DA2-1 Conversion to ERB/ORB
We've completed the functionality for exporting the DA2-1 data from our system to the new ERB/ORB system. 

Be sure to upgrade to the latest version at /support/downloads.aspx  before sending any files to NGB so that the data will be in the correct format.


Awards Tracking System

We are putting some finishing touches on a new release of our Awards Tracking system.  This includes a totally revamped interface, incorporation into the TwinEngines Web Application Suite (i.e. upgrade to the .NET 4.0 framework), better tracking of the DA638, and some enhanced functionality to track getting SIDPERS updated with the Awards.

News From TwinEngines

PERMS Integrator
A new release of PERMS Integrator is now available.  This corrects a couple of incorrect PERMS document types as well as altering the configuration for a few of the AFCOS Orders to pull the Effective Date out of the body of the order as opposed to using the Effective Date.  It also has some improvements to how we queue up the documents for processing.  We have now implemented a staging process where all the documents are prepared locally, then copied over to the PERMS Server at the end of the process, with the "Date Exported" not getting updated until the files are successfully copied to PERMS.  In the past, we had issues with losing network connectivity to the PERMS Share halfway through an export process, which meant you had to start all over.  This way you can just wait until connectivity is restored and complete the process.

Still waiting on feedback from a few more states, but once we receive that; we will work with NGB to get this version released through NGB to all the states.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest version at /support/downloads.aspx

A new release of the Discharges application is now available.  This includes the newest version of the DA4836, which allows for electronic signatures.  It also includes a new version of the NGB-22 PureEdge form, which also allows for electronic signatures.  The PureEdge version of the 22 does NOT however allow for the "Soldier not available for signature" option.  We've contacted NGB about this and are waiting on a response.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest version at /support/downloads.aspx

Feedback on the E5-E9 Auto Advancement
We created an online demo of the E5-E9 Auto Advancement functionality we are currently working on at and got some great feedback on it.  We are currently analyzing that feedback and will be incorporating it into the next release.  If you have any feedback, please let us know at