Case Management 1.0 Release Now Available

Our new Case Management system is now available.  This system allows you to create and track cases against both Personnel and Organizations, provides customizable workflows and routing, and tracks multiple tasks, approvals, meetings, emails, notes, and documents against each case.  With customizable case types, you can define your own data fields, routing/approval process, and tasking. 

With our automatic case generation functionality you can write SQL statements (or have us write them for you) to monitor for changes in SIDPERS or RCAS and generate cases for either Personnel or Organizations, including predefined tasks and approval processes for each case.  For example, you could create a "Discharge" Case Type that includes a predefined set of tasks that get assigned to various personnel and organizations to do things like ensuring equipment is recovered, disabling any user accounts the person might have, ensure the NGB-22 is completed, etc.  This case type could then be used in the automatic case generation function to automatically generate a "Discharge" case whenever a Discharge order is published in MILPO Orders.

You can also import Personnel or Organization lists and have cases of a specified case type automatically created for each Personnel or Organization in the list.

All this is done with secure access based off of organization and user roles.

News From TwinEngines


We've been working closely with the NH-ARNG to enhance and improve our Evaluations 3.0 product.  We've fixed some issues and introduced several new enhancements into the system in the last month or two.  If you haven't moved to the new Evaluations 3.0 version, please take a look at the new version and let us know what you think.  If you are one of the states that dropped the Evaluations package from your yearly support, we would like to get you back.  For a limited time we are waiving the reinstatement fee for the Evaluations product if you would like to try it again.  Contact me if you are interested in a demo or more information.


The new version of SIDPERS is being beta tested in several states right now.  This release will require a new version of E-Trans Manager to go along with it in order to translate the ARISS Race and Religion codes properly to the new codes in this version of SIDPERS.  The states that are beta-testing this version of SIDPERS are testing E-Trans Manager as well right now, so it should be ready when the SIDPERS release roles out to all the states.

Also included in this version of E-Trans are a few fixes and a few new features such as showing the current Pay Grade for the soldier and any flagging actions in the Export Transactions screen.

RCAS 7.0

The new release of RCAS 7 caused some issues with the TwinEngines applications due to a new IP address restriction that is being enforced on the RCAS database server.  The RCAS DB Server now restricts all database access to only those systems that are defined in the "INVITED_NODES" section of the SQLNET.ORA file on your RCAS database server.  That means that you will need to add the IP address for the TwinEngines database server and any system running PERMS Integrator.  Also be sure to give your systems running PERMS Integrator a static IP address so that its IP address doesn't change.

Along with that, any user accounts to the RCAS DB server that the TwinEngines system may have been using may have been disabled due to new password complexity enforcements.  You may need to drop and recreate these accounts or reset the password on the accounts.

For more information see our FAQ here:

If you need to update the user account used to access the RCAS database for the applications, see:

Dean Baskin