DA2-1 Release Notes

DA 2-1 Release Notes

Version 1.61 - April 2012

  1. COM+ Components removed.

Version 1.60 - Nov 2011

  1. Fixed a SQL Server 2008 compatibility issue (sp_addgroup->sp_addrole).

Version 1.59 - Nov 2011

  1. Added the "Exported" status to help keep track of which 2-1 records have been exported to the ERB/ORB.
  2. ERB/ORB Export - added ability to filter records exported by status.
  3. ERB/ORB Export - added the ability to mark the status of 2-1 records as "Exported" from this screen.
  4. DA21 Search - once 2-1 status is set to "Exported", only users with the "Admin" role can access the edit screen.
  5. Database upgraded to version 1.48

Version 1.58 - Sept 2011

  1. Fixed issues with integrating with the new Awards Tracking system.
  2. Database upgraded to version 1.47

Version 1.57 - May 2011

  1. Fixed problem with adding new records to the 2-1, printing, then adding more records and saving. This was creating duplicate records.

Version 1.56 - Mar 2011

  1. Changed Civilian and Military eduction export scripts.
  2. Database upgraded to version 1.46

Version 1.55 - Jan 2011

  1. Changed Civilian and Military eduction export scripts.
  2. Database upgraded to version 1.45

Version 1.54 - Jan 2011

  1. Altered ERB/ORB Exports scripts per request of NGB.
  2. Added option to export Enlisted or Officer only in the ERB/ORB export.
  3. Database upgraded to version 1.44.

Version 1.53 - Dec 2010

  1. Fixed ERB/ORB export scripts for Grade.
  2. Removed commas, ampersands, quotes, and trailing spaces from ERB/ORB export files.
  3. Database upgraded to version 1.43.

Version 1.52 - Nov 2010

  1. Added ERB/ORB Export page.
  2. Database upgraded to version 1.42.

Version 1.51 - Sept 2010

  1. Installations now Server 2008 compliant.

Version 1.50 - Aug 2010

  1. Fixed problem with a Javascript error in the education when you are adding education records for the first time.

Version 1.49 - Jun 2010

  1. Fixed an installation related issue with some of the SQL Scripts.

Version 1.48 - May 2010

  1. Added an "Awards Start Line" to the state awards so that you can manually adjust where the State Awards start in the Remarks section.
  2. Updated DA2-1 Form to March 2008 version.
  3. Fixed "Other Tests" - changed "OQ1-1" (zero and number 1) to "OQI-1" (letter O and letter I)
  4. Fixed error when entering in Retirement Year Ending date.
  5. Added "Adjusted Ready Reserve Obligation Date" for transitioning to the ERB/ORB.
  6. Changed 32b to "Ready Reserve Start Date" for the new version of the form and populate it with the PEBD from SIDPERS.
  7. Appointments and Reductions are now automatically populated from the SIDPERS TRANS_HIST_TBL from the GRCH and FRG transactions.
  8. Civilian & Military Education - an "IsCivilian" check box and MOS was added to help with the transition to the ERB/ORB.
  9. Record of Assignments - added fields of UIC, City, Loc, ASI, and Lang to help with migration to the ERB/ORB.
  10. Print button on 2-1 converted to a hyperlink. The Print button was not working in some versions of Internet Explorer in some environments.
  11. Database upgraded to version 1.41.

Version 1.47 - Feb 2010

  1. Fixed a problem with moving records up and down using the red arrows in various locations (e.g. Record of Assignments, MOS, etc).
  2. Fixed a problem with the line feeds getting stripped out of the remarks. This could cause problems with the Awards showing in the correct location.

Version 1.46 - Nov 2009

  1. Invalid XML characters caused by copying and pasting into the 2-1 are now stripped out.

Version 1.45 - Sep 2009

  1. Added an "Active/Inactive" search option to filter out inactive (i.e. Discharged) soldiers from the search results.
  2. Employment Information is blanked out if it has been blanked out in AITS, but only for Active soldiers.
  3. Database updated to 1.39

Version 1.44 - Feb 2009

  1. Fixed a caching issue with the DA2-1 data that can occur in IE7. The data would not show the latest info.
  2. Added a Date Modified and Modified By to the form and search criteria.
  3. Database updated to 1.38

Version 1.43 - Jan 2008

  1. Changed soldier awards unique identifier to bigint.

Version 1.42 - May 2007

  1. Fix for creation of duplicate MOSes.
  2. Database upgraded to 1.37

Version 1.41 - Mar 2007

  1. State awards - non-numeric values are no longer allowed in the Num Times Awarded field.
  2. Fixed a problem in the 2-1 synch process caused by using the Oracle 10.2 client software.
  3. Database upgraded to 1.36

Version 1.40 - Feb 2007

  1. Fixed a problem with the Synch process caused by the 10G migration.
  2. Added a warning message if you try to close the page before saving.
  3. Aptitude area score - after tabbing off of the last score, it now takes you to the date field.
  4. MOS - all 'YYYY' MOSes were removed.
  5. MOS - MOS Date will not be over-written with data from MILPO Orders if it is already filled in.
  6. MOS - MOSes with YYYY and YYY were removed and will no longer be pulled over from SIDPERS.
  7. MOS - MOS Titles are now pulled by MPC and MOS.
  8. Database upgraded to 1.35

