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PERMS Integrator

PERMS Integrator reduces the tedium involved with importing documents into PERMS from various systems.

PERMS Integrator


New Version of PERMS Integrator Available

Version 3.54 June 2010, of PERMS Integrator is now available. This version fixes a few problems encountered in version 3.53 March 2010, plus introduces a few new features. In version 3.53, we consolidated the batch files into a single PERMS batch.

In this version, we give you the ability to split the PERMS batch out by organization for the MILPO Orders export process. We also now include a new capability to save the AFCOS orders TIFF images into the PERMS Integrator database. Coming in the next version, we will give you a facility to extract these TIFF images based off of several query mechanisms such as order date, type, SSN, etc. The idea here is to help support mobilizations by quickly consolidating the relevant AFCOS orders in one location.

News From TwinEngines

New Version of DA2-1 Product Available

Version 1.47 Feb 2010 of the DA2-1 application is now available. This version includes updates and enhancements to get ready to move the 2-1 data to an ERB/ORB. Some of the data does not map directly to the ERB/ORB from the 2-1. For example, in the Record of Assignments, there was only one field for some data, while on the ERB/ORB, it was split into multiple fields.

Be sure you are running at least version 1.78 Feb 2010 of CMSWebServices before installing this version of the 2-1.

Promotions Management Product Functionality Now in Beta

We recently added new functionality to our Recruiting and Retention application that allows you to track and manage promotions (what we consider a vital piece for "Retention"). This tool gives the commanders the ability view a roster of all soldiers that are eligible for promotions and allows the commander to put in their recommendation for promotion, modify the date they are eligible for promotions if necessary, and enter in any sort of notes about the soldier that are related to the promotion. Along with this roster are reports showing when soldiers were promoted (in SIDPERS) and exceptions for when they were NOT promoted. This allows commanders (and Joint Forces HQ) to keep better track of promotions and ensure they are done in a timely manner.

For soldiers in grades E1-E4, we are currently working on generating an electronic transaction to automatically update SIDPERS. Once the commander gives his approval that the soldier can be promoted, the system will create a GRCH transaction and send it to E-Trans Manager so that it can be processed into SIDPERS.

If you are interested in this functionality and would like to take a look at it, send an email to ngsales@twinengines.com. Internet demos or fully functional evaluation versions of the software are available