DA2-1 Conversion to ERB/ORB

Last month we started working directly with the personnel at NGB that are creating the ERB/ORB data import.  They have requested some changes to the data file formats that our system creates. 

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OML functionality in Beta

We've recently added new functionality to our R&R Application to extend the Promotions related capabilities of the system.  Now not only can you track advancements for E1-E4 soldiers and automatically advance them with the GRCH transaction after Commander approval, but you can also track the collection and review of promotion points for E5-E9 soldiers and publish an online OML.  The online OML has the capability to take soldiers off the OML once they've been promoted or removed for any other allowable reason, with a full audit log of who did what when.  The data collection process includes a screen for units to enter in soldier scores, set the zones of consideration for each soldier, and attach notes to the soldier's record.  It also includes a statistics screen with drill down capabilities so that you can track the progress of the unit's work.  In future releases, we plan to create an online 4100 form based off of the data in SIDPERS.

Contact us at if you are interested in a demo or would like to participate in the Beta testing.


News From TwinEngines

PERMS Integrator

Look for a new release of PERMS Integrator to come out in the next few weeks.  We've been working with FL and TX to correct a couple of the PERMS Document Types in MILPO Orders and change where we are pulling the Effective Dates in some of the AFCOS orders.  For some of the AFCOS Orders, the effective date should have been pulled from the body of the order instead of the date the order was actually cut.  Once this release is ready, we will send it out to a few states for some beta testing, then make the it available to everyone through NGB.