Newly Revamped Evaluations & Awards Tracking Systems Available!

New releases of the Evaluations and Awards Tracking systems are now available.  For those of you that may have migrated off of the TwinEngines Evaluations system in the past to use AKO, I'd like to encourage you to take another look at our system.  We've made some major improvements over the system, including:

  • Restructured as a "Case Management" type system, where each evaluation period for a soldier is considered a "Case" and starts at the BEGINNING of the soldier's rating period so that you can track your OER and NCOER process from the start of the rating period, all the way until the evaluation form is finally approved and officially closed out.
  • Each evaluation case has automatically created "Activities", including Tasks like "Verify Rating Scheme" and "Conduct initial counseling". Activities are automatically created and assigned for each soldier.
  • Ability to create your own activities (i.e. Tasks, Approvals, Appointments, and Emails) that are attached to the case.
  • Ability to upload XFDL (i.e. IBM Forms, formerly known as PureEdge) forms to the system and have the system automatically attach the form to the correct case and update the status appropriately. This is ideal for when soldiers do their forms through AKO - all that you have to do is have someone upload the final XFDL to the system to update status of the evaluation.

The Awards Tracking system is also newly revamped and includes a similar case management type function for tracking the DA638.

If you originally purchased either of these products, but dropped the yearly subscription service on it sometime in the past, I would like to urge you to take a look at these products again.  We are offering a deal for the next few months that if you will renew your subscription services for these products for a single year ($1,440 for Evaluations, $1,080 for Awards Tracking), we will drop the previous years, unpaid subscription fees as an incentive for you to try it again.

These updates can be downloaded from:


News From TwinEngines

.MIL Email Changeover

After the changeover to the .mil email, my dbaskin@twinengines.com email stopped working for a good couple of months.  What happened was that any email sent to dbaskin@twinengines.com from within the .mil domain was getting sent to an email box that was created in the .mil domain that I did not know about.  This problem has since been fixed, so if you send email to dbaskin@twinengines.com, it should reach me correctly.  Keep in mind that support related questions should be sent to ngsupport@twinengines.com and sales related can also go to ngsales@twinengines.com.  Both of these accounts were unaffected and have been working properly the whole time.

If you had any issues getting email to me in the last couple of months and I have not replied, please resend the email as it may have not made it to me.

Coming Soon

We are currently working on a new Case Management system.  This system will expand on the Case Management functionality that we've built into the Evaluations and Awards Tracking systems, but allow you to define your own custom case types, custom activities for each case type (i.e. Tasks, Approvals, Appointments, Emails), attach and track documents against the cases, and define an approval process by each case type.  It will also have the ability to monitor SIDPERS for data changes via an SQL statement and automatically create specific case types to track required actions based off of changes in the SIDPERS data.  For example, think of a case that is automatically created whenever a flagging action is done within SIDPERS.

More information will be available about this system soon...

Dean Baskin