The new version of RPAM started rolling out to states several months ago. We had been unable to confirm that the database schema for where we pull data from had changed until just recently. It turns out they left the old database schema in place for the tables we were pulling data from, but moved the actual data into new tables. The end result was that our applications continued to function, but were pulling old data from prior to migrating to the new version of RPAM.

This can cause the following issues:

  • The calculations for "Total Service for Retired Pay" could be incorrect and based off of old data.
  • The NGB23 that our systems pulls will be the last version that was created prior to the migration to the new version of RPAM. This includes:
    • The "RPAM" link on the NGB22 page.
    • The new functionality to automatically send the NGB23 to PERMS after the NGB22 has been signed. o PERMS Integrator's RPAM functionality.

To avoid these issues do the following:

  • Always double check the NGB22 periods of service with the official RPAM NGB23 statement generated from RPAMNext.
  • Do not use the "RPAM" link on the NGB22 page until we get a fix for this.
  • Turn off the setting of "Automatically pull the latest RPAM NGB23 and send it to PERMS" under Discharges -> Settings. NOTE: If you don't see this, then you are not on the latest version.
  • Do not use PERMS Integrator to export RPAM NGB23s to PERMS until we get a fix for this.

We hope to have a fix available for this in the next couple of days and will send out another notice when it is available. In addition we are working on some SQL that could identify any NGB22s where the "Total Service for Retired Pay" does not match up with what is in RPAMNext.

Dean Baskin


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TwinEngines Web Application Suite*: 12.5.1 July 2018
PERMS Integrator 10.3.4 July 2018

*Includes Awards Tracking, Case Management, Discharges and ETransMgr. The CMSWebServices suite of applications has now been discontinued.

You can download these versions from: http://nationalguard.twinegines.com/support/downloads.aspx

Dean Baskin