMS once signed), plus tracking of the required SIDPERS transaction to reenlist the soldier.

• Customizable case types for tracking multiple Discharge processes, including AWOLs, Mandatory Removals, and Forced Separations. For Mandatory Removals and Forced Separations, the system will monitor SIDPERS and automatically create and assign a case for these soldiers. Each of these case types, like the NGB22 and ETS case types, can be customized and allows you to attach documents, assign tasks, track approvals, and even send documents directly to PERMS via PERMS Integrator.

If you are interested in taking a look at the beta version of this system, let me know and I'll send you a license key when it is available.

RCAS Integration

As most of you are probably aware, the latest version of RCAS caused some problems with the TwinEngines applications. The problem was that the RCAS upgrade removes any custom accounts that your state may have created to access the RCAS database by the TwinEngines applications. The work around for this was to simply recreate the account and give read access on the tables to get the interfaces back up and running.

RCAS has recently released a technical bulletin that creates a new account called "VTE_USER" that can be used by the TwinEngines applications to access the RCAS database. In order to use this account for the TwinEngines web applications (ETrans Manager, Discharges, Awards, etc.), you will need to update your SQL Server linked server configuration. Go to:

SQL Server Management Studio >> Server Objects >> Linked Servers >> RCASDBOR >> Properties >> Security

You will find the Oracle login and password there. Change that login to the new "VTE_USER" account.

To change PERMS Integrator to use this account, go to:

PERMS Integrator >> File >> Configuration >> Database >> Oracle Connection

The Oracle account entered there is actually encrypted and stored in the SQL Server database that all instances of PERMS Integrator use, so you only need to change it on one system and the other systems will pick up then new VTE_USER login.

Latest Releases

For your convenience, here is a list of each of the products and their current version. Check the Release Notes in each system to make sure you have the latest version.

CMSWebServices 1.84 May 2015
Discharges 1.96 Nov 2015
E-Trans Manager 1.82 Nov 2015
Training & Security Tracking 1.21 Apr 2012
CMSWebServices Loader 1.21 Aug 2015
TwinEngines Web Application Suite*: 10.5.1 Oct 2015
PERMS Integrator 7.5 Oct 2015

*Includes Awards Tracking, Case Management, Evaluations, Recruiting, Retention, and Enlisted Promotions.

You can download these from: /support/downloads.aspx

Dean Baskin