Awards Tracking for Guard

We are currently working on a rewrite of our Awards tracking system.  This will be a major upgrade to the existing system, incorporating it in our TwinEngines Web Application Suite with a total new look and feel and additional functionality. 

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New Evaluations Release Available

We've had resurgence in interest in the Evaluations application, and as a result have incorporated some new reports and features into the system that your state might be interested in.  We've also fixed several issues that have been recently identified.  The new features include a new "Evaluations By Command" report that gives you a detailed list of the Evaluations by major command, with the ability to select a date range for the Thru Date, and the ability to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.  It also includes some usability enhancements for the User Administration to make it quicker and easier to add roles to users.

News From TwinEngines

DA2-1 Conversion to ERB/ORB

Over the last few months several states have been asking about the new ERB/ORB system that NGB is putting out.  We have been working with NGB and different states on the ability to import data from the TwinEngines DA2-1 package into the ERB/ORB.  Last month we believe we finalized the extract format for the files to pull the data out of our DA2-1 system and import it into the ERB/ORB.  We've now incorporated this function into the latest version of the DA2-1 application and currently have a couple of states testing this for us.  This will allow you to go into the DA2-1 website, select an organization you want to export, and generate a text file for import into the ERB/ORB.

We will send out a notification when the testing for this release has been completed and it is made available for general release.  Contact us if you are interested in testing this release as well.

Discharges Update

We are currently testing a new version of the Discharges application that includes the new NGB-22 and DA4836 PureEdge forms that allow for digital signatures.  We identified an issue with the NGB-22 PureEdge form that NGB is currently working on correcting.  The form does a calculation for the Net Service This Period, and that calculation is inaccurate.  The NGB-22 form has been incorporated into the system for testing purposes, but the old PDF form should still be used until NGB can correct the calculations.