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New beta version for the Awards Tracking system is now available! 

The Awards Tracking system helps manage and maintain soldiers' awards records.  The system estimates when soldiers are eligible for any Time-In-Service based awards and helps ensure that soldier receive these awards in a timely manner.  It also allows you to quickly mass-publish batches of awards to units or multiple soldiers all at the same time, as well as track award nominations (DA638s) across the state. 

The Awards system provides 2-way synchronization with SIDPERS.  Changes to Awards in SIDPERS will update the TwinEngines' Awards Tracking system, and changes to awards within our system can be pushed back in to SIDPERS.  A state level administrator can review all changes prior to them being pushed to SIDPERS as well as review audit logs of all changes pushed to SIDPERS have occurred in the past.

In this release of the Awards Tracking system, we have incorporated a unique Case Management tool to process the DA638.  This tool allows you to track "Activities" and notes against the DA638 and includes a dynamic workflow based off the process defined in DA 600-8-22.  "Activities" include Approvals, Tasks and Emails that are automatically generated based off of the workflow, but can also be customized by users.  We plan on expanding this Case Management functionality to other applications in the near future.

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