Awards Tracking System

We are continuing to enhance and improve our Awards Tracking system. We've created an online video that demonstrates the new Word template functionality that can be used to generate memos and certificates. You can view that demo here:

We also now have the ability to customize the DA638 workflow/routing based off of the type of award being recommended. This will allow you to define the approval process needed for a DA638 to take based off of the award type that the soldier is being recommended for. In addition, we are currently working on revamping how the service awards are handled. Each service award will now be handled as a case and you will also be able to customize the workflow/routing/approval process based off of the type of award, just like you can do with the DA638.

News From TwinEngines

E-Trans Manager

Version 1.75 of E-Trans Manager was released in June and should have gone out through the NGB channels. This version includes some bug fixes and additional defaults for the ISR process and a few minor enhancements that have been requested.


NGB has requested that ALL DD-214s and DD-215s now be completed through TRANSPROC. The TRANSPROC system now interfaces with other systems and if you use the TwinEngines 214, data will not automatically flow to these systems, causing delays and potential problems. NGB has requested that we remove the ability to create new 214s and 215s from the system. This release will be coming soon and we will notify everyone when it is available.

We are also working on updating the NGB-22 XFDL version of the form to correct an issue with digital signatures, plus add the NGB-22A form.

Case Management

We've made additional improvements and enhancements to our Case Management system as well.  Take a look at our online demos to see how you can use the Case Management system to monitor SIDPERS and address data quality issues like officers without college degrees:


Latest Releases

For your convenience, here is a list of each of the products and their current version. Check the Release Notes in each system to make sure you have the latest version.

CMSWebServices 1.82 May 2012
Discharges 1.87 Nov 2013
DA2-1 1.61 Apr 2012
E-Trans Manager 1.75 Apr 2014
Training & Security Tracking 1.21 Apr 2012
CMSWebServices Loader 1.20 July 2007
TwinEngines Web Application Suite*: 9.0.7 Jun 2014
PERMS Integrator 4.3 Jun 2014

*Includes Awards Tracking, Case Management, Evaluations, Recruiting, Retention, and Enlisted Promotions.

You can download these from: /support/downloads.aspx

Dean Baskin