Version 1.39 - Dec 2006

  1. You can now bring up DA2-1s for soldiers that have been Discharged.
  2. Discharged soldiers in units that no longer exist are moved to State Recap so that they can be viewed.
  3. Database upgraded to 1.34

Version 1.38 - Oct 2006

  1. Fixed a problem with State Awards not having enough space.

Version 1.37 - May 2006

  1. Database upgrade version 1.33.
  2. Install and run synch process id insert.
  3. Reinstall synch procedure.
  4. Fix for unit name not changing for Search.
  5. Pull Employment info from AITS during synch.
  6. Grant permissions to WeaponQualifications table.
  7. New AppInstaller with 2005 updates.

Version 1.36 - Mar 2006

  1. Fix for height value in weight field in synch process.
  2. Database upgrade version 1.32.

Version 1.35 - Dec 2005

  1. Menu update.
  2. Database upgrade version 1.31- fix for synch error caused by bad data in weight value.

Version 1.34 - Aug 2005

  1. Database upgrade - fix for Synch Processes, MOSC dates - v.1.30.

Version 1.33 - Aug 2005

  1. Database upgrade - fix for Synch Processes MOS entries - dbv.1.29.

Version 1.32 - Aug 2005

  1. Database upgrade - fix for Synch Processes MOS entries.

Version 1.31 - June 2005

  1. Database upgrade - fix for BESD and Effective Date in Synch Processes.

Version 1.30 - June 2005

  1. Database upgrade - fix for new soldier Aptitude Area Scores, Synch Processes.

Version 1.29 - June 2005

  1. Database upgrade - fix for changing Height, Weight if non-numeric.

Version 1.28 - May 2005

  1. Database upgrade - fix for missing data from SIDPERS.

Version 1.27 - May 2005

  1. Database upgrade - modify DA-21 Search and Select.

Version 1.26 - May 2005

  1. Database upgrade - convert to AITS 2.0.

Version 1.25 - May 2005

  1. Database upgrade - Synchronization upgrade.

Version 1.24 - Apr 2005

  1. Database upgrade - usp_Populate_DA21.

Version 1.23 - Mar2005

  1. Encrypted database login in windows registry.

Version 1.22 - Mar 2005

  1. Data now synchronized directly with SIDPERS and AITS instead of from CMS database.
    NOTE: You still need to run the CMSWebServices loader at this time in order to import the organizational structure.
  2. Support for new CMSWebServices "Data Synchronization Processes" which gives you more control over how the synchronization occurs between the DA2-1 system and SIDPERS/AITS.
  3. Employment - now comes from AITS and is disabled for update on the 2-1.
  4. MOS - P/S/A MOS is pulled from SIDPERS. Date of MOS is pulled from the last MOS Order published for a soldier. When pulling in the MOS Date, if the current date is greater than the Effective Date on the MOS Order, then the current date will not be over-written.

Version 1.21 - Dec 2004

  1. Fixed PDF data overlap problem with 'Section VII - Current and Previous Assignments'
  2. Can now view DA2-1 for soldiers that have been discharged.
  3. Fixed in XMLServices/DA21.asp which caused problems on some Windows 2003 servers.

Version 1.20 - Jul 2004

  1. Changes were made so that you don't have to manually set the "Allow Parent Paths" option in IIS Admin for Windows 2003 servers.

Version 1.19 - Apr 2004

  1. Fixed an additional problem with sorting when you have more than 10 records.

Version 1.18 - Mar 2004

  1. Fixed a problem with sorting Civ & Military Education introduced by previous version.

Version 1.17 - Mar 2004

  1. You can now manually change the sorting on all the records. Look for the red up and down arrows to the left of a record when you select the record.
  2. Aptitude Area Scores - the ASVAB Areas (GT, GM, EL, etc.) are now automatically created.
  3. Weapons Qualification - invalid data from SIDPERS was created a blank entry that could not be deleted.
  4. MOS - Titles are now automatically populate based off of reference table maintained in Site Admin -> Reference Tables -> MOS Titles.

Version 1.16 - Jan 2004

  1. Sorting - records were sorted according to chronological order in many sections. This has been removed and changed back to sorting in the same order that you enter them.

Version 1.15 - Jan 2004

  1. If you entered new data into one of the tables (like awards or Record of Assignments), then hit the "Print" button, followed by the "Submit" button, you would get duplicate entries in the table. This has been fixed.
  2. Item Continuation - long item continuations could wrap to the next line and overlap the text. Fixed.
  3. Batch printing of DA2-1 added.
  4. Most of the records are now sorted by date, so that missing entries can be added more easily.
  5. State Awards were moved down in the remarks section.

Version 1.14 - Nov 2003

  1. MOS - Officer and Warrant MOS titles were being overwritten. Fixed.
  2. MOS - Officer and Warrant MOSes are now automatically updated.
  3. Pilot Ratings - not saving properly. Fixed.
  4. Civ/Mil Education - increase size of School and Course slightly.
  5. Assignment Considerations - size increased.
  6. A status field was added to help manage work flow.
  7. Ability to search by Status and Organization added to the search screen.
  8. Links to "Edit" or print ("PDF") the DA2-1 were added to the search screen. This keeps you from having to open the full 2-1 before viewing the PDF version.

Version 1.13 - Nov 2003

  1. Awards - wrapping could occur showing 2 awards overlapping. Fixed

Version 1.12 - Aug 2003

  1. Draft ORB added.

Version 1.11 - Aug 2003

  1. If a user has the "Admin" role, but not the "State Clerk" role, they would receive an error of "You do not have access to this function" when trying to print the DA2-1. The user will now be taken directly to the report and will not have access to edit the DA2-1.

Version 1.10 - Jul 2003

  1. A "No" entry in glasses did not save correctly and reverted to "Yes".

Version 1.9 - Jun 2003

  1. If a soldier had no awards, attempting to add an award caused an error.

Version 1.8 - Jun 2003

  1. Awards from SIDPERS can now changed when specified as such in the Awards reference table.
  2. Blank "Number of Times Awarded" for awards no longer causes an error message of "Please enter a valid number".

Version 1.7 - Apr 2003

  1. MOS information for Enlisted soldiers is now pulled from SIDPERS.
  2. MOS Date for Enlisted Soldiers is now pulled from MILPO Orders if available.
  3. When searching for DA2-1, soldiers not in user's unit or subordinate units will not be shown.
  4. A searching facility is now used for Federal awards instead of a combo box.
  5. Printing is now performed in a pop-up window.
  6. Awards were not showing in the correct order.
  7. Awards - Number of times awarded allowed non-numeric entries which could break the Awards Tracking system.
  8. SIDPERS Synchronization - invalid data in Height & Weight (e.g. 'P0' and '0P') was causing the synchronization to error out. Invalid data in these fields will no longer cause the syncronization to fail.
  9. Humanitarian Service Awards - blank records were being created and showing on the PDF output. This has been fixed.

Version 1.6 - Feb 2003

  1. Problem affecting some states with adding MOS to some soldiers corrected.

Version 1.5 - Jun 2002

  1. Menus updated.
  2. Humanitarian Service Awards - you can now add the operation to Humanitarian Service Awards that come from SIDPERS.
  3. Record of Assignments - the "OR" field now restricts you to fewer characters to avoid the line from overlapping the following line in the print out.
  4. Humanitarian Service Awards - problem with this award printing on the report when it was not filled in is fixed.

Version 1.4 - April 2002

  1. Civ Education - Added EXT as a duration type.
  2. Civ Education - Expanded the size of School and Major/Course/MOSC.
  3. Civ Education - Completed defaults to "YES"
  4. Military Occupational Specialties - blank entries no longer print "()"
  5. Awards - split into 4 sections: Basic Awards, Humanitarian Service Awards, Campaigns, and Weapons Badge
  6. Awards - duplicate key error fixed when you entered the same award multiple times
  7. Awards - state awards added to the Remarks section
  8. Weapons Badge is pulled from SIDPERS data
  9. Appointments & Reductions - COMP defaults to ARNGUS
  10. Appointments & Reductions - Adjusted check box added for Date of Rank
  11. Appointments & Reductions - added an OR box
  12. PDF - SSN not showing leading zero

Version 1.3 - April 2002

  1. Fix for IE crashing after a pop-up window appears.
  2. Physical Status Date of Exam shows T00 after the date - fixed.
  3. Removed DA and HR as an option under the Civilian Education and Military Schools

Version 1.2 - March 2002

  1. Added a field between the "6." and "MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTIES" for adding extra information for officers.
  2. Aptitude Area Scores now print down the left column first, then continue on to the right column.
  3. Awards - change the # column to accept 5 characters so that entries such as Hand Grenade (SS)(199901002) can be created. NOTE: You must add the Hand Grenade, M16, etc. to the list of Awards using the Awards->Ref Table.

Version 1.1 - February 2002

  1. Record of Assignments - new field added to provide the ability to have text span multiple columns on the page.
  2. Aptitude Area Scores - error caused by entering Aptitude Area Scores fixed.
  3. Editing is now allowed for Employer information. NOTE: This data is populated initially with UPS URS data (data that is not part of SIDPERS, but only exists in UPS). Once the data is entered however, the data will not change except for through the DA2-1 interface. This includes changes made to the UPS URS data.
  4. Awards - you can now configure the individual awards to show the Number of Times Awarded and Date Awarded from the Awards->Ref Tables screen.
  5. Awards are now strung together with "//" so that the maximum number of awards will show up in Section 9 (Awards) and limit the number of awards that will be placed in Section 28 (Item Continuation).

Version 1.0 - January 2002

  1. The fields that are disabled in the DA2-1 view are fields that come from the CMS database. If the user was allowed to edit these fields, the next CMS load would simply over-ride any changes made.